Paris Agreement: Role of Effective Climate Governance Framework

It has been a while since 195 countries agreed to the Paris Agreement resulting from the UNFCCC COP21. In a few weeks, countries are expected to adopt the Agreement which will be open for signature until April 2017. While many consider that history was made as industrialized and developing countries jointly agreed on the same climate policy framework for the first time ever; others alert that the Paris Agreement is only as good as its implementation plans and review mechanisms. Nevertheless, the Paris Agreement and the process around it demonstrate an exemplary model for global governance and policy advocacy. The … Continue reading

The City of Nouakchott – Perspectives and Challenges

Nouakchott, capital city of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is the biggest city in the Sahara region. Like other major cities worldwide, the city is plagued by environmental, social and economical challenges. Sewage disposal network, dating back to 1960’s is no longer sufficient for Nouakchott. The country is heavily dependent on fossil fuels and woody biomass for meeting energy requirements, though there is good potential of solar, wind and biomass energy. Solid waste management is becoming a major headache for city planners. Population is increasing at a tremendous pace which is putting tremendous strain on meagre civic resources. Making of … Continue reading

Why We Need to Stop Using Fossil Fuels? Understanding the True Impact

Fossil fuels have a wide range of applications including generation of electricity, transport fuels, making products like plastics, cosmetics, and even certain medicines. But why scientists and environmentalist are fighting to end the use of fossil fuels and promoting solar and wind energy instead? The damage that fossil fuel cause to the environment is affecting the entire ecosystem. The impact is disastrous and haunting for the health of our planet. These damages are in some cases easy to see and evaluate such as pollution and land degradation. However, the damage can take various forms and be hidden and difficult to measure such … Continue reading

رحلة عائلية خضراء بمنتجات بلاستيكية أقل

الرحلات العائلية هي أجمل اللحظات التي تجمع افراد العائلة في مكان واحد كالمواقع السياحية التي تبرز جمال الطبيعة مثل شاطئ البحر، العيون المائية ، الأودية، الكثبان الرملية الخ. لكن طالما الاستمتاع بروعة هذه المناظر لا يكتمل، فأصبحت القمامة تغزوا أرجاء الموقع و تشوه المنظر الطبيعي. حيث أن نسبة المنتجات البلاستيكية تشكل الجزء الأكبر من القمامة الملقاة.  تتراكم المنتجات البلاستيكية بألوانها وأشكالها المختلفة في الطبيعة لمدة زمنية كبيرة بدون تحلل و يرجع ذألك للخواص الكيميائية المكونة للبلاستيك، والتي ينتهي بها المطاف إلى مجاري المياه مثل الانهار والمحيطات، انتشارها في المناطق المحيطة او تراكمها في مرادم النفايات حيث يتم حرقها او دفنها. … Continue reading

التنزه والبيئة

يحب الشباب الخروج من البيت والاستمتاع بوقتهم. وفي نفس الوقت هناك الكثير من المحاضرات البيئية التي تحدث. ومن احدى مشاكل الجمعيات هو قلة الحضور وضعف المتطوعين. من هنا أتت لي فكرة دمج التنزه مع التوعية البيئية. فبدل عن دعوة الشباب الى حضور الجلسات وهم في الوقت عينه يريدون الترفيه بعد الدراسة او العمل، دعونا نمزج الاثنين. وذلك يكون عبر النشاطات البرية والمائية. مثلا المشاركة او التحضير للمشي في الطبيعة وخلالها نقوم بالتكلم عن أهمية التنوع البيولوجي الذي يحيط بنا والحفاظ عليه. وننبه الى أهمية عدم الدوس على النباتات البرية لان ذلك يؤثر على الدورة الايكولوجية في المنطقة. ويمكننا هنا دمج … Continue reading

