How to Make the World a Healthier Place to Live?

Let’s go green, today many countries in the world are getting a better understanding of the ecosystem. The way in which the world is suffering, and our need to change it is something we are all coming together and trying to improve. We all share one planet so pulling together and the improvements made is a mutual decision.

It does not matter which country you are in, each country has its problems, some more apparent than others, some are easily solved. The point is by pulling together and recognizing the problems in our own countries and the best ways to help, sharing experiences and ways to fix these issues. We can help each other.

Some inventions help us to be sustainable while helping the environment. For example, many countries that are sunny will use solar panels, windy places will have more use for wind turbines, places that have water difficulties, will find ways around not wasting it.


Why use solar panels?

People will assume understanding solar panels can be complicated, realistically, it means that the panels installed are using the sunlight to make electricity. The panels are normally installed onto rooftops using a professional. The panels create something called an array that supplies solar electricity to power electrical equipment.

The amount of electrical equipment in the home is growing rapidly every year, technology is in everyone’s household in one way or another. How many of those appliances do you possibly need or use? How many are left on standby for long periods of time, without being switched off?

The truth is the children in our today’s society are technology mad, which leads to one thing more electrical equipment for your home. The more electrical equipment/appliances that you own, the more expensive your monthly bill will be.

Lights are one more thing that as a society, most people do not think about. How many of your children will walk out of a room without turning off the light? Do you do this? Sometimes we are all guilty of these things, the problem is, it is not just a waste of money but a waste of energy as well.

The positives of solar panels

There are many positives to using solar panels, saving money will be the one you can physically see! Seeing your bills go down over time, or getting rewarded for having solar panels installed will show in quite a quick way.

Installing solar panels will cost money to start with, however, this is recuperated very quickly. Using your power at the right times in the home, while being joined to the grid will give you credits. Some people chose to sell these back to the electric supplier other people chose to not have any bills. Whatever way you choose you will see the money saved.

When owning farmland or outbuildings, sheds look into installing these with solar panels too. Always think about the bigger picture when having these installed. If you live in a hot country and have land that you farm or host people in your home, having savings on your electricity is one of the best ways to save on your spending.

Living a greener life

Living a better healthier way of life is what many people want to strive to achieve, the population is growing, so is unfortunately the amount of waste people dump on the planet. Things that maybe 50 years ago were not noticeable are sticking out drastically now. The way in which waste can be dealt with really can start in your home.


Looking around your home, how many items do you have that are unused? It does not have to be electrical, it can be anything. Collecting all unwanted items from your home and donating them to a charity is a fantastic way of decluttering the home and possibly helping someone in great need.

Doing our bit for the planet can start with things like picking up the litter that you see on the road. Or going to a food bank or homeless shelter with the extra food you have had sitting in the pantry for the last 6 months that will at some point end up in the bin. Donating will help someone who needs it, and give you a small glimmer of pride that the good deed you did may have stopped a family from being hungry that evening.

Recycling plastics and reusable rubbish is also helpful, keep a separate pile where these items can be placed. Avoid taking plastic bags to place shopping in, replace these with material bags, not only do they look pretty, but they also tend to hold much more. Some of the money used to purchase these bags will donate to charity.

Getting the children involved becoming green

So you are wanting a more sustainable green life, how exactly do you get the children involved? Simply make them be a part of what you are trying to achieve. Hands on is normally a successful way of getting children to help, routine and structure and maybe including, a little reward. Yes rewarding your child for doing the right thing. This may be seen to be a little sneaky however you are not going to be giving them a new toy to add to the waste problem.

Encourage children to switch off game consoles, mobile phone chargers, and lights. When going to the toilet have a rainwater bucket so if you or your child has a wee or urinate then instead of flushing simply tip a little water to get rid of the waste. This will save gallons of water.

Dinner time waste can be an issue in some households, as parents sometimes this guilt should fall at our doors. Are you a parent that is guilty of piling your child’s plate up full of food knowing full well it will not get eaten? Instead of doing this give smaller portions, they can always ask for more if it is needed, turn the leftovers into dinner for another day.

Going green and managing a more sustainable way of life, should include your whole family. If you and your partner are paying out for ways to improve the function of your home then, whoever lives in it should help out too. A joint effort is always going to be a good effort and the more you pull together the better the results your family will see.


Going green or moving in the direction to improve the home life you have does not always have to be for financial gain. The rewards in doing the right thing for your children or grandchildren’s generation should be a reward in itself. Making the world a healthier place to live in, is becoming more popular now but it should not be a passing phase that society gets bored with.

Helping each other by sharing tips online or showing things you have gained, living a better life should be something you should be proud of. It’s time the world pulled together and helped each other no matter which country you are from, everyone has something to learn, and equally, everyone can teach someone something they did not know.

Our planet is valuable and we should treasure it, doing the utmost as possible to help and nurture our children so this becomes their lifestyle as a natural progression. Encouraging recycling, saving fuel, and wildlife positively pushing for self sustainability should be something to aim for!

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