Circular Economy: How to Create Sustainability and Active Presence for Companies?

Patagonia, an American company, has launched a program called “Worn Wear” to promote its sustainable approach. The initiative encourages customers to repair or reuse their clothing instead of buying new pieces, by providing spare parts for clothes that need repair. Additionally, the company offers a special program for customers through its website, where they can send in their used Patagonia clothing and exchange it for points that can be used to purchase new items. The company also provides important tips for caring for and repairing clothes, as well as offering some used products for sale. Of course, there are several … Continue reading

Starvation in Poor Countries – A Pandemic Deadlier than Covid-19

The world has been propelled on a fast track journey of dealing with Covid-19 across the developed world where the pandemic has created chaos and mayhem of astounding proportions. The faint light that gave hope was the fact that this was happening in the developed regions of the globe where people do have access to health services, adequate housing, well stocked warehouses, communications networks, financial assets and funds (even if diminishing under economic stress), and so forth. Now Covid-19 has reached into the areas which the learned persons write of as informal settlements. The Onslaught on Vulnerable Masses Let us … Continue reading

Future of Urban Transportation in Saudi Arabia

Transportation sector has played a prominent role in the socio-economic development of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, there are a wide range of current and future issues which should be tackled to ensure sustainable development in the country. More than 75% of the total population of Saudi Arabia lives in urban areas. Given the worldwide trends and statistics on urban population growth, many have regarded the 21st century as the urban century, understanding the prominence and importance urban areas have played and will continue to play in the future. Therefore, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must focus its attention in … Continue reading

How to Make Sustainable Commercial Choices and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The importance of reducing a company’s carbon footprint has increased as environmental sustainability has gained popularity. The total emissions, expressed in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) units, produced by a company’s operations, directly and indirectly, are referred to as the carbon footprint. More information about this topic is provided below. It has been demonstrated that carbon pricing does not impede economic growth but instead sends a loud and clear message to firms, industries, and consumers to switch to greener energy sources. This conclusion is based on data from 70 national and subnational governments that have previously implemented carbon pricing.   Establish … Continue reading

The Growing Trend of Environmentally Friendly Wood

In an era of heightened environmental awareness, individuals and industries alike are seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional materials. One notable trend that has gained significant traction in recent years is the use of sustainable wood products. These products not only meet the demands of consumers who prioritize sustainability, but they also contribute to the preservation of our planet’s precious resources. From sustainable sourcing and responsible forest management practices to the development of innovative wood-based materials, environmentally-friendly wood products offer a compelling solution for a wide range of applications. Understanding Environmentally Friendly Wood In order to appreciate the significance of environmentally … Continue reading

كورونا – درس مطلوب فهم بعده البيئي

العالم يحتفل بيوم الأرض العالمي للعام 2020م في ظروف إستثنائية بالغة التعقيد تعيش واقعها الصعب البشرية بسبب جائحة الوباء كورونا وما رافقها من منعطفات خطيرة أكدت على مؤشرات العلاقة غير الموزونة مع النظام البيئي لكوكب الأرض وبعدها الكارثي على الأمن الصحي والبيئي للإنسانية، وبعثت المنعطفات الكارثية رسائل تدعو البشرية للإستفاقة من غفوتها وتبدأ في إعادة حساباتها ومراجعة مواقفها وعنادها التي كانت حتى مرحلة قريبة ترفض التراجع عن خططها الاقتصادية والصناعية المدمرة لكوكب الأرض. جائحة الوباء كورونا سجلت رسائل مهمة في منظومة الأمن الإنساني المرتبطة بمتطلبات الأمن البيئي والاقتصادي والغذائي للبشرية، وتلك الرسائل تؤكد على الضرورة الإستراتيجية في مراجعة مناهج الاستغلال … Continue reading

Impact of COVID-19 on Slums and Informal Settlements

An estimated one billion people across the globe live in slums or informal settlements. As much of the world is already braced and battling with coronavirus crisis, there are others perplexed as to how this one billion people can possibly deal with the current pandemic. The general recommendations to global population are to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, if sick to self-isolate, and when out and about to practice social distancing of keeping 2 meters away from other persons. Three simple directives or are they? How feasible are these recommendations for people living in informal … Continue reading

Impact of School Closure on Marginalized Children

We are seeing schools close as a protective measure of reducing the potential exposure to the coronavirus across the globe. This is due to the fact that schools could be a major source of transmission from one child to another child within a classroom, from one classroom to the whole school, to within the families and the greater community. And all at a very speedy rate of transmission of Covid-19. The action of closing schools is an acceptable move in the more developed sectors of the global community as children tend to all have access to the internet, and in … Continue reading

Future Water Scenarios in GCC

Water is an important vector in the socio-economic development and for supporting the ecosystem. In the arid to extremely arid Arabian Peninsula, home of the GCC countries, the importance and value of water is even more pronounced. The GCC countries of United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait, are facing the most severe water shortages in the world.  Rainfall scarcity and variability coupled with high evaporation rates have characterized this part of the world with a limited availability of renewable water.  However, the scarcity of renewable water resources is not the only distinctive characteristic of the region, … Continue reading

Water Pollution Worries in Developing World

Water pollution has become a major concern worldwide, especially in developing countries where around 3.2 million children die each year as a result of unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. Access to adequate wastewater treatment facilities in the developing countries is very limited. For example, only 209 of India’s 3,119 towns and cities—less than one in ten—have even partial sewage systems and treatment facilities. As a result water bodies in developing nations are often used as open sewers for human waste products and garbage, which is evident at the Ganges River in India which receives over 1.3 billion liters of domestic waste, … Continue reading

How to Reduce Food Waste in Ramadan: An Infographic

The debate surrounding increased food waste generation during Ramadan has become a part of public discourse in Muslim communities worldwide. Almost one-fourth of the food purchased or prepared during Ramadan finds its way to trash bins. The staggering amount of food waste in Ramadan urgently demands a strong public-focused strategy for its minimization, sustainable utilization and eco-friendly disposal.  This infographic will provide more insights into the magnitude of problem and plausible ways to tackle it. Keep reading to know how to make your Ramadan eco-friendly.

فيروس كورونا: فرصة لإعادة النظر

لطالما اعتقدتُ أنّ ما من شيءٍ يحدثُ دون أن يحمل في طياته رسالة ما، إما أن تكون عامة لفئات كثيرة،  أو خاصة لأشخاصٍ معنيين بها، لعقودٍ طويلةٍ بقي الإنسانُ يؤدّي أعماله ومهامه بكفاءةٍ عالية، لكن هل فعلًا كان يبلي بلاءً حسنا في نهاية المطاف؟ بالرجوعِ للأثرِ البيئيّ لمختلفِ الممارسات التنمويّة في مختلفِ القطاعات نجدُ انتهاكًا كبيرًا للبيئة بوتيرة متسارعة، وعلى مر السنوات تكدّست كميات كبيرة من الملوّثات في بيئاتنا بكل مكوناتها، إضافة إلى استمرارنا غير المبرر في ظلّ هذا التطور الهائل الذي وصلنا إليه نكون قد وقّعنا وثيقة دمار كوكبنا بشكلٍ علنيّ وفي وقتٍ قريب جدًّا خاصة بعد التغيّر المناخيّ … Continue reading