Helping The Environment Starts In Our Home: Here’s Why

The environment has numerous benefits that it offers to us which is the reason as to why it needs to be well conserved. There are a lot of measures that one can take to help in environmental conservation. However, it is a task that begins from our own homes. We have a lot of pollutants in our homes and we can prevent these from going into the environment through simple acts. Below are 5 simple tips to conserve environment from home: Minimizing wastage of food Food waste causes a lot of environmental pollution. Statistics have proven that a significant percentage of … Continue reading

Mitigating the Effects of Sand and Dust Storms

Sand and dust storms cause significant negative impacts on society, economy and environment at local, regional and global scale.  There are three key factors responsible for the generation of sand and dust storms – strong wind, lack of vegetation and absence of rainfall. The environmental and health hazards of such storms cannot be reduced permanently, however its impact can be reduced by taking appropriate measures. As the dust cloud rises, it reduces the horizontal visibility which can impact human life in many ways. The fine suspended particles also contain contaminants, bacteria, pollens, which cause negative health impacts such as allergies and respiratory diseases. Dust also … Continue reading

Carbon Capture and Storage: Prospects in GCC

Gulf Cooperation Council countries are burgeoning economies which are highly dependent on hydrocarbons to fuel their needs for economic growth. GCC nations are fully aware of the mounting consequences of increasing levels of CO­2 on the environment, mainly attributed to soaring energy demand of domestic and industrial sector. Regional countries are undertaking concrete steps and measures to reduce their carbon footprint through the introduction of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. Among other options, Carbon Capture and Storage, popularly known as CCS, can be an attractive proposition for GCC nations. What is CCS Carbon capture and storage (or carbon capture and sequestration) … Continue reading

Deleterious Impact of Tire-Burning Kilns

Decorative arts such as woodworking, weaving as well as ceramics and other pottery have a long and honored tradition.  In fact, some of the earliest examples of pottery originate from the Middle East from the time of 6500 BC. In order to meet the ceramic industry’s high energy demand, much of the developing world, MENA in particular, is resorting to cheaper alternatives such as fueling kilns by burning tires and other harmful materials. Though modern technology has led to clean and efficient kiln usage in the developed world, these options come with a high price tag when referring to industrial … Continue reading

Health Impacts of Contaminated Water and Potential Control Strategies

Drinking dirty or contaminated water causes numerous health problems, all of which one should be aware of. The contamination of water sources can start from the main water sources such as city water supplies, rivers, streams, and lakes, or well water supplies. Moreover, the main water source such as groundwater might get contaminated from toxic chemicals found underground, such as fluoride or arsenic, if the water is not filtered properly. Furthermore, contamination can occur from something as dangerous as a badly designed hazardous waste site or industrial site, exposing the water to numerous dangerous chemicals. As previously mentioned, contaminated water … Continue reading

إدارة نفايات الإسبستوس في الشرق الاوسط

في كل عام تعمل دول منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا على إستيراد كميات كبيرة من الإسبستوس بهدف إستخدامها في قطاع الإنشاء. و بينما تُمثل منطقة الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا معاً 20٪ من الطلب العالمي على مادة الإسبستوس بحسب آخر الإحصاءات فإن أكبر المستهلكين لمادة الإسبستوس في المنطقة هما دولتي إيران والإمارات العربية المتحدة. فى الواقع، واردات الأسبستوس في الشرق الأوسط بأكمله تزايدت بشكل مطرد بإستثناء مصر والمملكة العربية السعودية حيث أنهما الدولتان الوحيدتان اللاتي وضعت حظراً على الأسبستوس ولكن  بفعالية مشكوك فيها. وقد بلغت واردات إيران وحدها نحو 30،000 طن من الأسبستوس كل عام. و قد تم استيراد و إستهلاك أكثر … Continue reading

