7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Zero Valent Iron Powder

Zero Valent Iron, also abbreviated as ZVI, is widely used for soil remediation and groundwater remediation. It is used as a reductant by degrading a variety contaminants found in the environment. A variety of other similar sites benefit from this powder’s characteristics, e.g. mine water drainage. This bulk reducing agent comes in various grades which influence the method of injection into any site. These methods of injection include:

  1. Direct Push Injection Method
  2. Hydraulic Fracturing and Injection
  3. Pneumatic Fracturing and Injection
  4. Injection Wells

The above injection methods all come with various advantages and disadvantages, both dependent on the ZVI particle size chosen and the site properties. For more details on these methods, you can visit http://hepure.com/product-list/ferox-zero-valent-iron-powders/ and learn more about Zero Valent Iron.

benefits of zero valent iron

Let us now look at reasons why you should add Zero Valent Iron Powder to your shopping cart.

1. Zero Valent Iron is Durable

When out shopping for an agent that converts contaminants to non-toxic matter, you want something that will last long. It’s made of the best prevention chemicals that keeps it on the right state for a long time. ZVI has that characteristic and it guarantees longevity of between 3-15 years. This time frame is dependent on the:

  • Zero Valent Iron Grade

The finer the powder particles are, the more reactive it is with the contaminants and the faster its ability to come into contact with the contaminants. The more coarse the particles, the longer it will take to react and also the longer its presence on your site.

  • Contaminated Site conditions

Every site comes with different characteristics as discussed below. The intensity with which your site is contaminated will determine the amount applied which in effect will affect the length it lasts on site.

soil remediation

2. Multiple Grades

This characteristic is ideal because every site has different requirements. These requirements vary due to a difference in geological settings which come with different contaminant profiles. One of the things that highly influence ZVI’s reactivity is grade particles.

This will help people is choosing the best grade depending on their income and purchasing power. Having a site inspection before purchasing ZVI is ideal because that will help determine the grade required for your site. It will also help in determining the length that ZVI will serve you.

3. Zero Valent Iron is Safe

This means that it does not cause more harm to your site by either introducing more harmful chemicals or reacting with your site’s soil. It only reacts with harmful contaminants leaving your site to perform as you desire.

Daughter products DCE and VC are harmful products which are produced during remediation processes but when you choose Zero Valent Iron, their production is minimized. It said to be safe for use for all the ages. It does not have serious side effects on the user.

4. Injection in Hard to Reach Surfaces

ZVI’s characteristics of coming in varying size particles is a gift that keeps on giving because it enables injection in hard to reach places. These size options have also encouraged the advances in injection methods. These methods make it efficient for any consumer regardless of their geological location or site contamination to find a method that best works for them.

5. Cost Effective

Its longevity characteristic goes a long way in saving the ZVI user the agony of replenishing fast depleting stock. When the ZVI powder is well paired with your site requirements, you are in a position to better plan on usage and purchase requirements.

6. Degrades a Vast Number of Contaminants

Not only does this contaminant come highly praised in longevity, it also reacts will a large number of contaminants. Most of these, if not all, can be found in one site hence reducing the need for purchasing another type of reductant. Some of these contaminants include:

  • Phenol
  • Dyes
  • Nitrate
  • Heavy metals
  • Arsenic
  • Nitroaromatic compounds
  • Chlorinated organic compounds

7. Various types within the ZVI family

There are several types of Zero Valent Iron which all come with a variety of advantages for any ideal consumer. These types include:

(1) Ferox Flow ZeroValent Iron Powder

  • It is the most flexible in the ZVI family and can work on any site
  • It is 95% pure ZVI and has no residual oils
  • It is very cost-effective
  • It provides a long term treatment solution due to its direct placement characteristic

(2) Ferox PRB ZeroValent Iron Powder

  • Is mainly designed for groundwater and soil remediation
  • It is free of rust and dust
  • It is ideal for effective long time reactivity life
  • It is cost effective
  • It can be combined with Ferox flow in cases of sites with high concentration and still maintain its longevity characteristic

(3) Ferox Target ZeroValent Iron Powder

  • Provides high reactivity but a shorter treatment life
  • Reacts abiotically with contaminants. This helps in bypassing harmful daughter products (DCE and vinyl chloride)
  • It is 95% pure ZVI and has no residual oils
  • It can also be combined with Ferox flow for the purpose of providing additional reactivity and longevity

(4) Ferox Plus Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (Ezvi)

  • It has vast experience in ground water and soil remediation
  • It is used to dehalogenate hydrocarbons such as VC, CFC, PCE and TCE
  • It is easy to inject
  • It arrives at the site in its ready to use form
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Cost efficient for sites within which chlorinated solvents have been identified
  • Consists of nano/micro scale ZVI
  • Ferox Plus bridges the chlorinated DNAPL remediation limitations on expenses and poor available technology

Final Remarks

Is your site in dire need of chemical reduction? Then ZVI is definitely the choice product for you. Having gone through all the above advantages of ZVI, you are guaranteed quality results when you purchase this oxidant. Its safety characteristic guarantees a restoration of your soil instead of causing more damage. The guaranteed longevity period comes well proven leaving you the choice as to which grade will suit you best.

With increasing technology and the variety that comes with this ZVI iron reductant, you are guaranteed to find a cost effective product that works for you. The various types within the Zero Valent Iron work together in cases of limitations, with ZVI you are guaranteed quality for your money.

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