8 Signs That You’ll Need A Humidifier At Home

Weather is an important factor in determining our health and the quality of our daily lives. While this might sound quite obvious to some people, if you’re well traveled, then you must be knowing how a slight change in the weather patterns can affect not only the body and but also the immediate surroundings. After all, there must be a reason as to why human beings live in houses while other animals are out there, right? So what happens if your home becomes too dry as well? You will need a humidifier. But before that, you have to recognize the tell-signs like the ones below.


1. You are constantly experiencing static shocks

This might sound a little scary, but static shocks do happen. Well, it should be on rare occasions. So if you realize that you’ve been experiencing this from literally anything you touch these days, then chances are that the air within your home is too dry. This is because dry air is considered an insulator. Therefore, making it easy for them to attack.

2. You have been battling with cold-like symptoms for a while

If you have been using your handkerchief pretty often in the recent days, that too out of normal season and prolonged, then chances are that you’re exhibiting signs of low humidity. You see, prolonged exposure to overly dry air dries out your mucous membranes, thus exposing you all sorts of allergens.

3. Your skin is cracked up no matter the amount of oil you apply

The discomfort caused by dry itchy skin is awfully discomforting. When the air within your home is dry, it sucks up all the moist from your epidermis. You realize that no matter how much oil you apply to tour skin, it will still go back to its former state because the surrounding isn’t habitable. It even gets worse if you have been suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and acne. If not addressed on time, this can make you look older than you really are.

4. You see cracks on your wooden furniture and floor

If you thought that your seats, walls, and floors don’t need moisture to maintain their good appearance, then you’re so mistaken. Those unnecessary splits on the furniture whenever you move them around or the creaking sounds your floor makes when you walking, could mean many things but your number one suspicion should be insufficient moisture.

5. You’re turning that furnace on more times than before

While it’s okay to need an extra source of warmth during cold seasons such as winter, it should worry if you still have the urge to use it even after that. This is because, as much as its warm nature is used to combat the cold one, it also sucks up the useful moist from the surroundings in the process. So if you want to maintain the excellent condition of your space, then its advisable to invest in a good humidifier to counter these effects. There are various buying guidelines online to help you make a perfect choice.

6. You notice withering effects on your indoor plants

Indoor plants are good for purifying the air. But like their outdoor counterparts, they also require good conditions to blossom. And since most of them are tropical, they grow well in warm humid temperatures. So if you start seeing them dying out, then it could mean the conditions are no longer favorable. Therefore, if everything else seems fine, then the issue could be low humidity.

7. Your hygrometer reading nears zero

If you want to monitor the humidity of your home, then you must have invested in a hygrometer. This is vital if you have small children to know how to dress them well. So if you wake up one morning and notice its standing at zero. Then your worst fears have been confirmed. You don’t have to wait for another wake-up call to order a humidifier.

8. You are constantly unwell

Having a pet means that you have the responsibility to look out for its general well being. So if out of nowhere they start experiencing unending sneezing, wheezing and skin problems, then you should try to find out the humidity level of your home. This is because just like humans, they too react to dry air and require attention.

Final Words

From the above points, it’s clear that both plants and animals require moisture for survival. And since a standard home is a haven for all, you should always aspire to make it conducive for all. One way to achieve that is by knowing when you need a humidifier and purchase it to avoid unnecessary complications that could drain you financially.

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