About Ahmad M. Al-Tarawnah

Ahmad M. Al-Tarawnah is a researcher and writer in the public and private finance for green innovations, entrepreneurships, start-ups, and SMEs. His research focus is how and where would youth green entrepreneurs and start-ups get financial support and seed funding to promote their ideas in order to contribute to employment and economic growth. The main interest of the research is to map out potential investors, business accelerators, and financers who are interested in green and clean- tech innovations which would create jobs, and promote sustainable water and energy solutions. Ahmad has a Master degree in Water and Environment from USA and in the final stages of completing his second master degree in Public Finance Management from University of London – SOAS in UK.

Finance for Green Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, and SMEs: Perspectives for Jordan

Jordan is one of the most water scarce countries in the world where resources are far below the water poverty line which is 1000 m3 per capita per year. Adding to water scarcity, energy availability is another challenge where 96% of the demand is imported from outside.  Due to climate change, both water and energy sectors are expected to be negatively impacted. Lack of water and high prices of energy will both hinder the economic growth and employment rates adding further stress on the current high unemployment percentage specially among youth. Need for Green Economy To get out of this … Continue reading