5 Tips For Making Your Business Operations Sustainable

The Earth’s condition is getting much worse than in previous decades; weather patterns are changing, temperatures are rising, the ozone layer is depleting, and polar ice caps are melting. Thus, the call for sustainable operations has become a high-level priority for many businesses. Implementing sustainability in business operations offers many benefits. Aside from having a good conscience from observing environmentally-friendly practices, many people may also appreciate the goodness you’re spreading by producing long-lasting, eco-friendly, and recyclable goods. They’ll support your business, purchase your products, and help your brand grow. On top of that, going sustainable also helps you minimize your … Continue reading

القيم الرمضانية – السلوك البيئي محوراً

القيمة الأخلاقية للقيم الرمضانية في العلاقة مع النظم البيئية المحور الذي جرى تسليط الضوء على بعده في بناء الثقافة الرشيدة في المفاهيم البيئية للمجتمع، في المحاضرة التي قدمناها في مجلس سعيد تقي الرمضاني بتاريخ الثلاثاء 14 مايو 2019 ضمن برنامج المجالس الرمضانية البيئية الذي تنظمه بلدية المنطقة الشمالية. السلوك كقيمة أخلاقية في منظومة القيم الرمضانية، من المحاور المهمة في المحاضرة، ويمثل موضوع حيوي يشير الى ثوابت الاخلاق كقيمة وضرورة في بناء مسؤولية الفرد والمجتمع في الالتزام بالممارسات السديدة والرشيدة مع ما يحيط بهما من معالم طبيعية ومع من يتقاسمون معهم خصوصية ذلك المحيط، ويدخل في هذا السياق الأحياء بمختلف انواعها، … Continue reading

التصدي لأثار التغيرات المناخية بالمغرب

يبدو أن الرجوع إلى فترة ما قبل الثورة الصناعية سيصبح شيئا حتميا لا مناص منه ان نحن أردنا أن ننقذ أنفسنا و أرضنا من عواقب الأزمات البيئية بسبب ما يسمى بالتغيرات المناخية. و لقد فطنت و تيقنت العديد من الدول إلى هذا الخطر الداهم و من بينهم المغرب الذي انخرط في مساعي الحد من التأثيرات المناخية بشكل ملحوظ رسميا و فعليا من خلال عدة مشاريع وطنية كمخططات المغرب الأخضر للنهوض بالقطاع ألفلاحي و سياسات النجاعة الطاقية كمشاريع إنتاج الطاقات المتجددة. و قد أصبح البلد بهذا رائدا في هذا المجال عربيا و إفريقيا. و تتجسد هذه الريادة كذلك من خلال استضافة … Continue reading

المرأة مفتاح الأمن الغذائي

من المُسلَّم به أن الزراعة هي المُحرِّك الرئيسي للنمو في المجتمعات الريفية في جميع أرجاء العالم، وأن المرأة هي العمود الفقري للأسر خاصة الريفية منها  وغالبًا ما تعمل داخل المنزل وخارجه لتلبية احتياجات الاسرة .وعلى الرغم من أنهن يشاركن في عمل مدفوع الأجر –إلى حدّ أنهن يشكّلن، في المتوسط، أكثر من 40 % من القوى العاملة الزراعية في البلدان النامية،و حوالي  20 % في أمريكا اللاتينية  وحوالي 50 % أو أكثر في أجزاء من أفريقيا وآسيا – فانهن يتقاضين أجورًا أقل مقابل عملهن مقارنةً بالرجال. الجدير بالذكر ان معدل البطالة في الوطن العربي الذي بلغ نحو (11.5 %) في عام … Continue reading

How Small Companies Can Influence Environment Protection

A business can have a tremendous impact on the environment despite its size. As a small business, you have a key role to play on how to decrease pollution and green your business. Depending on the size of your business you can change how goods are procured or manufactured. Moreover, technology can decrease the use of non-renewable sources of energy. Every effort, no matter how small can have a positive impact on the environment. Nowadays, there are many sustainable ways of manufacturing goods. If this is incorporated into business ideas, it could have an immense impact on the environment. Pollution … Continue reading

