About George Cole

George Cole works for British waste and recycling specialists Eunomia Research & Consulting. His current work focuses on waste avoidance measures, environmental economics and evaluating ecosystem services. George holds a Master’s degree in Earth System Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, which have led to his involvement in developing unique technological solutions to environmental issues.

The Menace of Marine Litter

Marine litter, long a neglected topic, has started to garner some attention. Marine litter is composed of a diverse mix of items from various sources and so a one-size fits all solution is unlikely to be effective. Abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear (ALDFG), shipping wastes, plastic packaging (bottles, caps, bags, etc.) and plastic manufacturing pellets are amongst the most common and persistent items found. Comparing the feasibility and the financial case for recovery versus prevention for each of these groups reveals a worrying gap in our attempts to deal with the problem. Scale of the Problem Abandoned, lost and discarded fishing … Continue reading