Bioremediation: Fighting Pollution with Bacterial Assistance

Bioremediation is an engineering process which uses microorganisms to degrade a material. It can be used to treat contaminated media such as water, air and soil, by altering the environmental conditions to stimulate growth of microorganisms and degrade the target pollutant and enhance the quality of the media. In this age of rapid industrialization and depleting natural resources, there is an alarming need for a much effective sustainable development model and new ways to decontaminate and re-energize our surrounding land, water and air. Bioremediation provides an efficient and environment-friendly treatment compared to various other remediation technologies involving chemicals and radiation. … Continue reading

Air Quality in Arab Countries: An Overview

Air quality in the Arab countries has deteriorated over the past few decades. Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) have nearly doubled. Changes in the power sector were driven by strategies that have been successfully implemented in many countries in the region to improve energy access, leading to more fossil fuels being burnt in the thermal power plants to meet the increase in power demand. Electricity consumption has increased by 75.5 percent, leading to a total amount of 766.5 million tons of CO2 being emitted in 2015, compared to 436.6 in 2006. Emissions from the transport sector have increased due to … Continue reading

الأكياس البلاستيكية – مشكلة العصر

الجميع ينشد التحضر ويعبر عن رغبته في توفير متطلبات العيش في بيئة نظيفة وصحية، لكن غالبية المكون الاجتماعي تسلك طريق مغاير لذلك الهدف البيئي والانساني، إذ يعمل الكثير من الافراد في تبني سلوك يتعارض مع ذلك المنهج والمعنى الحضاري، ومن المظاهر السلبية التي إستوقفتنا في هذا السياق والتي يعتبرها البعض ثقافة وحضارة، الاستخدام غير الرشيد للأكياس البلاستيكية، وبالاخص الخفيفة منها التي تجد طريقها الى الساحات العامة والشوارع والممرات وتأخذ في التطاير وتشويه المنظر الجمالي للقرية والمدينة، إذ نجدها معلقة بكثرة على أغصان الاشجار وإعلانات واجهات المتاجر والاسلاك على إختلاف أنواعها، ومتناثرة في الحدائق العامة وعلى شواطئ البحر وفي المياه البحرية … Continue reading

Hazardous Waste Management in Qatar: Progress and Challenges

A country with an abundance of raw materials, cheap labor, and a rising demand for energy, Qatar needed to diversify its industrial sector in the 1970s. From then onwards, the use of fertilizers, petrochemicals, and gas liquefaction plants have grown exponentially. The magnitude of hazardous waste and the pollution to be produced from different streams have not been thoroughly considered, but Qatar has taken serious steps to implement commitments for sustainable development by passing laws and treaties, such as law No.4 in 1981 issuing safeguards and providing requirements for the protection of the environment, and by signing onto treaties such … Continue reading

The Rapid Degradation of Wadi Gaza

In recent years, environmental crisis has worsened in the Palestine, Gaza Strip in particular, with solid waste, sewage and air pollution being the major issues. The key reason for environmental degradation in the Gaza Strip has been the difficult economic situation and an unending Israeli blockade. Wadi Gaza (or the Gaza Valley) which is located in the middle of Gaza Strip has been transformed from being the most substantial natural ecosystems in Palestine to the most deteriorated regions. Wadi Gaza can be described as one of the largest natural wetlands in Palestine with a length of 105 km. This area has … Continue reading

The Dangers of Asbestos

The use of asbestos has been a widespread issue that continues to impact countries on a global scale. As a favored material used in buildings and construction projects throughout the 20th century, asbestos held an incredible appeal as a mineral known for its heat and fire resistant properties. For decades, this substance was synonymous with manufacturing and development. However, it was soon discovered that once asbestos was disturbed or damaged, the fibrous material could have a fatal effect on those that came into contact with it. Asbestos in the United States Despite its known dangers, asbestos continues to pose a … Continue reading

