How Does CFD (Contract For Difference) Trading Work?

CFD, or contract for difference, refers to a popular financial instrument that is the key component of a trader’s portfolio. CFDs are a form of trading and a popular gateway for a series of investors to enter the financial market. They are offered by brokers for common tradable assets like forex, commodities, and spot metals. CFDs are a type of derivative trading. In essence, this means that its value is derived from the price movement of the underlying asset. They basically allow traders to trade the price movement without actually owning the asset. Several platforms including Vantage Markets are among … Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Crypto: Step-by-Step Instructions

The dawn of the digital currency era was initiated by an anonymous individual or team using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin in 2009. Subsequently, countless other cryptos have blossomed into existence like Ethereum, Ripple, Solana, and others. Although this industry has gained remarkable traction in recent years, it is faced with issues such as regulatory impediments, fluctuation, and security vulnerabilities. However, these roadblocks cannot impede its progression; new applications are being developed daily for cryptocurrency’s ever-expanding presence! In this article, we will discuss what is cryptocurrency and how to purchase it. What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is an innovative, … Continue reading

Cryptocurrency Mining in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a growing hub for digital currency, with an increasing number of citizens and businesses investing in various digital currencies. As the popularity of virtual currency grows in the UAE, it has become an attractive destination for cryptocurrency miners to set up operations. This article will explore the history, regulations, and policies related to cryptocurrency mining in the UAE as well as discuss some of the opportunities and challenges for crypto miners in this region. Overview of Cryptocurrency and Crypto Mining in the UAE Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that can be used … Continue reading

Women Entrepreneurship in MENA: An Analysis

Women entrepreneurship is an important unexploited source of economic growth in almost all parts of the world. Unfortunately women in MENA have the lowest rates of Total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) at merely 4% of the population. The highest rates, globally, are in sub-Saharan Africa, at 27%. Latin American and Caribbean economies also show high levels (15 percent). In just seven economies (Panama, Thailand, Ghana, Ecuador, Nigeria, Mexico, and Uganda), women had equal or slightly higher levels of entrepreneurship than men. For the rest, women represented a smaller share of the entrepreneur population. Current Situation The recent interest in women entrepreneurship in the Middle … Continue reading

How To Trade Sustainable Instruments Online

Many people assume that sustainability and online trading doesn’t go well together, but where are here to prove the opposite. In fact, we would argue that online trading is the best type of financial investment for people that encourage sustainability and in this post, we’ll explain why that is. What is Online Trading? In this guide, we refer to online trading as trading done using online brokers, also known as CFD trading. These brokers provide traders access to trading platforms where you can trade everything from stocks and commodities to cryptocurrencies and forex. Now, unlike a traditional stockbroker, for example, … Continue reading

Evaluating Different Investment Platforms in the European Market

To invest money online, it is necessary to pick the strategy first. Classic investment solutions exist, such as stocks and bonds. However, investing in individual stocks is rather difficult, especially for people with no experience. In this case, it is recommended to invest via special AIFs or alternative investment funds. These solutions have numerous benefits and can be accessible even to people with zero savings. There are many investment sites available right now for the European market, and you can find some of the options below: Quanloop Quanloop is an alternative investment fund with a unique business model. This investment … Continue reading

Curve DAO Token (CRV) – Price, Forecasts and News

Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming an integral part of our lives. In the 13 years of the industry’s existence, the digital coin market has taken an enormous step forward. If in 2009, a few hundred “geeks” knew about the existence of Bitcoin, now it is an environment consisting of millions of people worldwide. At the bull market’s peak in 2021, the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market exceeded $2 trillion. In this article, we will talk about the Curve finance project, which was released relatively recently but has already managed to capture the market niche. What is CRV Token? CRV crypto … Continue reading

Talking Green in Jordan

The global financial recession triggered serious debate among many countries in revealing the causes behind failures and in innovating affordable solutions. Seeking “transformational” economic growth is very fashionable nowadays bringing to the front-line clean energy and green investments as keys for a better future. And for those countries at the heart of change in the Arab World, the famous “Spring” is bringing a different flavor to the aspired change and reform. In Jordan, attention to sustainability (whether environmental or social) is a need as well as a strategic choice. For a country with very limited natural resources and increasingly growing … Continue reading

African Development Bank and Renewable Energy

Africa has huge renewable energy potential with some of the world’s largest concentration of alternative energy resources in the form of solar, wind, hydro, and energy. Overall, 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa are in the top-33 countries worldwide with combined reserves of solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal energy far exceeding annual consumption. Most of the sub-Saharan countries receive solar radiation in the range of 6-8 kWh/m2/day, which counts among the highest amounts of solar radiation in the world. Until now, only a small fraction of Africa’s vast renewable energy potential has been tapped.  The renewable energy resources have the potential … Continue reading

Unlocking Climate Finance and Investments in Jordan

In November 2022, Egypt will host the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP 27). One of the most important messages to convey is the need for developed countries to fulfill their commitment made in the 2015 Paris Agreement to provide USD 100 billion in climate finance and investments to developing countries impacted by climate change, despite their small contribution to global emissions. The Paris Agreement calls for parties with greater financial resources to provide financial assistance to those with fewer and more vulnerable resources. Because large-scale investments are required to significantly reduce emissions or adapt … Continue reading

Can Cryptocurrency Ever Be Environmentally Friendly?

Climate change is rapidly affecting public health, especially in places that already experience extreme weather or have poor access to healthcare. The switch to renewable energy sources is inevitable if we want to save our planet, but where does that leave digital currency like Bitcoin? What Bitcoin’s Defenders Say (and Why it’s Important) The question of how to responsibly use Bitcoin goes beyond using credit cards to fund crypto purchases; it involves how we use the currency itself. We used to think that fossil fuels only impacted the earth if there was a spill. In reality, our daily use of … Continue reading

Financing Solar Panels: Are Solar Panels Financially Feasible For You?

Solar panels are taking off and that’s the cold, hard truth. In recent years, the residential solar energy market has seen incredible growth. While the particular business segment still has a long way to go, figures don’t lie and the foreseeable future all point to the technology’s development. But if you haven’t joined the bandwagon just yet, you may be asking yourself if the homeowners who’ve already done it are worth emulating.  Is it even feasible, to begin with? Hearing “well that really depends” as a response can be off-putting, so this article aims to thoroughly discuss the financial factors … Continue reading