Renewable Energy in GCC: Need for a Holistic Approach

The importance of renewable energy sources in the energy portfolio of any country is well known, especially in the context of energy security and impacts on climate change. The growing quest for renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries has been seen by many as both – a compulsion to complement the rising energy demand, and as an economic strength that helps them in carrying forward the clean energy initiatives from technology development to large scale deployment of projects from Abu Dhabi to Riyadh. Current Scenario The promotion of renewable energy (RE) is becoming an … Continue reading

Desalination Outlook for MENA

Desalination is a water treatment process that separates salts from saline water to produce potable water. The desalination process uses large amount of energy to produce pure water from salt water source. Salt water is fed into the process, and the result is an output stream of pure water and another stream of waster with high salt concentration. Desalination techniques are mainly classified into two types: Processes based on physical change in the state of the water, and Processes using a membrane that employ the concept of filtration. There are more than 15,000 industrial-scale desalination units worldwide, with combined capacity exceeding … Continue reading

Food Security Strategy in Qatar

Qatar is a water-scarce and arid region which has its own share of demographic and socio-economic problems. The cultivation of food crops is a difficult proposition for Qatar due to scarcity of water supply and limited availability of arable land. The country is vulnerable to fluctuations in international commodity markets because of heavy dependence on imported grains and food items. The increasing dependence on foreign food imports is leading to a growing sense of food insecurity in Qatar. Understanding Food Security Food security is the condition in which all people at all times have a physical and economic access to … Continue reading

القيم الرمضانية – السلوك البيئي محوراً

القيمة الأخلاقية للقيم الرمضانية في العلاقة مع النظم البيئية المحور الذي جرى تسليط الضوء على بعده في بناء الثقافة الرشيدة في المفاهيم البيئية للمجتمع، في المحاضرة التي قدمناها في مجلس سعيد تقي الرمضاني بتاريخ الثلاثاء 14 مايو 2019 ضمن برنامج المجالس الرمضانية البيئية الذي تنظمه بلدية المنطقة الشمالية. السلوك كقيمة أخلاقية في منظومة القيم الرمضانية، من المحاور المهمة في المحاضرة، ويمثل موضوع حيوي يشير الى ثوابت الاخلاق كقيمة وضرورة في بناء مسؤولية الفرد والمجتمع في الالتزام بالممارسات السديدة والرشيدة مع ما يحيط بهما من معالم طبيعية ومع من يتقاسمون معهم خصوصية ذلك المحيط، ويدخل في هذا السياق الأحياء بمختلف انواعها، … Continue reading

التصدي لأثار التغيرات المناخية بالمغرب

يبدو أن الرجوع إلى فترة ما قبل الثورة الصناعية سيصبح شيئا حتميا لا مناص منه ان نحن أردنا أن ننقذ أنفسنا و أرضنا من عواقب الأزمات البيئية بسبب ما يسمى بالتغيرات المناخية. و لقد فطنت و تيقنت العديد من الدول إلى هذا الخطر الداهم و من بينهم المغرب الذي انخرط في مساعي الحد من التأثيرات المناخية بشكل ملحوظ رسميا و فعليا من خلال عدة مشاريع وطنية كمخططات المغرب الأخضر للنهوض بالقطاع ألفلاحي و سياسات النجاعة الطاقية كمشاريع إنتاج الطاقات المتجددة. و قد أصبح البلد بهذا رائدا في هذا المجال عربيا و إفريقيا. و تتجسد هذه الريادة كذلك من خلال استضافة … Continue reading

4 Features Of Air Conditioning Systems That Have Negative Impacts On The Environment

In most seasons, air conditioners are extremely sought after. They can either cooled up a place or warm it up, but we have all heard of its side effects on our health. Air conditioners have detrimental health effects on our bodies, though that is not the only problem with air conditioners. It also has many negative impacts on the environment itself. Below are some reasons as to why these sought-after machines are harmful. CFCs/ HFCs Air conditioners are complex machines that are made up of many different parts which work in several ways. CFCs and HFCs are both cooling agents … Continue reading

