How to Surpass Microsoft MS-300 Using Exam Dumps

It’s still in a dojo. And students still receive the classic progression from white to black belts. BUT, it’s something completely different. When kids enter this space, they are taught robotics not roundhouse. There Microsoft MS-300 Practice Test exists an entire martial-arts-style course where children learn programming skills. Its name: ‘Code Ninjas’. With their t-shirt & jeans-wearing sense is and culture of “gameplay is the best way to learn”, this organization aims to bring out the next generation of creative coders by letting kids design their own video games from their imagination. The environment itself is inductive of bright ideas: letting children be themselves, excitedly discuss their findings, share their codes, and overcome hurdles together; exactly the things developers do all the time. Since its launch in 2016, Code Ninjas have taught programming to more than 15,000 children, with a more advanced coding curriculum for teens just on the horizon.


Programmer & founder David Graham thanks Microsoft for helping him piece his unique idea together and bring it to life. Code Ninjas & their entire curriculum are built on Microsoft tools: the little ninjas program using C# and use Windows 10 devices, the team’s game-building engine is hosted on Certbolt Microsoft Azure, and every franchise of Graham’s business uses Office 365 facilities including Microsoft MS-300 Practice Test & Microsoft Teams. Graham acknowledges how much time and funds these readily available tools saved their start-up, allowing Code Ninjas to concentrate on their mission: helping U.S. kids catch up to the rest of the world in STEM subjects.

Need a Badge? Get One!

Microsoft is also the company that offers skilled IT workers around the world a chance to get a formal certification for their talent by taking necessary exams, which inevitably leads to more career opportunities and a higher salary. So, say you already are in the job role of a ‘Teamwork Administrator’ meaning you are familiar working with Microsoft Office 365 & handling Azure workloads in a way that promotes effective collaboration between parties. Work as a Teamwork Administrator also means you are competent in using, securing, and integrating a range of apps & services including line-of-business applications & also those used by ‘Code Ninjas’ such as Teams, SharePoint, and OneNote.

Now, the combination of tests you would need to take to achieve your formal IT credential as a Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate is MS-300: Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork and Microsoft MS-300 Practice Test : Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid. The rest of this article looks more closely at MS-300 assessment.

Exam MS-300 Details

MS-300 assesses your abilities on four main topics: SharePoint Online, Teams, Workload Integrations, and OneDrive for business. So expect to be tested on-site collections, hub sites, search facility optimization, and setting up guest access when working with SharePoint. While encountering the ‘Teams’ section, you need to form Teams using its Admin Center as well as troubleshoot issues that may arise in the platform. ‘Workload Integrations’ part of the syllabus that will help you integrate line-of-business solutions according to the business’s data needs and explore the potential of Microsoft tools like Yammer & Stream.

Finally, when working with OneDrive for Business you will be taught how to sync securely, view files shared with those not part of the organization, and block synchronization of certain types of files. MS-300 is by no means an easy feat. As such, aside from a basic understanding of apps & services like Office, Power Apps, Flow, Yammer, Microsoft Graph, Stream, Planner, and Project, Microsoft recommends that to be a suitable candidate for this test you need to have a firm understanding of Networking, PowerShell, SQL Servers, Azure Active Directory, DNS, different operating systems, and administering Windows servers. When it comes to the details of this exam, for 150 minutes you’ll be exposed to a minimum of 40 tasks and an entry test fee equals USD 165.

The Lifeline

If you’re wishing there was something to guide you through this ordeal, well there is. Filled with informative pictures, tables, and charts is ‘Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork: Exam MS-300 Guide’, a book by Aaron Guilmette. Aaron is a technical specialist over at Microsoft, who not only works closely with the Microsoft 365 platform, including ‘Teams’ but was also involved in designing technical certification exams at Microsoft.

Owing to this advantage, the book is able to provide learners with insider perspectives, tips & tricks, strategies to approach the different topics, and invaluable expert advice from Aaron. To add more, the book also includes practice questions for MS-300.

Exam Dumps Mean a Better Shot

There’s one more thing aspiring candidates for the Microsoft MS-300 assessment need, and this is a ‘can’t miss’ resource. You need to incorporate in your preparation schedule. Why? Well, while Aaron’s book does contain practice questions, provides learners with a plethora of fully fleshed exam dumps containing real questions from past sessions of the MS-300 test. What is more, these are not a ‘one and done’ so to speak, but rather updated regularly. Also, with’s MS-300 Premium Bundle you get a hold of expert-verified answers to 135 questions from MS-300, a 53-lecture training course, and a neat study guide; all for the take-home price of $59.99.

Moreover, Aaron’s practice tests don’t really simulate the exam environment of MS-300, whereas when you open Exam-labs’s exam dumps using the ETE Exam Simulator by the Vumingo team, it will replicate the exact testing atmosphere of MS-300 assessment including the allocated time frames & types of questions, helping you build your competency in this test.

Certs Score Big Time

Getting Microsoft certified only entails benefits. According to Microsoft, technical specialists that attained their badges see an INSTANT spurt in their salary while also being entrusted with more responsibility by supervising peers. So what are you waiting for? Use’s effective & reliable exam dumps to demolish the Microsoft MS-300 test alongside MS-301 and clutch onto your Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate badge. Then, enjoy thriving in this fast-paced realm known as the IT industry.

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