Is Academic Writing Services Reliable and Safe?

Written tasks make up a huge part of all studies. Through the college years, you will be dealing a lot with articles, essays, term papers, and lab reports. If you already are a student, you know how real this struggle is.

While many young people would like to receive professional assistance in such tasks and feel more confident in their college subjects, the question of price still stands sharp. In this article, we are going to discuss how smart it is to use affordable writing services and if there’s any principal difference between them and pricey services. We will also reveal the main benefits and tips for getting this help.

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First, let us talk about the advantages. The use of an academic writing tool can bring a lot of positive changes such as:

  • Expert assistance and essays being fully written by professionals with years of experience in the sphere
  • Having control over the entire writing process and requesting editing if needed
  • Opportunity to get reasonably priced academic papers and free up some time for other things in your life
  • Getting proofs of the paper being free from plagiarism, with editing and proofreading included
  • Opportunity to learn from good sample papers by talented writers and use them as examples later
  • Expanding knowledge in a particular subject

All of it makes cheap academic writing services almost irresistible. Now, what are the disadvantages, if any?

We group them in 2 categories: the ones caused by services themselves and the ones relying on students. In terms of the service-caused problems, there are:

  • Poor writing skills of experts
  • Plagiarism
  • Lack of education or practice of writing teams
  • Not in time delivery or frozen writing updates

On the other hand, students may be using nice and official services with all good conditions but just get lazy and reluctant to do anything on their own. This might lead to worse academic performance and motivation sap.

How Cheap is an Essay Writing Service?

The first thing that should be said about writing services is that they can’t be too cheap. Anyway, an essay is the result of someone’s hard work, research, and creative info processing.

So, how much is considered cheap in an academic writing service? Let us make it clear. The cost of academic writing is approximately equal at all services but might differ in regard to the writer’s level of education, experience, and category (some websites have types of writers like Top 10, Best Available, etc.).

The only difference in price is if the service invests much in advertising, how much it pays to its website developers, etc. More on budget-writing services offer a page of an English essay for nearly 8 USD depending on the academic year. For instance, the team at offers expert help and charges 7 USD for an essay page for 2nd and 3rd year students. This gives you professional assistance for low pay, and the quality remains high.

What Does Safety Depend On?

Cybersecurity is another concern besides the cost that makes a big difference. A decent writing service site will grant client security in a few ways:

  1. By using SSL encryption.
  2. By advanced web security software.
  3. By using a reliable web host.
  4. By hiring security experts.

For example, data encryption allows your credit card info and social security numbers to be transmitted safely through the web so that it would be safe to submit payments. Encrypted data is always senseless for any third party that may want to take it.

Academic Writing Services for Students to Benefit From

As we mentioned previously if the service is decent and reputable but offers papers for the lower cost, it is as good as the same service with high prices. The key features to look for include the following:

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1. Unique papers

Since every writer does research and writes papers from scratch, which means a totally authentic paper as a result. Tools to check documents for plagiarism also help to polish papers and show the percentage of uniqueness.

2. Certified writers

All writers hold degrees in their profile subjects or a group of them. They also need to go through a strict procedure of knowledge check and are all the time upgrading their skills.

3. Confidential use

At a legal and clean service, your data will not be shared with anyone. What’s more, students are only asked to provide basic info like contacts or email needed for placing orders and receiving updates.

4. Money-back guarantee

This feature is found not in all services but is an absolute plus. With it, you either don’t pay in advance or can get your money back (partially or completely) if the result is dissatisfying.

6. Free inquiry

This feature isn’t often spoken about. Yet, it’s more than essential for the beginning when you just want to get a clear vision of how to make an order, know its details, and see how expensive it will be. So, you will probably want this one.

7. Completing urgent tasks

Again, maybe not all students need it, but if you’re in the habit of putting everything till the last moment, it’s better to specify if this service can do your task in X hours.

Should You Go for Hiring an Expert at Writing Service?

The purpose of this article was to provide objective and true info that will help you decide if a cheap writing service is for you. If, as a student, you lack the paying ability and would like to have reliable academic assistance, then go for it and save some money. If it is a decent company with transparent and fair conditions, that’s a good deal.

So, it is only up to you to use this expert writing help. Some students are superheroes and do all their homework by themselves, but if this is beyond your abilities and strength, allow yourself to receive some good help. But, objectively speaking, the pluses outweigh the minuses.

Writing Service Mustn’t Be Used for College and University

In the end, let us remind you of a few exceptions when hiring an academic helper is forbidden. These cases are:

  • Competitions
  • State, in-university, and international exams
  • Tests

These limitations are set to ensure that all students or competition participants are in equal conditions and the law of academic honesty works. About the rest of the college tasks, feel free to contact an official service and expect excellent results in an absolutely legal way.

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