How To Enjoy Luxurious Living Without Harming The Environment

They say that money cannot buy everything. However, it can buy quite a lot. It is suggested that all wealth is vanity; however, there is so much to admire about the lifestyle of the world’s billionaires and millionaires. From flying across the globe in expensive private jets, driving swanky cars, owning mansions all over the world, dining at the most luxurious hotels to wearing the finest fabric; the rich people’s lifestyle is simply glamorous. It is the dream of many to afford that kind of lifestyle. Here is an interesting fact: According to economic research, the eight richest individuals in … Continue reading

The Impact of Natural Environment on Your Mental Health

Many of us spend our workdays indoors under fluorescent lights with little to no contact with the natural world. As nice as it sounds to get some fresh air or take a walk after work, the thought of it can be exhausting, particularly when the couch is beckoning you home after a long day. But spending too much time indoors is not good for your health, and a growing stack of research has revealed the numerous benefits that being in nature has for your physical and mental well-being. How your environment affects your mental health In our Western and modern … Continue reading

Effective Ways to Make Your Beach Trip Eco-friendly

Island nations have many opportunities to take action and look after our shoreline and help to protect our beaches from trash and waste accumulation. Yes, one can join a major beach clean-up. And this sort of activity is great. But this is action after the fact, after the accumulation of trash on the beach and other shorelines.  But we can also be pro-active when we arrive at the beach to enjoy a day in the sun. The sooner one adopts these behavioral patterns, the easier it will be to really enjoy your leisure time at the beach. And to be … Continue reading

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars

People are moving away from driving gas-powered vehicles at a tremendous rate for financial and environmental reasons. We have looked at a few key areas where using electric cars will benefit us in the areas we live in and in our wallets. Considering the first Tesla to hit the road was less than twenty years ago (2003), we have seen a dramatic shift towards electric vehicles from small manufacturers all the way through to major car producing companies. This shift has enormous environmental benefits for all of us and will continue to do so for generations to come. 1. Clean … Continue reading

شهر رمضان والتحول نحو الأستدامة

شهر رمضان محطة للتزود بالوقود ومساحة لتغيير نمط الأستهلاك والعيش ببساطة على هذا الكوكب.  أن سبب الأزمة البيئية وأزمة الماء والطاقة والغذاء هو فشل الإنسان في مُهمة الخلافة وادراك دوره الحضاري كشاهد ومستخلف. التحول نحو الأستدامة يتطلب تغيير أنماط الأنتاج والأستهلاك للتصدي للفقر والتغير المناخي وهذا يستلزم التحول الكلي في نمط التنمية والعيش و تسخير المعرفة المحلية و الإبتكار والقيم والأخلاق وتطير  نماذج محلية للتنمية الطيبة  من خلال الحراك الأخضر أو الجهاد، و الإبتكار الأخضر أو الاجتهاد، و أسلوب الحياة الأخضر أو الزُهد كما هو موضح أدناه. الحراك الأخضر يعني النضال ضد الإختلالات و الظلم و الفساد التي تُخِل بالحياة … Continue reading

10 Top Ways to Make Your Life Green

No one is small enough to make a difference. When it comes to protecting the planet, each and every individual matter. Being green is not only good for the environment, but it also helps in saving money and safeguarding our health. We can do a lot of ‘green’ things in our daily lives to reduce waste generation, clean the air, conserve natural resources, save energy and protect wildlife. Here are 10 top ways to make your life green, and thus becoming good environmental stewards for the Earth: 1. Turn Down the Heat Reducing domestic energy consumption can help in minimizing … Continue reading

Ramadan: A Catalyst for Green Living

The true meaning of Ramadan is to take care of our body, soul, people, surrounding and ecosystems. The month of Ramadan is a golden opportunity to make a real shift towards ‘green living’ that is environmental friendly, non-polluting, non-wasteful and aim towards conservation of natural resources. During Ramadan, let us create awareness on use of resources, think and act positively towards our environment and change our unfriendly habits which are impacting our ecosystem. Let us seize this opportunity to adopt a model for a green and environmentally responsible behavior that addresses urgent environmental issues. Ramadan witnesses an over-consumption of meat, … Continue reading

Tips for a Green Ramadan

Ramadan is quite different from other months in terms of activities, praying and eating habits. During this month, Muslims should abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset to boost physical and mental endurance and to understand the hardships faced by the poor and needy who do not have enough resources to satisfy their basic necessities. The true meaning of Ramadan is purifying ourselves, taking care of our body, soul, people, surrounding and ecosystems which is supporting us. The month of Ramadan is a golden opportunity to consider making a shift towards a ‘green lifestyle’ that is environmental-friendly, non-polluting, … Continue reading

Taking Steps to a More Environmentally-Friendly Home Life

Climate change is a fact, it’s manufactured, and the effects will only grow more pronounced. Although most of the harm from human activity is caused by a few major corporations, this is still an impossible situation to adapt to without individual action. To this end, more minor changes around the home can help us all play our parts to both mitigate waste and adapt to coming changes. It’s time to try a new approach, and with the options of the modern world, these changes can be easy to implement, and highly advantageous. So while we don’t recommend jumping in with … Continue reading

Top 5 Kitchen Decorating Trends and Ideas of 2022

There are plenty of on-trend styles and cutting-edge appliances to choose from, thanks to the emergence of fantastic new kitchen companies and the presentation of fresh design concepts and ingenious twists on existing appliance designs in kitchen showrooms around the nation. Following is a glance at the latest kitchen trends that I got to know when consulting home interior designers in Hyderabad to help you plan your next kitchen overhaul. 1. Glazed Tile Backsplash Kitchen backsplash tiles are nothing new, but there will be a trend away from matt finishes and towards a more glossy appearance going forward. It is … Continue reading

5 Ways to Conserve the Environment From Your Home

The environment has numerous benefits that it offers to us which is the reason as to why it needs to be well conserved. There are a lot of measures that one can take to help in environmental conservation. However, it is a task that begins from our own homes. We have a lot of pollutants in our homes and we can prevent these from going into the environment through simple acts. Below are 5 simple tips to conserve the environment from home: 1. Minimizing wastage of food Food waste causes a lot of environmental pollution. Statistics have proven that a … Continue reading

Why You Should Give Eco-Friendly Gifts To Your Mom?

Giving eco-friendly gifts to your mom is the most rewarding gift you can give her. Why? By gifting these types of gifts to your mom, you’ll make her feel like she’s appreciated. Fortunately, there are many ways to present sustainable gifts. First, you could just go online and browse through different online stores, then you’ll come across some amazing deals for eco-friendly gifts in just minutes. Second, go to the local craft store as they usually have some great offers for you. Last, but not least, consider giving eco-friendly gifts to your mom with the help of an expert craft … Continue reading