Tips for Better Environmental Education

Education exists to prepare people for the world and for the future. Because of it, teaching students about the environment is essential for their personal development. We all depend on the environment, which makes it our obligation and our life purpose to sustain and improve it. This takes environmental education to a whole new level. This is why teachers bring nature into classrooms or teach their classes outdoor. Environmental education doesn’t cease when the classes end, but at least during formal education, it can be tailored to prepare and make students aware of the importance of environmental preservation. Benefits of … Continue reading

What to Study if You Are Interested in the Environment?

Caring for the environment is everyone’s job. Therefore, many young people have projected this desire to preserve ecosystems and protect the planet to a professional field, choosing a university career that allows them to achieve this goal. In this sense, careers related to the care of the environment covering areas such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology and botany – are crucial when it comes to training professionals capable of contributing to the market from a responsible perspective with the environment. Do you think your path lies in environmental and ecology careers? Then check out the following professional alternatives. Degrees that … Continue reading

Is Academic Writing Services Reliable and Safe?

Written tasks make up a huge part of all studies. Through the college years, you will be dealing a lot with articles, essays, term papers, and lab reports. If you already are a student, you know how real this struggle is. While many young people would like to receive professional assistance in such tasks and feel more confident in their college subjects, the question of price still stands sharp. In this article, we are going to discuss how smart it is to use affordable writing services and if there’s any principal difference between them and pricey services. We will also … Continue reading

Academic Transcription – Best Ideas on How to Solve a Problem Quickly

Recording lectures, webinars, lessons, speeches are the best method of storing information for future generations. Transcription is used everywhere: professors to watch their lectures, students to refresh their knowledge, employers to show their business projects. The most profitable and convenient transcription is for students and professors, as this method helps them return to the lectures and understand what point was missed, what should be corrected or what is missing. However, listening to records is the most tedious part of learning. If you need to notate some information partially, the analysis of many hours of records is a waste of time, … Continue reading

The Need for Effective Environmental Education

Children are the Future Generation and their engagement in environmental conservation is an absolute must. Education is the key to fostering this engagement and hence, all efforts must be made in this regard. One of the main reasons for the current state of environmental degradation is the general apathy of civil society and the only way to address this issue is through intrinsic involvement of all stakeholders, in particular, children, since it is their future that is at stake. Involvement of children in environmental conservation initiatives will also ensure that the movement becomes “bottom-up” rather than something that is mandated … Continue reading

Waste Management Perspectives for Oman

Globalization and modernization have led to increased consumption among the Omani population. Reportedly, the average Omani household throws away one-third of the food it purchases. Conspicuous consumption fuelled by peer pressure and effective advertising brings more goods and products into the home than the family members can actually make use of. And along with the increase in merchandise comes a lot of extra packaging. Product packaging now accounts for the bulk of what is thrown into household rubbish bins. The urge to keep pace with what one’s neighbours, relatives and peers acquire means higher rates of consumption: a new mobile … Continue reading

Online Paper Writer for People with Special Needs

Online paper writing services can be handy for those who want to write perfect essays. Clients with special needs can find the best online paper writer that corresponds to all the requirements. Every customer can be sure that he/she will get assistance in any question related to academic writing. This article will discuss the advantages of online paper writing services and the specific features the clients can get while using such platforms. Stay tuned to discover what makes the academic writing platforms so special. Benefits of Online Paper Writing Online paper writing has a lot of advantages. So, people with … Continue reading

7 Easy Steps to Write Essay in an Hour

It is important not to procrastinate when it comes to writing essays. However, you have only 1 hour to write your essay, don’t give up! We’ve got you covered! If you are always on the go and need to submit an essay fast before the deadline, then these seven steps will help you write that essay in an hour. 1. Turn to Professional Online Writers If you are in need of an essay but don’t have the time to complete it, then you can always turn to professional online writers for help. They can usually finish your essay in less … Continue reading

Green Career Tips by Salman Zafar

Salman Zafar, Founder of EcoMENA, talks to Bhavani Prakash of Green Collar Asia about cleantech industry trends, and offers tips for professionals trying to enter renewable energy and waste management sectors.   Green Collar Asia: How did you become so interested in renewable energy and waste management technologies? Salman Zafar: I am a chemical engineer by education. After completing my Master’s degree program in 2004, I got the opportunity to work as a Research Fellow on large-scale biogas power projects which initiated me into waste management/bioenergy sector. During the course of my fellowship, I was involved in the design, operation and troubleshooting of waste-to-energy plants and biomass energy … Continue reading

The Promise of Equitable EdTech: Debunking Common EdTech Myths

Equitable EdTech or education supported by technology has become a debate topic for the entire world. Moreover, the pandemic has fueled talking about the pros and cons of incorporating education with technology. But if you really pay attention to the talks of the correct and learned people, you will realize that equitable EdTech is the future. It exists for a better future. It gains its name equitable EdTech because you need equal amounts of education and technology for a brighter future. If you ask ib extended essay writer or experts in journalism, they will give you a great perspective of … Continue reading

Arab Program for Sustainable Energy Youth: Call for Applications

The Arab Program for Sustainable Energy Youth™ (APSEY) is a regional sustainable energy internship program which targets young professionals and post graduate students of engineering, economy, and law fields from the Arab region. The program aims to boost technical and operational capacities of the region’s young talents interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency fields. The program recruits 12 interns every year on two rounds for a hands-on experience in the center’s research and analysis, policy briefs, technical assistance, and other related activities. The opportunity covers full travel and accommodation expenses in Cairo in addition to a monthly salary. Intern … Continue reading

The Importance of Ecological Education in Schools

How important is the environment in our everyday life and what impact we have on it and what can you do as a student? There is no need to mention how radical our lives have changed in the last decades due to the ignorance we gave to the eco-friendly aspects. How bad things are? The environmental status of each year is increasingly worrying: the forested spaces are reduced, the deserts are spreading, the agricultural soils are degraded, the degree of pollution is higher, and the ozone layer is thinner, the greenhouse effect is accentuated, and many plant and animal species … Continue reading