Why Laminate Flooring is the Perfect Option for Your Office?

The task of choosing an office flooring needs utmost care. You have to pick the one which is durable and perfect according to the interiors of your office. The options are plenty. Choosing one among them is not easy. The task of choosing a suitable flooring for your office is a once in a blue moon task. Owing to this reason, you might not know the exact factors which you should consider while selecting the one. We will make it easy for you. Laminate flooring scores in all aspects. It is one of the best office flooring options. There are many benefits of laminate flooring which most of the other flooring options do not possess.

We will highlight a few reasons why laminate flooring is the perfect option for your office.

1. Affordable

When you’re looking for a flooring option for your office, you would, of course, need an affordable one. Options like marble are often pretty expensive. Moreover, you need the one which is suitable according to the interiors of your office. Laminate fits in the requirement entirely.

When you compare the cost of laminate flooring with other flooring options, you will realize that it is not only long-lasting, but it is also pretty affordable. As a result, you will be able to install it and forget it. You will not be forced to think about a new flooring option at least for a decade.

2. Durable

Laminate flooring is highly durable as compared to other options. It can handle stains, scratches, dents and even fading. Most of the laminate flooring option consists of aluminum oxide top coating. As a result, the flooring retains its look over a more extended period.

You will not have to opt for any maintenance or polishing once you install it, you will not need to devote any more time to the laminate flooring. As a result, it is not only durable but also cost-effective in the longer term. The advantage of laminate flooring is that even when you shift workspace or desk in your office, it can handle the scratches without any problem. The additional layer ensures that the tile below is not impacted at all. Thus, when you’re looking for a flooring option for heavy duty of office usage, it is one of the perfect choices.

3. Aesthetically pleasing

It is essential to choose a flooring option which matches the decor of your office. Laminate comes in a wide variety of options. It is printed using a high definition printer. You can opt for different designs as per your requirement. The color options available are plenty. You can even choose the textured look. Thus, every design aspect which you might need in laminate flooring is available.

The advantage is that with the help of HD printer, you can print intricate designs on the laminate flooring. Thus, there is no shortage of tile designs when it comes to laminate flooring. You can make different types of office floorings with the help of laminate flooring.

Some of the options include:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Tile flooring

The construction will be of laminate flooring, but the look will be of the mimicked flooring. As a result, with the help of laminate flooring, you will be able to get the aesthetically pleasing designs which you require. Thus, it is much more versatile as compared to any other type of flooring option.

4. Ease of installation

Most of the laminate flooring options these days comes with the proper locking mechanism. The advantage of the locking mechanism is that it is easy to install. In many of the cases, you will find contractors who can fix it at affordable rates.

Typically, the contractors charge you on a per square foot basis for installation. Thus, even a small saving per square foot can result in a significant amount of saving for your office. Most of the offices have a vast area. Thus, when you look at it on a net basis, you will be able to save a significant amount of money.

Moreover, since the installation is hassle-free, it will be done quicker. As a result, your office will be ready soon enough. You will not have to interrupt the work in your office for an extended period. You can get it installed in a shorter period which will allow you to resume work with minimal disruption.

5. Eco-friendly

Most of the businesses and offices these days opt for eco-friendly resources. When you’re searching for flooring option, you might think that there are no eco-friendly alternatives. However, this is not true. Laminate flooring is eco-friendly as compared to the other options.

You need to understand that the maintenance of laminate flooring is on the lower side. Also, the cleaning mechanism is simple to follow. You will not have to use harsh chemicals for the polishing. Thus, the harmful resources used to maintain your laminate flooring is on the lower side.

The laminate flooring reduces the carbon footprint of your office. You can even clean it with the help of vinegar and water solution. You will not have to opt for a chemical-based cleansing agent. Thus, over a more extended period, you can reduce the use of harmful chemicals to maintain your flooring.

6. Less Maintenance

The office is a high traffic area. When you select office flooring, it is essential to choose one which requires less maintenance. Laminate flooring fits the requirement perfectly. You can either opt for vacuuming it or sweeping it. The choice is entirely yours.

In case, it suffers from any stains; you can use a damp mop to remove the stain. You can also use a simple cleaning solution like mixing water and vinegar to clean the floor entirely. The amount of time required to maintain the laminate flooring is on the lower side. Moreover, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, you will be able to clean the entire office floor without any problem. Thus, you can save a significant amount of money by not having to hire extra cleaning staff.