التأمل والبيئة

للتأمل أنواع، ومن احدى أنواع التأمل هو المشي في الطبيعة او ما يعرف ب “تأمل المشي”. والبعض يفضل المشي على الجلوس في الحديقة او على الشاطئ. فسكون الطبيعة وجمالها يساعد الفرد في إيجاد الانسجام والتوازن. ولا أهدف من هذا المقال الى القول ان مكان التأمل هو الطبيعة بل يمكن ممارسة التأمل في المكتب أو في المنزل. لكن من منظوري الشخصي يكون أحد أفضل الأماكن للتأمل هو الطبيعة. البيئة لديها قوة تحويلية، فهي توفر الصفاء وتساعدنا في العثور على أنفسنا مرة أخرى. ان التأمل في مكونات البيئة من نبات وحيوانات يؤدي الى احترام وتقدير هذه المخلوقات. وهذا الاحترام يؤدي الى الحفاظ … Continue reading

Sickness of Buildings – Causes, Risks and Solutions

Environment is not only important for its own sake, but also as a resource for healthier living conditions and well-being. Poor environmental quality and its current and future impact on human health is a significant concern worldwide. Air pollution causes significant health problems. In fact, knowledge about the links between health and air quality has considerably improved in the last few decades. According to a WHO report, more than 30% of new and renovated buildings worldwide may generate severe complaints related to indoor air quality. What is Sick Building Syndrome Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is used to describe situations in which … Continue reading

Gas Flaring and Venting in MENA: Need for Urgent Action

Every year global oil producers waste precious natural gas by flaring and venting equivalent to the combined gas consumption of Central and South America. The top twenty major gas flaring and venting countries in the world include Russia, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Angola, Venezuela, Qatar, Algeria, the United States, Kuwait, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Congo, the United Kingdom, and Gabon. Gas flaring and venting have been known to be associated with crude oil processing in oil fields. Newer oil wells are equipped for the recovery of both oil well gas and crude oil and hence the gas … Continue reading

Greening Your Business

With growing awareness among consumers for eco-friendly products, it is becoming highly important for businesses in the Middle East to adopt and implement green strategies. It is not only the requirement of customers but also compliance to regulations and reduction in operating costs that drive the implementation of environment-friendly methods in business. Corporate social responsibility (or CSR) is now driven by pollution prevention, energy efficiency, eco-friendly design, and industrial ecology across all industrial sectors.  Components of a Green Business A green business appears to be an expensive and cumbersome process. On the contrary it is quite easy to have a green … Continue reading

Business Waste Management – What Your Business Can Do Better

Have you ever wondered if your workplace has some policy regarding waste management that could be improved? Are you a business owner with the necessary awareness to manage a controlled environment where the production of waste is regulated or at least up to current standards? These are pretty valid questions in 2018, especially when corporate sensitivities are shifting to green initiatives and the adoption of energies due to the increasing requests of the world to regulate carbon emissions and save the planet. There are quite a few approaches to business waste management on corporate levels that can be adopted by … Continue reading

Sustainability Principles in Traditional Islamic Architecture

Islam came with many sustainability and environmental conservation principles, which appeared in all aspects of the Islamic society. This green vision of Islam is also reflected in the city planning and traditional architecture. Infact, Islamic cities were shaped by Islamic beliefs on environmental conservation and sustainability. The traditional house adopted in Islamic architecture respects the environment in more ways than one: first by minimizing the impact of harsh natural environment conditions such as hot climate, relative humidity and solar radiation intensity, second by maximizing the potential possibilities of these conditions to achieve the thermal comfort of inhabitants and utilizing the … Continue reading

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

With recent reports on the staggering amount of plastic waste floating in our oceans, rivers and lakes, it is high time we start doing something about this problem. Recycling is good, but for many reasons, it is not the answer to the global plastic pollution. We must all learn how to reduce the amount of plastic waste we are producing in the first place. Here are my five favorite ways to reduce your personal plastic footprint. Bring Your Own Bag Billions of plastic shopping bags are used worldwide every year. Shops give them out for free to their customers, but they … Continue reading

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