Understanding Carbon Footprint

With rising awareness of global warming and effects of emissions on the environment, corporates and individuals alike are rising to tackle environmental issues. Carbon footprinting, the first step to reduce carbon emissions, is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product. The main reason for calculating a carbon footprint is to inform decisions on how to reduce the climate change impact of a company, service or product. Carbon footprints are measured by undertaking a greenhouse gas assessment. Once the size of a carbon footprint is known, a strategy can be … Continue reading

Common Myths And Misconceptions About Climate Change

From an individual level, climate change can seem as a difficult issue to connect with, often leaving people with emotions of helplessness as they struggle to understand this phenomenon. While most people can identify practices to reduce their carbon footprint, very few of them actually engage in such activities. One of the main reasons for such inertia from the public may lie in the image of climate change, portrayed by media as being distant, remote and affecting future generations. Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about climate change: There is still no global scientific consensus on … Continue reading

القيم الرمضانية – السلوك البيئي محوراً

القيمة الأخلاقية للقيم الرمضانية في العلاقة مع النظم البيئية المحور الذي جرى تسليط الضوء على بعده في بناء الثقافة الرشيدة في المفاهيم البيئية للمجتمع، في المحاضرة التي قدمناها في مجلس سعيد تقي الرمضاني بتاريخ الثلاثاء 14 مايو 2019 ضمن برنامج المجالس الرمضانية البيئية الذي تنظمه بلدية المنطقة الشمالية. السلوك كقيمة أخلاقية في منظومة القيم الرمضانية، من المحاور المهمة في المحاضرة، ويمثل موضوع حيوي يشير الى ثوابت الاخلاق كقيمة وضرورة في بناء مسؤولية الفرد والمجتمع في الالتزام بالممارسات السديدة والرشيدة مع ما يحيط بهما من معالم طبيعية ومع من يتقاسمون معهم خصوصية ذلك المحيط، ويدخل في هذا السياق الأحياء بمختلف انواعها، … Continue reading

How To Enjoy Luxurious Living Without Harming The Environment

They say that money cannot buy everything. However, it can buy quite a lot. It is suggested that all wealth is vanity; however, there is so much to admire about the lifestyle of the world’s billionaires and millionaires. From flying across the globe in expensive private jets, driving swanky cars, owning mansions all over the world, dining at the most luxurious hotels to wearing the finest fabric; the rich people’s lifestyle is simply glamorous. It is the dream of many to afford that kind of lifestyle. Here is an interesting fact: According to economic research, the eight richest individuals in … Continue reading

4 Features Of Air Conditioning Systems That Have Negative Impacts On The Environment

In most seasons, air conditioners are extremely sought after. They can either cooled up a place or warm it up, but we have all heard of its side effects on our health. Air conditioners have detrimental health effects on our bodies, though that is not the only problem with air conditioners. It also has many negative impacts on the environment itself. Below are some reasons as to why these sought-after machines are harmful. CFCs/ HFCs Air conditioners are complex machines that are made up of many different parts which work in several ways. CFCs and HFCs are both cooling agents … Continue reading

Food Waste, Ramadan and the Middle East

With the holy month of Ramadan only a few days away, huge food wastage in the Middle East is again hogging limelight. It is a widely acccepted fact that almost half of the municipal solid waste stream in the Middle East is comprised of food wastes and associated matter. The increasing amount of food waste in the Middle East urgently demands a strong food waste management strategy to ensure its minimization and eco-friendly disposal.  Food Waste in Ramadan Middle East nations are acknowleded as being the world’s top food wasters, and during Ramadan the situation takes a turn for the worse. In 2012, the Dubai Municipality … Continue reading

Towards an Eco-Friendly Eidul Adha

Eidul Adha, like other religious festivals, often has a major impact on the environmental resources. Extra food, drinks and clothes are made, used and consumed which results in a major environmental footprint. The celebrations and festivity are often extravagant and cause pollution of different forms. The day starts with the special prayers whereby men, women and children gather to offer prayers. The site of praying after the ritual is often plagued by litter, rubbish and waste scattered all over the place and even blowing in the air and migrating to nearby safe heavens for unaesthetic and unhygienic accumulations. Muslims on Eid … Continue reading

الديمقراطية في المشروع الدولي البيئي

الديمقراطية القيمة والثقافة الإنسانية التي على الرغم من تنازع الرؤى والمفاهيم حول جوهر مضامينها وتوصيفاتها وضرورة وجودها ومدى شمول توافق أنماطها مع تقاليد وقيم المجتمعات الإنسانية على اختلاف ثقافاتها وانتماءاتها العرقية والدينية، وخصوصية أنظمتها الاقتصادية والاجتماعية والسياسية، تبقى المطلب الإنساني الذي صار يؤكد ضرورة وجوده في مواجهة الأزمات والكوارث الإنسانية وزحمة التراجعات في المفاهيم القيمية للعلاقات، وما يسببه ذلك من شرعنة ثقافة الجريمة وإحاطتها بحزام من التقاليد لثقافة التخلف، والتوجه بشكل متسارع لجعل ثقافة الغاب الوسيلة التي تحكم المجتمع البشري. تلك الحقيقة نتبينها في الانزلاق المتسارع نحو ثقافة الجريمة المبنية على قشور تاريخ ومبادئ ثقافات وهمية تشبه فقاعة الصابون، لكنها أحدثت … Continue reading

Eco-friendly Things To Know Before Buying Your First Home

As we humans continue to develop, we use more and more resources and put more and more toxins into the air. It’s our responsibility to do what we can help our earth. The first place to start is right at home. There are a number of things we can do in our households to make the world a little bit greener. Here are 9 eco-friendly things you can do at your house. Use the right lights The light bulbs you use in your home can make a big difference on your carbon imprint (and your wallet). While incandescent light bulbs are … Continue reading

Key Questions about COP21 Climate Agreement

The headlines from the CO21 Climate Summit tell an inspiring story. Agence France-Presse reported an outbreak of “euphoria” as the international climate accord was sealed. Reuters hailed a global “turn from fossil fuels.” The Guardian headlined “a major leap for mankind.” As the euphoria of delegates at the UN climate talks in Paris fades, it is time to get down to the business of saving the planet and ask what it means for me. This time, they were. They managed to seal a pact that sets a surprisingly ambitious target for limiting global warming, reflects the vast differences between countries … Continue reading

Environmental Justice in the 21st Century: A Case Study

The world has changed a lot since the environmental justice movement first began, and while we’ve made progress in some areas, we still face many of the same struggles. The environmental justice movement asserts that everyone has the right to equal environmental protection. It also promotes equal access to the decision-making processes that affect having a healthy environment. While we’ve made some strides towards these goals, but certain groups, including people of color and low-income people, are still disproportionately affected by poor environmental conditions and hazards. Warren County’s Quest for Environmental Justice Warren County, North Carolina is often referred to … Continue reading

Unending Benefits of Wetlands

Wetlands are wonderful for numerous reasons but these wonders weren’t always known to man and it was often common to overlook the importance of this distinct ecosystem. The mention of a wetland used to bring to mind images of murky, mosquito-riddled swamps or unused lands that needed to be developed into a space which would be more useful to humankind. Wetlands were grossly undervalued which led to loss of many and provoked the Convention on Wetlands to be signed in Ramsar, Iran in 1971. The Ramsar Convention still serves as an international wetland conservation movement and currently holds over 160 nation … Continue reading

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