About Farah Sheshani

Farah Sheshani is a Communication and Branding consultant, and a Content creator, with 6 years of hands-on diversified experience in various industries such as Branding, Construction and Aviation. Farah holds a Master degree in Media and Communication from Izmir University of Economics. She currently owns and runs an online crafting platform JAWZA2 www.jawza2.wordpress.com, and a blog-based women’s magazine RAHAF www.rahafmagazine.com. Her areas of interest are Environment, Technology, Content Development, Media Agenda Setting and Representation of Arab and Muslim Woman.

Arab Perspectives on Wildlife Conservation

The conservation of natural resources has historical depth. Archaeological findings from ancient civilizations, such as the Incas, Indians and Egyptian, show that some animals had special religious significance in their cultures and ideologies. In modern times, vested interests have made sure to increase the animal population for the pleasure of hunting although can’t be considered conservation nevertheless it did affect the number of these animals. The human activities in the past century have jeopardized the population of many animals, making the establishment of conservation crucial to the continuity of wildlife species, thus maintaining the fine balance between biodiversity and wildlife. … Continue reading