إحراق الغاز وهدره في العراق: قضية ملتهبة

منذ أن بدأ إنتاج النفط الخام في القرن التاسع عشر كان حرق الغاز وهدره متلازمان معه حيث وجدت الشركات المستخرجة للنفط  بل وبعض الحكومات ايضا، أن الغاز المصاحب هو مصدر إزعاج وانه من الضروري التخلص منه او اتلافه بطريقة او باخرى إذا كان  لإنتاج النفط الخام ان يستمرم ويزيد إنتاجه. لكن قيمة الغاز كمصدر للطاقة وفوائده البيئية بدأت تتحق تدريجيًا ، وأدخلت بعض الحكومات أنظمة للحد من حرق الغاز إلى الحد الأدنى. ومع ذلك ، لا تزال المشكلة قائمة لدينا ، وتشير تقديرات البنك الدولي والذي اسس المبادرة العالمية للحد من حرق الغاز إلى أن حرق الغاز في عام 2017 … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Zero Valent Iron Powder

Zero Valent Iron, also abbreviated as ZVI, is widely used for soil and groundwater remediation. It is used as a reductant by degrading a variety contaminants found in the environment. A variety of other similar sites benefit from this powder’s characteristics, e.g. mine water drainage. This bulk reducing agent comes in various grades which influence the method of injection into any site. These methods of injection include: Direct Push Injection Method Hydraulic Fracturing and Injection Pneumatic Fracturing and Injection Injection Wells The above injection methods all come with various advantages and disadvantages, both dependent on the ZVI particle size chosen … Continue reading

The Rapid Degradation of Wadi Gaza

In recent years, environmental crisis has worsened in the Palestine, Gaza Strip in particular, with solid waste, sewage and air pollution being the major issues. The key reason for environmental degradation in the Gaza Strip has been the difficult economic situation and an unending Israeli blockade. Wadi Gaza (or the Gaza Valley) which is located in the middle of Gaza Strip has been transformed from being the most substantial natural ecosystems in Palestine to the most deteriorated regions. Wadi Gaza can be described as one of the largest natural wetlands in Palestine with a length of 105 km. This area has … Continue reading

احراق الغاز و هدره

من المعروف أن إحراق الغاز وهدره يرتبطان بعملية استخراج النفط الخام في حقول النفط. أن آبار النفط الحديثة تكون قادرة لاستعادة كل من غاز آبار النفط والنفط الخام ، وعليه  فإن الغاز يشكل مورد إضافي لحقل النفط. تلجأ الكثير من شركات النفط المنتجة في العالم إلى حرق الغاز المصاحب لحقول النفط بكميات كبيرة محاولةً تعظيم أرباحها، واستخدمت في سبيل ذلك أرخص السبل للتخلص من الغاز الطبيعي الذي لا تريده. وتحرق شركات النفط الغاز المصاحب لأن النفط ينتج في مناطق نائية بعيدة عن المراكز الاقتصادية والسكانية ويحتاج نقله والاستفادة منه استثمارات كبيرة لا توفرها أسواق الطاقة. ونظراً لكون شركات النفط تركز … Continue reading

Understanding Sand and Dust Storms

Sand and dust storms are regular occurrences around the world and more common in arid and semi-arid regions, such as the Middle East. Dust storms play an important role in global dust cycle, and can alter the radiative balance. It can damage agricultural crops and retard plant growth and alter the life cycle of the marine benthic organisms due to less sun light penetration into the sea floor. Dust storms can cause social disruption, economic loss and adverse impact on human health. When the visibility is below 1000 meters on a dusty day, it is considered that dust storm is occurring. … Continue reading

Why We Need to Stop Using Fossil Fuels? Understanding the True Impact

Fossil fuels have a wide range of applications including generation of electricity, transport fuels, making products like plastics, cosmetics, and even certain medicines. But why scientists and environmentalist are fighting to end the use of fossil fuels and promoting solar and wind energy instead? The damage that fossil fuel cause to the environment is affecting the entire ecosystem. The impact is disastrous and haunting for the health of our planet. These damages are in some cases easy to see and evaluate such as pollution and land degradation. However, the damage can take various forms and be hidden and difficult to measure such … Continue reading

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