5 Cheap, Easy Vegan Recipes for College Students

Veganism is gaining popularity as a food preference and a lifestyle choice. There are many ways in which veganism can prove to be healthier for our bodies, environmentally beneficial, and less cruel to animals. Many nutritionists have designed diet plans that cater specially to vegan lifestyles. Students can look into any of these diet plans if they wish to try eating vegan food at any time. However, students who want to eat healthier often have many things on their plates, and they don’t have the time to cook. We can offer a solution to this issue. In this article, we shall discover some easy and inexpensive recipes that students can use to make vegan dishes.

Vegan Recipes for College Students

1. Vegan Salad Bowl

This easy, no heat, no cooking vegan salad is the perfect snack for students! A vegan salad is one of the easiest meals to make, as it takes hardly 15 minutes to put this dish together. The preparation is simple. Mix finely chopped red onion, some salt, sugar, pepper, and vinegar in a large mixing bowl. Set it aside. Now put some cooked and chilled couscous, as well as cucumber, dill, and lettuce, in another bowl. Sprinkle some olive oil and mix the vegetables so that the oil coats all the vegetables evenly. Now add your pickled onions to the mixture, and your vegan salad bowl is ready to consume.

Busy students often neglect their diets and only focus on their coursework and completing their assignments on time. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. Students can pay for college research papers and then use the time they save to make vegan meals for themselves.

2.  Tomato Curry With Roasted Eggplant

Tomato and eggplant is a well-sought combination for many. The tanginess of the tomatoes compliments the roasted and smoky flavor of eggplant to create a mouth-watering dish that cooks in less than 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While your oven is pre-heating, cut the eggplant into large cubes. Spread the eggplant in a pan and pour some olive oil to thinly coat it. Add some salt, pepper, and spices to the run to deepen the flavor.

After the oven has pre-heated to the required temperature, place the pan with eggplant into the oven and let it roast. In the meantime, finely chop your tomatoes and cook them in a pan on low heat. Once your eggplant is roasted, mix it with your tomato purée and enjoy over any grain or pasta.

3. Spinach and Chickpea Curry

Making spinach and chickpea curry needs a small amount of planning. Chickpeas are high sources of protein. They are also highly flavorful when cooked with spices and condiments. To make a spinach and chickpea curry, you must soak the chickpeas in water overnight. This is the first step. The next day, take some oil and heat it in a pan. Add your spices and let them temper. Next, add finely chopped tomatoes and onions and wait until the onions sauté. Then add your chickpeas. Once the chickpeas are soft, add the washed and chopped spinach.

Remember that spinach cooks very quickly, so you need to keep the heat only for a few minutes after adding the spinach. Once the spinach has shrunk, your curry is ready. This dish is best served with some rice or some Indian flatbread.

4. Lentil and Cardamom Soup

One of the easiest things to make on the go is soup. Making soup is an easy and quick undertaking. Most of the time, making soup takes less than 20 minutes to make. The process is also simple. First, you must cut up all the ingredients that you want to add to your soup. For lentil soup, the most popular choices for vegetables include onions, tomatoes, lentils, garlic, and carrots. Roughly chop all these vegetables and add them to your pan.

Add a few drops of olive oil, spices, cloves, and cardamom, and let the vegetables cook. You can add water if needed. Once the vegetables are soft and fully cooked, set your pan aside to cool. Once your vegetable stock has cooled down, put it in a blender to make a smooth purée. Add your purée back to your pan and dilute its consistency with either water or coconut milk. Let it boil for a few seconds, and your soup is ready to consume.

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5. Vegan butter chocolate chip cookies

Vegan butter chocolate chip cookies are a simple snack to make and tasty to eat. The first step to making these delicious cookies is combining almond flour, butter, dates, and rolled oats in a mixer. Next, in a separate bowl, combine peanut butter and almond oil. Add your dry mixture to your wet mixture while stirring continuously to avoid forming lumps. Once your mixture is combined well, form cookies and bake them.

There are many more such recipes that students can try to cook for themselves. Not only that, but as a student, you can also try to create your own recipe and publish it online on a blog. You can check out writing tips to understand the best way to write your recipes and share them with other students.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many myths surrounding veganism. People wrongly believe that veganism is an expensive lifestyle and that vegan diets cannot provide a body with its required nutrition. However, this is not true. Many vegan recipes are tasty and healthy at the same time!

In fact, vegan recipes use different kinds of vegetables, which are often less expensive than cooking with meat. If you are curious about the vegan lifestyle and vegan meals, and you’d like to taste a vegan meal, you can try any of the recipes mentioned in this article. We hope that this article inspires you to include more vegan foods into your diet and encourages you to try a more extensive variety of dishes regularly.

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