7. Warranty

When it comes to office flooring, you need an option which is sturdy and which can last for an extended period. In case, there is any problem it would be a good idea to get it fixed through warranty. When you look at the warranty of laminate flooring, you will realize that it is minimum for one year.

You can also get an extended warranty since you will be buying the flooring option in bulk for your office. With proper warranty, you can protect your investment in laminate flooring. If there are any defects with the product, you can directly get them replaced. Thus, the amount of money which you spend on laminate flooring is entirely secure.

8. Usable as subflooring

Many times, when you want to opt for concrete flooring or vinyl flooring, it might not be compatible with your subfloor. If the sub-flooring is not suitable, you might have to opt for a different flooring option which goes well with your subfloor. If you want to opt for the same flooring nevertheless, you might have to get the subflooring redone. The renovation of the subfloor can be a pretty expensive proposition. When you multiply the extra cost with the entirety of the office, it can cost you thousands of dollars.

You have a simple solution in the form of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is so versatile that you can use it as a subfloor. It will allow you to create a sturdy subfloor on which, you can install your preferred flooring option. The cost of laminate flooring is so low that it will not increase your budget by a significant amount. Thus, you can get the exact flooring option which you prefer.

9. Hypoallergenic

Laminate flooring is hypoallergenic. It does not trap any dust or any other contaminants. Moreover, it is easy to clean which will allow you to eliminate the pathogens from your office. Also, it acts as a moisture barrier. The water will not seep into the subflooring. As laminate flooring can not absorb moisture, mold or any other bacteria does not grow in laminate flooring.

Since it does not support any organic matter, it is hypoallergenic. It does not harbor dust and contaminants which further reduces the probability of allergies. Irrespective of the allergies which you suffer from, you can easily install laminate flooring without any problem. Hundreds of individuals frequent the office. Thus, you have to go for laminate flooring which will help you avoid any indoor air quality issues. In the longer term, it can also help you avoid any liabilities arising out of infections at the workplace. It can minimize your liability and save you thousands of dollars in the longer run.

10. Variety of different styles

The versatility of the laminate flooring is its best feature. Irrespective of the decor of your office, you can find a suitable option. Most of the designs are available at affordable rate. You can visit https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk to check the different design options.

Not only, can it mimic any other type of flooring but when it comes to texture, style, and colors, it can maximize your flooring options. Some of the factors which can vary from one design to another include:

  • Finishing: With the help of different finishing options, you can easily mimic the decor of your office. The finishing of the laminate flooring can last for a lifetime.
  • Surface treatment: The surface treatment allows you to get a slip-resistant tile. It will help you move around the office quite quickly. If you are looking for a slip-resistant tile, pick one of the many textured options.
  • Thickness: The thicker the flooring, the more durable it will be. When you’re looking for a sustainable laminate flooring option, you can go for the one which is thicker.
  • Plank style: The style of the plank will determine the direction of the grain of the laminate flooring. You can go with the one which you like the most.
  • Colors: as we stated above, the upper surface of the laminate flooring is printed using HD printer. Thus, the color options can vary. There are numerous color and design options to compare.

When you compare the color and style options of laminate flooring, you will realize that it is the most versatile and innovative flooring option which you can get. It will allow you to pick the one precisely as per your requirement. You can go for the formal look or the semi-formal look or even the casual look. The choice is entirely yours.

11. Versatile

Not every office is the same. Some of them might consist of a work floor along with an office space whereas some others might consist of only the office space. In some cases, you might need a flooring option for the attached washroom in addition to the office space. There is no need to opt for different flooring options for every one of these spaces.

The laminate flooring will not only look good enough in your main office space but also on the work floor. You can opt for the slip-resistant variant which will allow you to minimize accidents on the work floor. Similarly, you can also use it in the washroom as well as the common area. The problem with opting different flooring options is that the cost can get out of hand. Moreover, you will need to change the installation procedure.

On the other hand, when you are opting for laminate flooring, you might have to change the design if required. The base flooring will remain the same. The installation cost will stay the same. The difference in the price of laminate flooring as per the design will be negligible. Thus, all the disadvantages of choosing different flooring options for different areas of your office are minimized. You need not deal with any of these problems when you choose laminate flooring for your office.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are not able to choose the flooring option which you should opt for your office, laminate flooring is the perfect solution. With the help of laminate flooring, you have to pick a single design, and you will be able to install the flooring in your entire office. Moreover, with low labor cost, you can save a lot of money. When you add to it the low cost of maintenance, over a while, you can easily save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The advantages of laminate flooring are numerous as compared to the other flooring options.

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