Tips to Effectively Take Care of Your Backyard Trees

There is a lot of yard work that is required when you own and live in a house with a backyard. If you own trees or are even considering planting new ones, there are a few things that you need to know in order to effectively take care of backyard trees.


1. Watering Your Trees

According to the tree specialists at LemonCitrusTree, the most important aspect of caring for your trees is watering your trees. This is especially crucial for smaller, growing trees that have yet to fill out their plot. Watering in the early stages would vary, depending on the tree itself, the climate, and the soil. You will have to adjust how often you water your tree on a weekly or monthly basis. If you feel that you won’t be able to maintain watering your trees regularly, at least initially, you want to try and plant a tree that can withstand a drought that may not require as much water as other trees.

If you live in a colder climate or are going to be handling colder weather, you want to also ensure that you provide more water than usual, as it will take time for the roots to expand and establish themselves in such a cooler climate. Regardless, you want to be able to at least provide water for the first few months, and in colder conditions, you may want to be prepared to water your tree for around a year. After the tree has established itself, you won’t have to worry about watering it because it will be able to sustain itself.

2. Control Weeds And Grass

When planting new trees, one key factor that will help allow your tree to grow and expand freely is to control the root zone. You want to obviously tend and care for your yard, keeping weeds away, but also providing a space for your tree’s roots in terms of mulch in order to allow it to grow. The grass will compete with tree roots and if you are not careful especially in the early stages of growth, this will limit your tree’s potential and affect just how much room to grow it has.

3. Trimming And Pruning

You will have to monitor and manage your trees as they grow. This will vary depending on the stage of life the tree is in and how large they are. You will need to balance out the canopy with the root system, as well as prune or trim and dead or damaged wood. As trees grow and age, experts suggest that you might want to watch out for any wood that might cause problems in the future. This would include branches that look like it may cause rubbing or growth that intertwines within itself, as well as watching the trunk for codominant growth which would cause weakening in the future. If the trees themselves begin to expand and grow in undesirable ways, you may have to consider tree removal.

4. Yard Care

Trees are part of nature, and of course, it isn’t surprising to find some critters in and around your backyard. If you are concerned about pests and rodents, especially with young and growing trees, you can wrap your trees to try and minimize or prevent the problem. Practicing good cleaning and maintenance habits around your trees in your yard is a good way to prevent such issues from being too problematic. Raking your leaves regularly prevents damage to the surrounding area and makes it difficult to absorb nutrients from the sun and water. It can also cause flooding and be a breeding ground for mold and disease as well, so protect your trees, and the grass around it back keeping it well maintained.

5. Fertilizer And Compost

You can help your trees grow in several ways. When your tree is still young, adding different nutrients in the form of compost and fertilizer can help the soil be rich for your tree to grow healthy. It is good practice for anyone that maintains a garden to incorporate these additions as well, as it is beneficial for the local and surrounding flora and shrubbery. As the tree grows, it will require less fertilizer, as it becomes more self-sufficient but those early stages can truly benefit from a little extra care and attention.


By putting in the proper care and attention, you will ensure your backyard trees, and your backyard continues to flourish. As your trees grow, you will want to continue to give them the proper maintenance, consistently trimming and pruning their leaves and branches to ensure that they do not outgrow your yard.

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  2. Лариса says:

    Mulch is a great way to protect your trees from stress, while adding curb appeal to overall property. Mulching should not be done haphazardly however – improper mulching can damage your trees roots and lead to more harm than good.

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