Eco-Friendly Ways of Fixing Damaged Roof

If you run a small business, saving on your energy costs is among the best methods to keep the bottom line of your company as low as possible. Your roof is typically responsible for around 30% of the energy loss of your home or company. With time, this leads to an increase in your heating costs, energy bills, and the general comfort of your premises. New eco-friendly roofing elements can assist you to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home or business premises while protecting the building from the roofing elements. That will mean less downtime due to water damage and leak repairs and more savings for the business. If you are thinking of changing or fixing your damaged roof then check this article to speed up your fixing progress.

Here are some eco-friendly roofing options you can consider.

Use recyclable and recycled materials

The easiest method to reduce the footprint of your building and help prevent waste from accumulating in the landfills is to use some recycled roofing materials. Therefore, when you are looking for a replacement of your commercial roof, you can consider looking for roofing materials made from some old roofing scrap. Metal panels, clay tiles, and asphalt shingles are all excellent options and can be made from old roof materials.

Once you settle for this roofing option, you will get similar quality protection just like installing a new roof while keeping the usable materials from the landfill as well. If you can’t get recycled or reclaimed roofing materials that suit the needs of your business, look for some roofing elements that can be recycled when you are done with them. Wood shakes, rubber, shingles, and clay tiles can all be changed into new items when they are no longer fit for your roof.

Examine your insulation

Commercial roofing, such as residential roofs requires a good insulation layer to keep the outside temperatures from affecting the temperatures inside. If there isn’t enough insulation at the top level of your premise, the outdoor weather can leave the building feeling unbearably cold or unseasonably warm. Again, inadequate insulation can also put your structure at risk for water damage and leaks.

If you are considering replacing your roof, ensure that your insulation levels are examined. If the insulation is not enough in the attic space, then more can be inserted before your new roof gets installed. You will notice an instant improvement in the energy efficiency of your building, making your structure more eco-friendly in the long run.

Switch to metal roofing materials

One of the best eco-friendly roofing available is metal. Metal roofing is pretty durable, has low maintenance needs, and you can recycle them when you want to replace the entire system. According to statistics, the average metal roofing can last for approximately 60 years with routine maintenance and care, and you will spend less cash on roofing replacements and also contribute less waste to your landfill with time.

Moreover, you can paint the material in almost any color, which makes it easy to adjust to the property appearance regulations or building code of any area, and most of all, you will save a lot of money on roof repairs for the lifespan of your roof.

Prepare the roofing for solar panels

If you are thinking of making your business premises more eco-friendly, then you should consider solar panels. However, they can be challenging to install on your premises. When you are replacing a damaged roof or installing a new one, make the most of your new roofing materials and allow the roofing contractors to prepare the surface for the installation of the solar energy system.


With the right preparation, solar panels can be installed on almost all types of materials. Even if the old roofing materials of your building cannot support the panels’ weight, new plastic shingles or other eco-roofing materials will do the task. However, before you start working with your roofing company, ensure that you get an energy audit that will help you determine the number of panels your business will need. It’s possible that installing even a couple of solar panels will assist you in offsetting your energy costs every month.

Paint your roof white

Conventionally, commercial roofs are usually dark flat or black roofing systems. Whereas this is a great option for melting ice and snow in the winter, it can make your structure less energy efficient. The black roofing materials typically absorbs heat from the sun, and the heat radiates across the upper floors and the attic of your premises. The more heat that is absorbed, the more your air conditioning system will have to work to ensure your building is comfortable during summer and spring or throughout the year, depending on the location of your business.

Moreover, the accumulation of heat can typically cause the materials supporting your roof to warp. Rather than dealing with the nuisance of these issues, you should consider changing your roof into a pretty cool roof. For a commercial property, your roofing company will be able to utilize a protective white coating designed to effectively reflect the heat while serving as a protective wall against hail, water, snow, and many other natural hazards as well.

Select a company with relevant experience

The best eco-friendly roofing materials are the ones that typically last for a long time. When fixing a damaged roof or replacing it, the whole roof should be removed and also thrown away. That’s because trying to install some new roofing materials on the old one often leads to more damage and extensive repairs in the long run. If your roof is fixed poorly, it’s more likely that your building will require extensive roofing repairs or even a complete replacement earlier than it should. Every replacement or repair means more materials which will eventually increase the carbon footprint of your business.

Moreover, since most traditional roofing materials utilize chemicals during the manufacturing process, you might unintentionally contribute to damage to the local ecosystems and pollution. By working with an experienced roof waterproofing and leakage repair services, you will reduce any risks of installation errors and also premature repairs. That will save you lots of money and also keep more materials from going to the dump.

Most homeowners and businesses have to replace or repair their roof at some point. If you would like roofing materials that will outlast the conventional roofs and made from eco-friendly materials, you can consider the options outlined above. Most of them are typically immune to hail, snow, and ice. Green roofing materials are varied and many, ranging from recycled-metal roofs to recycled-plastic shingles or to reclaimed wood or sustainable harvested roofs or lindab guttering. The best roofing selection for your home or business depends on the structure of your local building codes, your home, and price considerations.

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    As a tiny low business owner, saving cash on your energy prices is one amongst the most effective ways that to stay your bottom line as low as possible. Believe it or not, your roof is accountable for concerning twenty five % of your business’s energy loss. Over time, this contributes to a rise in your energy bills, heating costs, and therefore the overall comfort of your building. So, if there was the simplest way to form your business roof additional eco-friendly, wouldn’t you would like to?
    Luckily, new eco-friendly roofing materials will facilitate to considerably improve your building’s energy potency whereas additionally protective the structure from the elements.
    That means additional savings for your business and fewer period of time because of leaks and water injury repairs.

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