Prepaway – Microsoft 70-347 Exam: Preparation Tips and Tricks

Microsoft 70-347 is now retired, but passing this test led to the MCSA certification. Achieving this credential proves that you have the knowledge to install and manage Cloud-hosted applications with Office 365, including Skype, Exchange, and SharePoint for Business. The 70-347 exam demands your thorough preparation. Otherwise, attaining even the passing score can be very difficult. AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam provides the candidates with useful preparation tips for passing this test.

Why should you take the Microsoft 70-347 exam?

There are so many good reasons why studying for the Microsoft 70-347 exam is worth one’s effort and time. Besides being one of the tests that qualify an individual for the MCSA certificate, passing this exam also makes an individual stand out from peers. This means more job opportunities in bigger companies, possible salary increment, promotion, and respect from colleagues.

The Microsoft MCSA certifications are recognized worldwide and are highly valued in the IT industry. Passing the 70-347 exam gave a chance to apply for jobs in the companies beyond the borders of your country and continent. It is always important to develop your skills with Office 365. As more businesses realize the potential of the Microsoft’s Cloud-based productivity set, adoption of Office 365 has been continuing at a very fast rate.

Preparation options for the Microsoft 70-347 exam

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft 70-347 required thorough preparation. Although it is now retired, preparation tips can be useful for any other Microsoft exam. Working smart and hard is the only way to pass such certification tests. The following exam preparation tips from PrepAway will help you prepare adequately for this test and pass IT with flying numbers at your first attempt. Check them out!

1. Create a study plan

If you have opted for self-studying, you must have a study plan to guide you through. Preparing for a comprehensive IT certification test such as Microsoft 70-347 requires planning and hard work. You can only plan your study by having a blueprint. You cannot read through the entire syllabus in just a day or a week. You need to know the syllabus and create a study plan on how you are going to cover every topic.

2. Plan ahead of time

Planning ahead means distributing the study loads throughout the entire preparation period, distributing the exam topics throughout study days, making short notes, availing reference books, and reviewing whatever you have covered to ensure that there is no knowledge gap.

3. Focus on your goals

Before you start preparing for the Microsoft 70-347 exam, you should first of all outline your goals. When you know them, you will know what you are working towards, and you will be able to achieve your study goals in a systematic way. Thus, be sure to know your goals clearly and stick to them.

4. Simplify whatever you read

Great exam preparation materials are written in the simplest language to understand. However, you can still make it even easier for your understanding by simplifying whatever you have read and learnt. This will make your revision more effective.

5. Test your understanding

Look for exam questions for every topic and try answering them to see how good you have understood the topic. When you take practice questions, you will be able to tell whether you have really understood it. You should test yourself at the end of every theme before moving on to the next one. Only proceed to the next topic when you can correctly answer all the exam questions on the current topic.

6. Take a training course

Training is the most effective way of preparing for the Microsoft 70-347 exam, especially for those who are not good at studying on their own. When you take a training course, you will be studying in an environment that is conducive for studying. This will enhance your learning and help you focus fully on the outcome, thereby increasing your chances of passing the test. There are several training options to choose from.

For instance, you can opt for classroom-based learning, e-learning, or online training, depending on your preference, schedule and budget. PrepAway offers online training to the candidates at a very affordable fee. When you take a course, you will learn all the concepts from the qualified and professional instructors.

7. Take practice tests

You need to benchmark your knowledge before taking any exam. Practice tests are an excellent way to do that. When you take them, you will be able to identify your weak areas and how good you have mastered the study material. Practice tests are also an excellent way of assessing your readiness. They are good for simulating actual world testing conditions, and you will know exactly what you should expect in the real exam. This builds your confidence. PrepAway is one of the best providers of practice tests, and it offers many questions covering all the objectives of the 70-347 exam.

8. Prepare with exam dumps

Most likely, you are a very busy person and you might not have the time for instructor-led training or the time to read exam guides, books, or use various exam resources. If that is the case, then braindumps are your perfect alternative. With Microsoft 70-347 exam dumps from PrepAway, you don’t need other preparation resources to prepare for this certification test. The questions you find in dumps are almost the same as the ones you’ll find in the actual exam. They are formatted and compiled in an official and professional manner to cater fully for the candidate’s learning techniques. When you practice with brain dumps, you will adopt to the real testing environment.


Preparing for the Microsoft 70-347 exam doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might sound. All you need to do is to put the above preparation tips into practice, and you will pass this certification test without a struggle.

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