4 Things You’ve Never Thought of That Can Help the Environment

Most people want to make the world a better place. There are tons of ways to do that – alternative energy sources, walking instead of driving, reducing water usage, and more. But what if you’re already doing those things and you still don’t think it’s enough? In that case, you’re in luck. We’ll be discussing four unique things that you can do in order to help the environment. Remember that by helping the environment you’re also creating a better life for yourself as well as future generations. So, if you’re up for the challenge, keep reading. 1. Re-evaluate your after-life … Continue reading

5 Ways Eco-Friendly Sleep Can Help You Achieve Good Health

Your sleep health is one thing that you should always be cautious about. After all, the quality of your sleep decides the way all of your systems function. A disruption in your sleep routine can lead to a range of health issues such as diabetes, weight gain, poor memory, hear problems, decreased alertness, etc. A great way to improve your sleep health is switching to eco-friendly sleeping. Eco-friendly sleep is nothing but overhauling of your sleeping environment where you use sustainable products rather than relying on synthetic ones. Without further ado, let us learn how eco-friendly sleep can not only … Continue reading

عشر طرق صديقة للبيئة لروتين العناية بالبشرة

إن من الأمور الحتمية في أيامنا هذه، هو إتّباع برنامجاً للجمال، حيث أصبح الاهتمام بالذات والجمال الشخصي أمراً طبيعياً بالنسبة لنا، لذلك فإنه يتعين علينا تشكيل وإتباع عادات جمالية مراعية للبيئة. ربما يكون تشكيل روتيناً صديقاً للبيئة ليس من ضمن أولوياتك، لكن يرجى العلم إن صناعات مستحضرات التجميل نفسها لا تعلم او تتجاهل تأثيرها على البيئة، حيث تواصل هذه الصناعات إنتاج ما يقارب 120 مليار عبوة سنوياً، لذلك، وإن كنت قلقة بخصوص هذه الاحصائيات فنحن نتساءل إذا كنت ترغبين في المُضي قُدماً وأن تعملي لك روتيناً مستداماً وصديقا للبيئة قدر الإمكان. فيمايلي، سوف نناقش بعض النصائح الصديقة للبيئة للعناية ببشرتك، … Continue reading

Top 15 High School Study Tips

The last thing you want to do when you get home is study. With the world waiting for you to log on and get the latest scoop and trend, it’s hard to take a break from the screen and focus on your homework. Experts of takemyexamonline caution that if you get in the habit of giving your screen most of your attention, you’ll most likely cram when it comes time for the exam. That’s never good, and you wind up getting behind. What if we told you that you have time to stay in the loop while getting your studying … Continue reading

Miswaak – The Natural Toothbrush Tree of Arabia

Miswaak is an organic toothbrush which is readily available, inexpensive, easy-to-use and inherently natural. It is can be easily adopted by Muslims as well as people from other faiths as an attractive green alternative to the modern toothbrush for maintaining oral hygiene. Miswaak or Siwak is the Arabic common name for twigs of Aarak trees (botanical name Salvadora persica). The use of the Miswaak can be traced back to the pre-Islamic times; hence, the influence of Islam on the usage and spread of Miswaak in the world is significant. Muslim Miswaak users have taken it as a device that should be … Continue reading

How Can You Pick the Ideal Moissanite Bracelet for Your Style?

One of the most popular and adaptable categories of accessories is bracelets. It’s impossible to say when or how this accessory gained such a following, but it’s safe to say that its significance grows with each passing day and season. However, premium moissanite requires a magnifying microscope to see the inclusions. Selecting the highest clarity option will ensure that your moissanite will shine. They range from basic leather bands and metal cuffs to bold bead Moissanite tennis bracelets and copper chains. Sorting through all these choices could seem like a challenging undertaking, but don’t worry! Only pricey metals and stones … Continue reading

