Vision and Mission

green-financeEcoMENA came into existence in early 2012 with the primary aim to raise environmental awareness in the MENA region and to provide a one-stop destination for high-quality and credible information on environment, energy, waste, water, renewables, sustainability and related areas. We have made remarkable progress within a short period of time and has huge knowledge bank in English as well as Arabic catering to all areas of the environmental sector.

While doing some research in 2010, we noticed stark lack of information on Middle East environmental sector and we urgently decided to launch an initiative to empower masses with quality environmental information in English as well as Arabic which can be easily accessed by students, researchers, industry professionals, NGOs, project developers, policy-makers, public sector, private sector and most importantly, the general public.

EcoMENA is primarily an online information powerhouse freely accessible to one and all. Our articles, reports, analyses and campaigns are well-researched, well-prepared and of the highest professional standards.

One of the major objectives of EcoMENA is to provide a strong platform for youngsters in MENA to show their concerns for contemporary environmental issues. We are mentoring youth and providing opportunities to display their innovativeness, creativity and dedication towards the environment.

Providing free access to quality information and knowledge-based resources motivates youngsters in a big way. EcoMENA provides encouragement to people in tackling major environmental challenges by empowering them with knowledge and by providing them a solid platform to share their views with the outside world. We have a strong pool of expert writers from different parts of the world, and remarkably supported by more than 100 volunteers from across the MENA region.

EcoMENA is counted among the best and most popular sustainability initiatives in MENA with wide following across the world. Our goal is to transform MENA into a green hub by providing quality information, professional solutions and high level of motivation to people from all walks of life.

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