7 Unique Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Loved Ones

For environmentally-conscious individuals, buying gifts that will either harm the environment or go to waste is cringe-worthy. The waste from overdone wrapping paper, excess packaging, and ribbons or bows can be highly harmful to the environment if not correctly disposed of. By skipping the wrapping paper, avoiding single-use plastic, and reducing food waste, you can better take care of the environment.

Buying gifts for family, friends, colleagues or significant others is how most people celebrate special occasions. This spirit of kindness and generosity makes those occasions even more special. When finding a unique gift for your loved ones, there are several options to consider that are both unique and eco-friendly.

For instance, you can decide to get something beautiful and simple like a bouquet from a bouquet deal of the week offer. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other eco-friendly products that are readily available and a lot less expensive than one might think.

green gift for loved ones

What Eco-Friendly Gifts Would Be Perfect for Your Loved Ones

1. Growable Gifts

Plants and flowers are beautiful and valuable gifts that many people love, and they come at a very affordable price. A potted plant is an excellent eco-friendly gift for a loved one on any given occasion. Nevertheless, when choosing a potted plant, be sure to select a practical plant that comes in an attractive pot and can be used as a home decoration.

2. Coffee Cups

Drinking coffee is a culture that has taken root in the recent past. Although traditional single-use coffee cups are predominantly made from paper, they contain plastic lamination and have plastic lids that can not be composted.

Switching to reusable coffee cups is a great way to cut your plastic footprint. There is a wide range of reusable coffee cup materials such as ceramic cups, stainless steel, and tempered glass for you to choose from. Recycling of used coffee grounds is also a great way to show your concern towards environmental sustainability.


3. Food Gifts

If you are thinking about getting a gift for someone who is culinary-minded or just loves cooking, you might want to get them homemade jams, a cooking recipe book, a food and fruit basket, a tea kit, or a culinary kit as gifts.

Such gifts would be considered unique since they express your appreciation for something your loved one is passionate about and that you put in the effort and thought into finding a suitable gift.

4. A Zero-Waste Travel Kit

Traveling is a significant part of most people’s lives; therefore, getting your loved one a zero-waste travel kit would come in handy. Making a DIY zero-waste travel kit is easier than you might think. After pulling together a few essential items such as lip butter, soap, a bamboo toothbrush, a handkerchief, and a foldable tote, all that’s left is assembling them in a box or small drawstring.


Choosing to make a zero-waste kit for your loved one is a unique gifting idea that would contribute to a healthier environment and reduce plastic waste.

5. Handmade Gifts

If you are a crafty person, you can decide to make your loved ones handmade accessories and decorative items instead of getting them expensive gifts. You can make these gift items from cheap raw materials or by recycling used items around the house. Some handmade gift suggestions include handmade jewelry, jute crafts, homemade candles, among others.

6. Plant-Based Candles

Everyone would love to experience the sophisticated fragrance of their favorite scented candles or just enjoy the flickering lights. Still, all that color, candle wax, and perfume dissolve into the air you breathe and end up affecting you. Conventional candles such as tea lights and standard taper candles are either made from paraffin or animal fats, which are harmful to you and the environment.

plant based candles as gift

On the other hand, plant-based candles have a longer burn time and are cleaner and safer for your home environment. Plant-based candles are a great eco-friendly gift that your loved one is bound to appreciate.

7. Organic Soaps

When buying gifts for your environmentally conscious loved one, you have to ensure you go for an item that’s devoid of chemicals and is naturally grown. A gift whose ingredients will complement the recipient’s skin is one of the gifts that would be delightfully accepted. An organic soap that works well for different pore types and different skin types is an excellent example of such a gift.

Organic soaps are suitable for ensuring that your skin stays smooth, firm, and rejuvenated, and they contain additional healing properties for skin conditions such as sunburn, eczema, and acne. On the plus side, organic soaps come in a wide variety of scents. Since they are made from natural ingredients, organic soaps are not only good for your loved one’s skin but also completely eco-friendly.

Find a Unique Eco-Friendly Gift for Your Loved One Today

Eco-friendly gifts are both unique and exclusive and can also save you a lot of money while still helping you preserve the environment. By getting your loved one a gift that helps reduce the level of carbon in the environment, you are also encouraging them to develop more eco-friendly habits and preferences.

Consider the list of eco-friendly gift ideas outlined above to get a little inspiration on gifts that can make your loved ones pleased while contributing to a healthier environment.

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