ما هي الفوائد البيئية للسيارات الكهربائية؟

يبتعد الناس عن قيادة المركبات التي تعمل بالغاز بمعدل هائل لأسباب مالية وبيئية. لقد نظرنا في بعض المجالات الرئيسية حيث سيفيدنا استخدام السيارات الكهربائية في المناطق التي نعيش فيها ومن ناحية مادية. بالنظر إلى أن أول سيارة تسلا توفرت على الطريق قبل أقل من عشرين عامًا (2003)، فقد شهدنا تحولًا جذريًا نحو السيارات الكهربائية من الشركات المصنعة الصغيرة وصولًا إلى كبرى شركات إنتاج السيارات. هذا التحول له فوائد بيئية هائلة لنا جميعًا وسيستمر في القيام بذلك للأجيال القادمة. الهواء النقي في أحيائنا إذا كنت قد عشت أو زرت مدينة أو بلدة رئيسية، فستلاحظ نوعية الهواء الرديئة التي تسببها السيارات والشاحنات … Continue reading

5 Common Types of Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are on the upswing around the world and many people feel stigmatized and isolated due to lack of awareness and understanding about this important health issue. To simplify, a mental disorder is the disturbance in an individual’s thinking, feeling, or behavior which causes distress in social, work, or family life and prevents you from living a normal life. Like other physical health issues, mental disorders also need specialized treatment through therapeutic techniques and/or medication. It is essential to know the common types of mental disorders as different kinds of mental illness have different impact of the individual, besides variation … Continue reading

لماذا السيارات الصديقة للبيئة مهمة؟

يعد قطاع النقل أكبر مصدر لانبعاثات غازات الدفيئة في العديد من البلدان، يرجع السبب الأكبر إلى السيارة التقليدية، حيث تمثل المركبات أكثر من نصف الانبعاثات من قطاع النقل. السيارة النموذجية ينبعث منها غاز ثاني أكسيد الكربون والعديد من المواد الكيميائية الضارة الأخرى التي تضر بالبيئة وصحة الإنسان. وهذا يجعل من قيادة السيارة المناسبة ضرورة ملحّة الآن أكثر من أي وقت مضى. تعد قيادة سيارة صديقة للبيئة وسيلة رائعة لمساعدة صحة الإنسان والبيئة. حيث تطلق السيارات الخضراء مواد كيميائية أقل ضرراً في الهواء، حيث أنه تنبعث منها مركبات كربونية منخفضة عند التشغيل. الفقرة التالة تساعد في معرفة الأسباب المختلفة التي تجعل السيارات الصديقة … Continue reading

5 Top Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an essential part of life for many people but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for them to find a physiotherapist clinic close to their homes. Some of the clinics are only seeing the urgent cases while other have closed their clinics either due to lockdown restrictions or the fear of spread of coronavirus. Virtual therapy has proven to be just as effective as an in-person physiotherapy session, thus becoming a blessing in disguise for millions of people suffering from chronic pain. During a digital therapy session, the therapist addresses the patient’s symptoms remotely through a video … Continue reading

10 Ways to Create an Eco-friendly Skincare Routine

One of the imperative parts of our day includes following a beauty schedule. Self-grooming and beauty routines tend to become like second nature to us. Therefore, it is important to form habits while being mindful of the environment. Forming an environmentally-sound beauty routine might not be your top priority. However, the global cosmetics industry itself is negligent of its impact on the environment as it continues to produce about 120 billion units of packaging annually. If you’ve been worried about such statistics, we wonder if you’d like to move forward and make your beauty routine as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as … Continue reading

Buying and Trading Gems in the Middle East – A Brief Guide for Beginners

Ever felt the pull to dive into the glittering world of gem trading? If yes, you probably aim to explore this shiny universe in the Middle East. But before scaling those jewel-capped peaks, you’ll need some sherpa-level guidance. The good news is that this article will lay down a sparkling path that leads you from “huh?” to “heck yeah!” on begging and bargaining for those precious stones in the Middle East. Do Your Homework Before you dive into the sparkling pool of Middle Eastern gems, the first thing to do is to sharpen your smarts. Swipe through info on sapphires … Continue reading