Key Questions about COP21 Climate Agreement

The headlines from the CO21 Climate Summit tell an inspiring story. Agence France-Presse reported an outbreak of “euphoria” as the international climate accord was sealed. Reuters hailed a global “turn from fossil fuels.” The Guardian headlined “a major leap for mankind.” As the euphoria of delegates at the UN climate talks in Paris fades, it is time to get down to the business of saving the planet and ask what it means for me. This time, they were. They managed to seal a pact that sets a surprisingly ambitious target for limiting global warming, reflects the vast differences between countries … Continue reading

How Renewable Energy Benefits Rural Areas

Several years ago, it was coal that brought a great deal of the progress needed in the rural areas. Much have changed over the years. With the advancement of energy technologies, going back to mining and processing coal no longer makes much sense. Politicians who promise to bring back coal-related jobs simply don’t have a grasp of reality. Advanced economies are already turning to renewable sources of energy and it makes sense for developing economies to do the same, unless they’re limited by urgency that they have nothing but cheaper fossil fuels to exploit. Of course, it’s not enough to … Continue reading

How Instagram Influencers Can Spur Your Green Initiatives

Social media platforms are the space where you can spread awareness of initiatives and calls to action.  Instagram is one of those platforms where you can get a wide audience to pay attention to your green initiatives. It’s one aspect to get a wide audience, but the point of social media is to convert your audience into active participants of your initiatives and green programs, thereby contributing to results. That said, you might want to consider having partnerships with Instagram influencers. Instagram influencers are individuals who have a large following on the social media platform. With this, the green initiatives … Continue reading

An Urgent Call to Reduce Food Wastage in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan witnesses a great rush of frantic buyers who are buying and storing food items and allied commodities. Unfortunately, Muslims countries, especially Gulf nations, generate huge quantities of food waste which increases manifolds during the month of Ramadan and festivals like Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha whereby the consumption and wastage of food increase at an alarming level. Firstly, the food habits change in the month of Ramadan whereby Sahoor or breakfast/ meal is taken early in the morning. Later after sunset Iftar/ Fatoor (opening of the fast) is taken usually with specially cooked food, … Continue reading

Cleanliness is Next to Greenliness

There are usually many objectives of cleaning a home or office and the things in it. One of them is to achieve a certain level comfort and freshness while the other is to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the space around. However, when it comes to choosing the right cleaning products and technologies, it is important and beneficial to go the eco-friendly way. Many manufacturers, in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, are striving to come up with cleaning products that are made from environmentally-friendly ingredients. Such products are not only safer or less toxic to use, but also … Continue reading

Far-Reaching Implications of Conflict in World’s Breadbasket

Pre-pandemic era, pre-Ukraine war months, the Ukraine referred to as the “Breadbasket of Europe” and of course Russia, thrived on agricultural activities suppling the world with wheat, other grains, vegetables, oils, seeds and meats. According to the CIA World Factbook, the Ukraine was producing 25% of staple foods for across the globe. By 2022, this figure had risen to 30%. Ukraine produced for nations across the globe. In addition to the pure grain production, there is food processing and especially sugar processing. Over a quarter of the Ukraine population was employed in agricultural and forestry activities. Today, these figures are … Continue reading

The Dangers of Asbestos

The use of asbestos has been a widespread issue that continues to impact countries on a global scale. As a favored material used in buildings and construction projects throughout the 20th century, asbestos held an incredible appeal as a mineral known for its heat and fire resistant properties. For decades, this substance was synonymous with manufacturing and development. However, it was soon discovered that once asbestos was disturbed or damaged, the fibrous material could have a fatal effect on those that came into contact with it. Asbestos in the United States Despite its known dangers, asbestos continues to pose a … Continue reading