Top 5 Most Environmentally Friendly Colleges in the U.S. 2023

Education is only effective when it is combined with real change that impacts the world we live in. Selecting a college to study in can be a bit challenging as there are a plethora of factors you consider before choosing the best option. Some of these factors are education quality, study-life balance, healthy competition between students, co-curricular activities, and more. One other essential factor that a lot of people fail to consider is how environmentally friendly the university is. How can a college be environmentally-conscious, you may ask? To begin with, having many plants on campus and following eco-friendly practices for day-to-day college activities are some ways to do the same.

top 5 environmentally friendly colleges in the USA

Climate change impacts everything, and educational institutions are not exempt from taking responsibility for making the world better. Existing in harmony with nature ensures that we all have a healthy and hopeful future. Students need an environment where they feel safe and connected to nature to perform as well as they can in their academics.

Here are the top 5 environmentally friendly colleges in the United States

1. Colorado State University

Known as a very eco-friendly university in the United States, Colorado State University was the first ever university campus to get platinum status in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System. Other than this, the campus has taken initiatives to introduce eco-friendly projects such as a food scrap and waste reduction program. This program managed to reduce the number of leftovers at college events and prevent food wastage. The project also aims to provide students with access to healthy food whenever and wherever.

Apart from this, Colorado State University has aimed for 100% carbon neutrality before the end of this decade. The campus is one of the best sustainable and eco-conscious colleges in the whole country and is an excellent place to pursue your on-campus or online environmental science degree. This is an excellent example of the initiative the modern educational institution can partake in to manage its impact on the environment.

2. University of Virginia

A worthy recipient of the Green Ribbon Schools award given by the U.S. Department of Education, this university has worked hard over the last decade to make its campus a sustainable and harmonious environment for humans. The initiative recognizes schools and universities that practice sustainable habits and invites them to an exclusive ceremony where they receive the award and much-needed media attention. The University of Virginia ranks among the top 10 law schools in the US, according to LSAT experts, With such a great green initiative by the university, it certainly makes it one of the finest campuses to study law.

The University of Virginia encourages and promotes sustainability among students and faculty members. They do this using diverse programs such as the Recycling and Waste Diversion program, the Green Workplace program, and the Green Labs program. These projects do an essential job of informing and educating students to minimize the amount of waste they create in their daily lives.

This college and other “green” institutions like to make their students understand the need for eco-friendly living. They often do it by adding some assignments associated with the environment and its protection. There are so many eco-friendly projects conducted at the university that many students think, “I would love it if someone could write my college research paper for me.” If that is your thought process, you can always contact a professional writing service. Their experts can write some essays for you to reveal some of your academic pressure.

3. Green Mountain College

As its name implies, Green Mountain College is an efficient and sustainable education leader in the country. The university was one of the first campuses in the United States to be awarded the reputed EPA Energy Star Campus recognition award. This recognition boosted the campus’ eco-friendly goals and pushed it in a greener direction.

Green Mountain College wants to convert to using renewable energy completely and be 100% carbon-neutral by 2030. Being very student-forward, the university’s sustainable actions are led by its graduates and students. One of its notable eco-friendly projects, the college’s biomass facility, was created and designed by students themselves and continues to be maintained the same way. Apart from learning essential things such as writing tips and marketing skills, the students at Green Mountain College learn to love and be one with nature early on in life.

4. Arizona State University

Known as a pioneer and industry leader among other eco-friendly colleges, Arizona State University launched its impressive “Carbon Project” to eliminate as much of its carbon emissions as possible. To do this, the campus planted more trees inside the university and allowed departments to shift to using electric vehicles.

environmentally-friendly college

The campus also began adopting carpool arrangements for its teachers and students and urged everyone to use sustainably-produced products. The university also often collaborates with ethical companies that practice fair trade labor practices. The college’s administration has always encouraged its students to take up eco-friendly and environment-based research projects to raise awareness and educate themselves.

5. The University of North Carolina

Another well-known environmentally-conscious college with the intent of attaining complete sustainability, the University of North Carolina intends to accomplish the following three goals:

  • No waste sent into landfills
  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • Minimal usage of water and resources

In addition to this, the campus has invested a lot of resources in minimizing waste and constructing buildings that are energy efficient. It motivates its students and teachers to use transportation options that are friendlier to the environment. Unity among teachers, staff, students and the local community allows the university to take small steps towards sustainability that help them reach bigger goals. The campus also hosts numerous events to raise awareness about the preservation and conservation of the environment.


Every college wants to be green, but not all of them can achieve their goals effectively. To truly achieve complete harmony between nature and modern life, a campus must provide students with a conducive environment that keeps them close to nature. The colleges mentioned above are following essential sustainability practices to mitigate the effects of global warming. So, if you want to study at a university that cares about global well-being and ecology, the colleges on our list are worthy candidates for you.

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