5 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

The year’s coldest and bitterest season can have us scrambling for room heater, extra jumpers, blankets and coats even within the comfort of our own homes. But it certainly doesn’t have to be the case. By making a number of incredibly simple changes, you can quickly replace the chill enveloping your home during the winter season with a welcomingly warm glow.

1. Eliminate draughts

A warm home isn’t just the result of an excellent source of heat; it is also contingent on its ability to retain heat. This is where insulation comes in. To prevent heat escaping, vulnerable areas like windows and doors need to be shored up.

draught proofing your home

Thankfully, these draughts can be eliminated inexpensively. You can buy a draught excluder for a few pounds; or, depending on your aptitude for DIY, you can even make one on your own – all from materials you more than likely have lying around the house.

2. Effective heating with domestic hot water circulators

Installing a circulating pump is a wise investment for a number of reasons. Not only will it provide your home with an instant supply of hot water, it will also more efficiently heat and distribute water around your home than a conventional boiler.

Central heating pumps from Pump Sales Direct are equipped with electric controlled wet rotor pumps, which allow the pump to intelligently adapt to your system’s changing demands to maintain maximum efficiency at all times.

3. Curtain call

A heat-saving change that won’t cost you a penny, opening and closing your curtains in tandem with the sun’s appearance is something you can’t afford not to take advantage of. It is important to use as much of the natural heat energy provided by the sun as possible and opening your curtains during daylight hours is an important heat-saving solution.

Keeping your curtains closed after the sun has gone in is equally important. The thicker your curtains, the more heat will be saved.

4. Stop heat escaping through chimney

Easily overlooked, chimneys can be a significant source of heat loss within the home. They can however, just as easily be closed over. Chimney balloons, relatively inexpensive at around £20, can be placed within the chimney hole, out of sight, and inflated until they occupy enough space to shut out incoming cold air and trap escaping heat.

5. Retain heat from your radiators

Usually reserved for wrapping up your lunch, tin foil can also be used as a heat-saving device. Positioned behind radiators, aluminium foil will reflect heat back into the room instead of allowing it to escape through walls.

ground source heat pump

The tin foil you’d find in your kitchen cupboards will make a difference, but if you want to see a more pronounced impact, you’ll have to shell out for specially designed foil. Still, at under £10, it represents excellent value for money.

Final Words

As you’ve hopefully learnt, keeping your home warm doesn’t require a gargantuan effort; it just requires some minor, easy-to-make changes. More effectively and efficiently heating your home also has a monetary benefit. If just having a warmer home wasn’t reason enough to make some changes, the added financial incentive should be more than enough of a motivator.

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