5 Common Types of Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are on the upswing around the world and many people feel stigmatized and isolated due to lack of awareness and understanding about this important health issue. To simplify, a mental disorder is the disturbance in an individual’s thinking, feeling, or behavior which causes distress in social, work, or family life and prevents you from living a normal life. Like other physical health issues, mental disorders also need specialized treatment through therapeutic techniques and/or medication. It is essential to know the common types of mental disorders as different kinds of mental illness have different impact of the individual, besides variation … Continue reading

5 Top Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an essential part of life for many people but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for them to find a physiotherapist clinic close to their homes. Some of the clinics are only seeing the urgent cases while other have closed their clinics either due to lockdown restrictions or the fear of spread of coronavirus. Virtual therapy has proven to be just as effective as an in-person physiotherapy session, thus becoming a blessing in disguise for millions of people suffering from chronic pain. During a digital therapy session, the therapist addresses the patient’s symptoms remotely through a video … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Psychotherapy

Mental health has emerged as one of the most common contemporary health issues, affecting around 13% of the global population. The stigma surrounding mental health problems has made it important to look for effective therapeutic solutions. Psychotherapy has the potential to treat a wide array of mental disorders, ranging from depression to Schizophrenia to personality disorders. Read on to know more about psychotherapy techniques and its benefits: What is Psychotherapy? Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, is a collaborative treatment process for treating mental health issues through the use of scientifically-validated verbal and psychological techniques. The relationship between an individual … Continue reading

Environmental Allergies – Common Causes and Remedies

In recent years, anthropogenic climate change has led to proliferation of environment-related diseases. The allergies caused by environmental factors are a major health problem for tens of millions of people all over the world. Environmental allergies involve an immune response to something in your surroundings, including home, workplace and outdoor. In contrast to food allergies, environmental allergies are an immune overreaction to triggers you come into contact in the daily life. Many people with perennial allergies also show signs of mood disorders and anxiety. BetterHelp has more information on how to find a free therapist online. The most common environmental allergens … Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide and its Recycling

Carbon Monoxide is a chemical compound made up of 2 elements which are carbon and oxygen. The proportion of each element is equal which means for every 1 part of carbon, it has an equal part of oxygen. Carbon Monoxide is formed through a lot of processes. One of the most common processes is through the burning of wood or coal or other substances that occur naturally. Vehicles and exhausts also contribute to the creation of this chemical compound through combustion engines, which means every day, there are a lot of people contributing to the creation of carbon monoxide. However, … Continue reading

تأثير التغير المناخي على الصحة الإنجابية

تعد التغيرات المناخية من الأخطار الكبرى التي تهدد متطلبات صحة الإنسان الأساسية, ولكن يعتبر الأطفال والإناث وكبار السن خاصة في البلدان الفقيرة الأسرع تأثراً بالمخاطر الصحية الناجمة عن تغيّر المناخ والأطول تعرضاً إلى عواقبه الصحية. حسب تقديرات WHO, فأن تغير المناخ سيتسبب في حوالي 250000 حالة وفاة سنويًا بسبب سوء التغذية والأمراض بين عامي 2030-2050, حيث باتت تأثيرات التغير المناخي على الصحة معروفة ومثبتة, وذلك من خلال تدهور متطلبات الصحة من جودة الهواء والماء والأمن الغذائي والمأوى. حيث أدى الإحترار العالمي إلى زيادة الأمراض والوفيات الناجمة عن الأمراض القلبية والتنفسية والتحسس بسبب ارتفاع درجات الحرارة وتلوث الهواء, وارتفاع نسبة الإضطرابات … Continue reading

Environmental Therapy as an Emerging Therapeutic Method

Environmental therapy is a therapeutic tool aimed at treating both physical health and mental health issues by detoxifying the body. The basic idea behind environmental therapy, also known as ecotherapy, is that the human beings are connected to the natural environment and are influenced by the changes taking place in the external environment due to the presence of environmental toxins. Detoxification of the body through outdoor activities is the mainstay of environmental therapy. The Rationale for Environmental Therapy In the past few decades, the deterioration of the environment has not only wreaked havoc for natural ecosystems but also led to … Continue reading