رحلة عائلية خضراء بمنتجات بلاستيكية أقل

الرحلات العائلية هي أجمل اللحظات التي تجمع افراد العائلة في مكان واحد كالمواقع السياحية التي تبرز جمال الطبيعة مثل شاطئ البحر، العيون المائية ، الأودية، الكثبان الرملية الخ. لكن طالما الاستمتاع بروعة هذه المناظر لا يكتمل، فأصبحت القمامة تغزوا أرجاء الموقع و تشوه المنظر الطبيعي. حيث أن نسبة المنتجات البلاستيكية تشكل الجزء الأكبر من القمامة الملقاة.  تتراكم المنتجات البلاستيكية بألوانها وأشكالها المختلفة في الطبيعة لمدة زمنية كبيرة بدون تحلل و يرجع ذألك للخواص الكيميائية المكونة للبلاستيك، والتي ينتهي بها المطاف إلى مجاري المياه مثل الانهار والمحيطات، انتشارها في المناطق المحيطة او تراكمها في مرادم النفايات حيث يتم حرقها او دفنها. … Continue reading

Towards a Green Hajj

Despite the spiritual perfection of the rites of the Hajj pilgrimage, there are some deep issues with its practical implementation. In a journey where one is meant to recalibrate one's consciousness of the one true Creator, it seems paradoxical that such an excursion should lead to environmental harm (or destruction). Why is it then that I walk the street of the Haram (sacred land) and find them littered with boxes of chicken and rice, strewn on the curb in front of beggars who offer to pray for you in exchange of spare change? Deluge of Waste In 7:31, the Holy … Continue reading

الإعلان الإسلامي للمناخ يدعو للتخلص من الوقود الأحفوري

أطلق قادة المسلمين من ٢٠ دولة الاعلان الاسلامي من اجل التغير المناخي لدعوة 1.6 مليار مسلم في جميع أنحاء العالم للنهوض بواجبهم الأخلاقي في التصدي لمسألة تغير المناخ في اطار واجباتهم الدينية .تم تبني هذا الإعلان من قبل ٦٠ مشارك في الندوة الاسلامية المعنية بتغير المناخ المنعقدة بإسطنبول في ال١٧ وال١٨ من شهر أغسطس لعام 2015 ، حيث دعا كافة الأطراف في "مؤتمر اتفاقية الأمم المتحدة الإطارية بشأن تغير المناخ"، الذي سيعقد في باريس في شهر ديسمبر القادم ويحضره زعماء العالم، ان يقوموا بإتخاذ قرارات والتزامات طموحة وملزمة قانونياً للدول المشاركة، لوقف التغير المناخي واستخدام الوقود الاحفوري عن طريق توفير … Continue reading

Deleterious Impact of Tire-Burning Kilns

Decorative arts such as woodworking, weaving as well as ceramics and other pottery have a long and honored tradition.  In fact, some of the earliest examples of pottery originate from the Middle East from the time of 6500 BC. In order to meet the ceramic industry’s high energy demand, much of the developing world, MENA in particular, is resorting to cheaper alternatives such as fueling kilns by burning tires and other harmful materials. Though modern technology has led to clean and efficient kiln usage in the developed world, these options come with a high price tag when referring to industrial … Continue reading

Urgent Call to Reduce Food Wastage in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan witnesses a great rush of frantic buyers who are buying and storing food items and allied commodities. Unfortunately, Muslims countries, especially Gulf nations, generate huge quantities of food waste which increases many folds during the month of Ramadan and festivals like Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha whereby the consumption and wastage of food increase at an alarming level. Firstly, the food habits change in the month of Ramadan whereby Sahoor or breakfast/ meal is taken early in the morning. Later after sunset Iftar/ Fatoor (opening of the fast) is taken usually with specially cooked … Continue reading

Understanding Sand and Dust Storms

Sand and dust storms are regular occurrences around the world and more common in arid and semi-arid regions, such as the Middle East. Dust storms play an important role in global dust cycle, and can alter the radiative balance. It can damage agricultural crops and retard plant growth and alter the life cycle of the marine benthic organisms due to less sun light penetration into the sea floor. Dust storms can cause social disruption, economic loss and adverse impact on human health. When the visibility is below 1000 meters on a dusty day, it is considered that dust storm is occurring. … Continue reading

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