About Charlotte Banks

Charlotte Banks likes creating her own vegan recipes, which she shares with the world through her online blog. She has created hundreds of easy-to-cook recipes so far. She strongly believes in veganism as a lifestyle choice because of the ethical, moral, and environmental consequences of veganism. Through her blog, she wants to break the myths surrounding vegan food and show the world that vegan food can be both tasty and healthy!

5 Cheap, Easy Vegan Recipes for College Students

Veganism is gaining popularity as a food preference and a lifestyle choice. There are many ways in which veganism can prove to be healthier for our bodies, environmentally beneficial, and less cruel to animals. Many nutritionists have designed diet plans that cater specially to vegan lifestyles. Students can look into any of these diet plans if they wish to try eating vegan food at any time. However, students who want to eat healthier often have many things on their plates, and they don’t have the time to cook. We can offer a solution to this issue. In this article, we … Continue reading

Top 5 Most Environmentally Friendly Colleges in the U.S. 2023

Education is only effective when it is combined with real change that impacts the world we live in. Selecting a college to study in can be a bit challenging as there are a plethora of factors you consider before choosing the best option. Some of these factors are education quality, study-life balance, healthy competition between students, co-curricular activities, and more. One other essential factor that a lot of people fail to consider is how environmentally friendly the university is. How can a college be environmentally-conscious, you may ask? To begin with, having many plants on campus and following eco-friendly practices … Continue reading