آثار التغير المناخي على الصحة العامة

تسبّبت الأنشطة الصناعية الحديثة خلال السنوات الأخيرة من القرن الماضي في إطلاق  وتكدّس الغازات الدفيئة في الطبقة السفلى من الغلاف الجوي وبالتالي حجز الحرارة والتأثير على مناخ الأرض, فمنذ عام 1975 وكل عقد يسجل درجات حرارة أعلى من العقد الذي يسبقه, حيث قدر معدل إرتفاع درجات الحرارة العالمي بـ 0.15-0.20 سْ للعقد الواحد, ولقد صرحت الأمم المتحدة أن العقد الماضي قد سجل معدل درجات حرارة هي الأشد في التاريخ. وبطبيعة الحال، كان للدول العربية نصيباً من هذا الإرتفاع، حيث شهدت عدة دول في المنطقة موجات حارة غير مسبوقة. تشكل التغيرات المناخية تهديداُ على صحة سكان الأرض عامة, ولكن يعتبرسكان الدول … Continue reading

Polluted by Noise: When Silence is an Oasis

The roar of a car engine coming to life. Howling dogs and screeching cats. Airplanes are flying above. Karaoke blasting through the air at the worst possible time; in the middle of the night. The hustle and bustle of construction throughout the day. These are all relatively familiar, everyday sounds and occurrences. But do you know that they all constitute noise pollution? Maybe you’re wondering if noise pollution is even a real thing, and we’d like you to know that it most definitely is. It’s an invisible danger that is always present, all around us. There’s a reason informative websites … Continue reading

Waste Management in Morocco

Solid waste management is one of the major environmental problems threatening the Mediterranean Kingdom of Morocco. More than 5 million tons of solid waste is generated across the country with annual waste generation growth rate touching 3 percent. The proper disposal of municipal solid waste in Morocco is exemplified by major deficiencies such as lack of proper infrastructure and suitable funding in areas outside of major cities. According to the World Bank, it was reported that before a recent reform in 2008 “only 70 percent of urban MSW was collected and less than 10 percent of collected waste was being … Continue reading

Environmental Risks of Improper Drug Disposal

With more people leaning on prescription medication to fix their diseases and ailments, it becomes an issue when they don’t know how to properly dispose of it. During 2015-2016, it was proven that just under half of the population of America had used prescription drugs in the past 30 days. Many people tend to just forget about their prescription medication which leaves it available for children to find accidentally. However, others will casually throw away their drugs or flush them. The result of this can have an awful impact on the environment. This is why we must understand how to … Continue reading

آثار الحروب البيولوجية على البيئة والتنوع الحيوي

تعد الأسلحة البيولوجية من أشد الأسلحة المعروفة فتكاً وتدميراً, حيث أنها تستخدم للتسبب المتعمد في نشر الأوبئة بين البشر وفي تدمير البيئة من ماء وهواء وتربة, كما أنها تستخدم ضد المحاصيل الزراعية والثروة الحيوانية والتي هى لب إقتصاد بعض الدول. ومن أشهر أنواع الأمراض المستخدمة في الحروب البيولوجية: الجمرة الخبيئة, الجدري, الطاعون, الكوليرا, إنفلونزا الطيور, وأمراض الفم والقدم. بالإضافة إلى الآثار الكارثية للأسلحة البيولوجية, فإن خطورتها تكمن في إنخفاض تكلفتها وسرعة وسهولة تحضيرها ونقلها وإستخدامها مقارنة بأسلحة الدمار الشامل الأخرى, وعلى العكس من القنابل النووية والكيمائية, فإنه يسهل إحاطة القنبلة الحيوية بالسرية التامة, حيث أنها تنتشر بشكل خفي عبر الهواء … Continue reading