9 Tools You Need to Thrive on Your Exams

According to studies, roughly 16-20% of students experience high levels of exam anxiety. Another 18% have it on a moderate level. But the truth is, whether it’s moderate or high, it still interferes with your ability to do your best during the test.

The good news for all students is that there are many practices that help ease the stress before a test day. Moreover, if you complement these stress-management practices with the right tools, you will be able to nail any exam like a pro. In this guide, we will give you a list of essential exam prep tools (both digital and others) that will help you ensure success!

Digital Exam Prep Tools for Students

Digital Exam Prep Tools

1. WritePaper

The first and primary issue with exams is that there never seems to be enough time to prepare for them. When you are in college, you are challenged with dozens of papers, projects, and other academic assignments with tight deadlines. And even with a big test ahead, you won’t be freed from other tasks. Luckily, all it takes is to say, “please, write my paper for me,” and experts from WritePaper will come to your rescue. This tool is a reliable academic help platform that will help you keep up with your current tasks and also get more time to get ready for an exam.

2. HippoCampus

The next app on our list is also meant to make the most out of your study days. It features a broad collection of multimedia resources on levels from middle school to college and for a variety of subject matters. HippoCampus specializes in visual learning materials like animations, videos, simulations, etc. If you are more of a visual learner, it will definitely help you train your memory and retain the studied information better.

3. MarinaraTimer

This app is basically a timer designed for more effective time management. MarinaraTimer utilizes the well-known Pomodoro Technique to help students be more productive during their study sessions. Using this app, you will add more structure to your test prep routine and, thus, will be able to process and retain more information in less time. It will help you organize your sessions into short 25-minute work periods divided by 5-15-minute breaks for rest. Just give it a try, and you’ll see how helpful it can be!

4. MyStudyLife

Many students get worse exam anxiety and attain poorer results due to a single reason – they are not organized enough and tend to procrastinate. If that sounds like you, our next suggestion is something you should try! MyStudyLife is one of the best planners for college students. It helps you keep better track of your assignments, deadlines, test dates, and other important things. With its help, you can make a plan for everything you do, including exam prep, and do it more effectively than ever.

5. Evernote

Finally, the last digital tool every student needs to thrive on tests is EverNote. This famous app makes note-taking a piece of cake. Using it, you will be able to take more effective notes during your classes, organize them based on a subject, and access them whenever you need. As a result, you will have plenty of good notes and study materials to get ready for important exams.

Other Handy Exam Prep Tools

While a professional paper writing service, Evernote, and other digital tools from the list above will definitely help you get ready for and nail any test, there are also other tools that might come in handy.

Namely, here is what we recommend keeping at hand:

6. Study Guides

The study guides provided by your professors are the best for getting ready for an upcoming test. Such guides can help you focus your study efforts and make sure you understand all the key concepts. However, even if your professor didn’t supply you with a guide, you can find one online and use it to your benefit too.

how to write like a pro

7. Practice Tests

After you take enough time to study the main concepts and facts, it’s never a bad idea to put yourself to the test. Taking practice tests will help you get an idea of what to expect on the actual exam and identify areas where you need to improve. Besides, such a practice will help you reduce anxiety.

8. Highlighters

When studying for an exam, be sure to keep a few highlighters at hand too. Using them, you can highlight the most important information right in your textbooks and notes to make it easier to review and retain.


9. Good Sleep and Nutritious Eating

Although these two points aren’t exactly tools, they are crucial for thriving on any text. Scientists confirm that poor sleep and eating habits have a devastating effect on your mental health, energy levels, stress, and even brain. Thus, when you don’t get enough sleep or don’t fuel your body with nutritious food, there is no way you can do your best academically. So make sure you sleep well and provide your body and brain with healthy food to succeed and keep your energy levels up during exam time.

The Bottom Line

Exams always sound like something terrifying to students. Nevertheless, they aren’t so scary if you have all the right to prepare for them well.

From bags of highlighters to a good night’s sleep – all methods are worth it if they help you concentrate, feel confident, and succeed. So use this article as your checklist to thrive on your exams!

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