الديمقراطية في المشروع الدولي البيئي

الديمقراطية القيمة والثقافة الإنسانية التي على الرغم من تنازع الرؤى والمفاهيم حول جوهر مضامينها وتوصيفاتها وضرورة وجودها ومدى شمول توافق أنماطها مع تقاليد وقيم المجتمعات الإنسانية على اختلاف ثقافاتها وانتماءاتها العرقية والدينية، وخصوصية أنظمتها الاقتصادية والاجتماعية والسياسية، تبقى المطلب الإنساني الذي صار يؤكد ضرورة وجوده في مواجهة الأزمات والكوارث الإنسانية وزحمة التراجعات في المفاهيم القيمية للعلاقات، وما يسببه ذلك من شرعنة ثقافة الجريمة وإحاطتها بحزام من التقاليد لثقافة التخلف، والتوجه بشكل متسارع لجعل ثقافة الغاب الوسيلة التي تحكم المجتمع البشري. تلك الحقيقة نتبينها في الانزلاق المتسارع نحو ثقافة الجريمة المبنية على قشور تاريخ ومبادئ ثقافات وهمية تشبه فقاعة الصابون، لكنها أحدثت … Continue reading

Key Questions about COP21 Climate Agreement

The headlines from the CO21 Climate Summit tell an inspiring story. Agence France-Presse reported an outbreak of “euphoria” as the international climate accord was sealed. Reuters hailed a global “turn from fossil fuels.” The Guardian headlined “a major leap for mankind.” As the euphoria of delegates at the UN climate talks in Paris fades, it is time to get down to the business of saving the planet and ask what it means for me. This time, they were. They managed to seal a pact that sets a surprisingly ambitious target for limiting global warming, reflects the vast differences between countries … Continue reading

Environmental Justice in the 21st Century: A Case Study

The world has changed a lot since the environmental justice movement first began, and while we’ve made progress in some areas, we still face many of the same struggles. The environmental justice movement asserts that everyone has the right to equal environmental protection. It also promotes equal access to the decision-making processes that affect having a healthy environment. While we’ve made some strides towards these goals, but certain groups, including people of color and low-income people, are still disproportionately affected by poor environmental conditions and hazards. Warren County’s Quest for Environmental Justice Warren County, North Carolina is often referred to … Continue reading

Cleanliness is Next to Greenliness

There are usually many objectives of cleaning a home or office and the things in it. One of them is to achieve a certain level comfort and freshness while the other is to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the space around. However, when it comes to choosing the right cleaning products and technologies, it is important and beneficial to go the eco-friendly way. Many manufacturers, in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, are striving to come up with cleaning products that are made from environmentally-friendly ingredients. Such products are not only safer or less toxic to use, but also … Continue reading

How Renewable Energy Benefits Rural Areas

Several years ago, it was coal that brought a great deal of the progress needed in the rural areas. Much have changed over the years. With the advancement of energy technologies, going back to mining and processing coal no longer makes much sense. Politicians who promise to bring back coal-related jobs simply don’t have a grasp of reality. Advanced economies are already turning to renewable sources of energy and it makes sense for developing economies to do the same, unless they’re limited by urgency that they have nothing but cheaper fossil fuels to exploit. Of course, it’s not enough to … Continue reading

The Dangers of Asbestos

The use of asbestos has been a widespread issue that continues to impact countries on a global scale. As a favored material used in buildings and construction projects throughout the 20th century, asbestos held an incredible appeal as a mineral known for its heat and fire resistant properties. For decades, this substance was synonymous with manufacturing and development. However, it was soon discovered that once asbestos was disturbed or damaged, the fibrous material could have a fatal effect on those that came into contact with it. Asbestos in the United States Despite its known dangers, asbestos continues to pose a … Continue reading

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