Different Wardrobe Designs for Bedrooms

Wardrobes in bedrooms are excellent places to store your clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and other valuables. There are many types of wardrobes available, each designed to meet the specific needs of their owners. To achieve the perfect combination of aesthetics and utility, it is essential to consider your unique needs and the existing interior design of your bedroom. Some wardrobes offer easy access, and adequate storage space, while some offer the best of both worlds. First, let’s look at the different types of bedroom wardrobes.

different types of bedroom wardrobes

Wardrobe with drawers and a bookshelf

To optimise your master’s bedroom space, a fitted wardrobe with open storage feature such as bookshelves is worth considering. This design offers the functionality of a bookshelf, where you can place other items such as books, decors, and accessories. In addition, you can customise and use colours that complement the existing design scheme of your master bedroom.

Sliding door wardrobe

If you have a bedroom with limited space, a sliding door wardrobe is a better option than a swing-door style wardrobe. Sliding doors are outfitted with various mechanisms, including overlapping door mechanisms, in-line door mechanisms, etc. In addition, you can customise the door with a variety of colours and finishes, including laminates, tinted mirrors, veneers, acrylic, lacquered glass, frosted glass, and many more.

Wardrobe with a dresser and shoebox features

A wardrobe with a dresser and shoebox is an excellent solution for people leading busy and hectic schedules. A simple cabinet with swing doors and open shoebox and dresser units will allow you to access everything you need quickly. You can further customise by adding organisers that will allow you to organise clothes and accessories based on your preferences.

Glass and aluminium shutter wardrobe

To add a touch of luxury to your master’s bedroom, you should consider a wardrobe with tinted glass and wooden accents. You can also add LED light strips inside the closet for easy access. Depending on your budget, you can add wooden accents made from laminate or veneers. If you’re looking for a unique design, you can choose a bedroom wardrobe with a soft-gold tone framing or a colour that blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Wardrobe with dressing table

A bedroom wardrobe with a dressing table attachment has been a hot trend. You can install the wardrobe in a corner for space optimisation. A dresser also enhances efficiency since you can prepare, from outfit selection to doing your makeup, in just one space.

Classic mirror bedroom wardrobe

A mirror for a bedroom wardrobe door gives an antique look to your bedroom. Additionally, a mirror also creates the illusion of a bigger space in small bedrooms.

Final thoughts

Bedroom wardrobes combine functionality and aesthetics. Whether you opt for fitted wardrobes, freestanding, or a traditional style wardrobe, it is recommended to choose one that perfectly matches your style, storage needs, and budget. Choose a company that specialises in customised wardrobes. Being involved in the material selection and design process will ensure you get the right wardrobe for your needs.

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