How To Enjoy Luxurious Living Without Harming The Environment

They say that money cannot buy everything. However, it can buy quite a lot. It is suggested that all wealth is vanity; however, there is so much to admire about the lifestyle of the world’s billionaires and millionaires. From flying across the globe in expensive private jets, driving swanky cars, owning mansions all over the world, dining at the most luxurious hotels to wearing the finest fabric; the rich people’s lifestyle is simply glamorous. It is the dream of many to afford that kind of lifestyle. Here is an interesting fact: According to economic research, the eight richest individuals in … Continue reading

Eco-friendly Ways of Traveling

From plastic waste to carbon emissions, travel isn’t the most environmentally friendly activity. However, the benefits of venturing far from home to experience other cultures are priceless. Many millennials see travel as necessary. Fortunately, there are ways you can make your trips more eco-friendly! BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) Coffee cups, water bottles, utensils, take-out containers, napkins, and so much more can be brought in your personal item and used throughout your trip. By replacing single-use items with reusable ones, you drastically cut down on the waste you produce while traveling. Also, be sure to bring a reusable grocery bag … Continue reading

5 Ways You Can Get Comfortable While Eco-Camping

Do you love the great outdoors? If you do, eco-camping is a great way to connect with Mother Nature. For you to enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and textures of the outdoors, you need to camp comfortably. There are tips, tricks and even accessories which you can use to this effect. They help you to cook, relax and sleep comfortably. Here are 5 ways that you can get supremely comfortable while Eco-Camping. Establish a great camping ground The first step to enjoying a comfortable camping experience is to create a superb foundation. Begin by arriving during the daytime. This allows you … Continue reading

التنزه والبيئة

يحب الشباب الخروج من البيت والاستمتاع بوقتهم. وفي نفس الوقت هناك الكثير من المحاضرات البيئية التي تحدث. ومن احدى مشاكل الجمعيات هو قلة الحضور وضعف المتطوعين. من هنا أتت لي فكرة دمج التنزه مع التوعية البيئية. فبدل عن دعوة الشباب الى حضور الجلسات وهم في الوقت عينه يريدون الترفيه بعد الدراسة او العمل، دعونا نمزج الاثنين. وذلك يكون عبر النشاطات البرية والمائية. مثلا المشاركة او التحضير للمشي في الطبيعة وخلالها نقوم بالتكلم عن أهمية التنوع البيولوجي الذي يحيط بنا والحفاظ عليه. وننبه الى أهمية عدم الدوس على النباتات البرية لان ذلك يؤثر على الدورة الايكولوجية في المنطقة. ويمكننا هنا دمج … Continue reading

Guide to Green Camping in Bahrain

Camping is not only an outing and enjoyment but it also serve as a learning method of how to live close to the nature. Once we are enjoying the camping, we often forget and disregard the environment and mistreat it with our careless behavior. The Bahrain authorities, like previous years, have devised plans and programs and are creating awareness among the campers on safety and environmental concerns through media, notices, bill boards and banners. As per the rules, the campers are required to camp at least 150 meters away from any oil and gas fields and more than 50 meters … Continue reading

Dubai’s Journey Towards a Sustainable City

Only a decade ago, Dubai was considered one of the world’s worst polluters. The ecological footprint of this single city was huge, however, by 2050 it could be a sustainable city with the smallest ecological footprint of any city in the world. Why Sustainability Matters Over the last couple of decades, the need for a renewed focus on our global commitment has become obvious. We have started to see an unusually high rate of extreme weather events across the globe, events which many scientists are attributing to global warming. Time is running out to take decisive action on climate change. … Continue reading

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