Practical Ways to Repurpose Your Mattress

With the increased focus on going green to help save the planet, more people are looking for mattress recycling options, and while recycling your mattress is an excellent idea, why not consider repurposing your mattress instead? Repurposing your mattress is another way to save it from the landfill and, if you use one of these practical ways to repurpose it, you’ll have a new item to enjoy in your home as well.

ways to recycle your mattress

Make a Comfortable Pet Bed

Turning your old memory foam mattress into a comfortable pet bed is a great way to get more use out of your mattress for its intended purpose. After all, your pet deserves to have a comfortable place to lie down and commercial pet beds, especially those made out of memory foam, can be very expensive. Trim your mattress down to an appropriate size for your pet and add a washable cover. Your furry four-legged friend will thank you!

Create a Patio Table

Strip your inner-spring mattress down to its springs, paint them with rust-free spray paint, and add a base made out of wood or metal to create a funky patio table. You can leave the springs exposed to have instant cup holders or you can cover them with a sheet of plexiglass to have a smooth tabletop surface while still being able to see the innersprings. You can even cut the springs down to different sizes and shapes to create even more whimsical outdoor tables.

Create a Vertical Garden

Converting your innerspring mattress springs into a vertical garden makes use of space that would normally not be used. Strip the fabric away from the springs and set the springs up on their side against a wall. Place pots or other types of containers in each spring, fill them with soil, and plant your herbs, flowers, or small vegetables. This is an idea that will work both inside and outside your home, but if you do it inside, make sure you also have a drainage system for water.


Make Stuffing for Pillows

A memory foam mattress is made of the perfect material for pillows and other soft items like stuffed animals, cushions, and unique art projects. Shred the memory foam mattress into small pieces and put them into zippered pillow cases to create pillows or seat cushions. If you know any sports fans who have to sit on those hard bleachers to watch games, a gift of a lightweight padded cushion they can easily bring with them will be much appreciated.

Check marketplaces like Craigslist or Etsy for people or companies who might need your shredded-up memory foam mattress for their craft or work projects. Many people make stuffed animals or other items that need a lightweight stuffing material. You can also donate it to school art programs to give students more material to create with.


Recycling your mattress is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to keep your old mattress out of the landfill. But it certainly isn’t the only option. Try one of these mattress repurposing ideas or come up with one of your own for a comfortable pet bed, a unique furniture piece, a space-saving garden, or a versatile craft material.

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