Preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance: Why It Matters?

The lack of maintenance and cleaning in the air conditioner can cause a lot of problems. These can affect since the operation of the equipment and imply in a greater consumption of energy, and even favor the occurrence of health problems like migraines and irritation in the mucous membranes.

Preventive maintenance and proper AC cleaning helps reduce the emission of pollutants in the environment, decreases the energy consumption of the appliance, increasing its life.

environmental impact of air conditioner

Why Preventive AC Maintenance is Important?

In order to have a good functioning of the air conditioning system, it is important to carry out a regular air conditioner repair program. Preventive maintenance adjusts air conditioners as well as reducing the level of pollutants in an air-conditioned environment, while also increasing the life of equipment and reducing energy consumption.

Some maintenance can be carried out by the owner, such as cleaning the air filters, which are easy to remove and clean. This cleaning can be done by running water and neutral soap. To replace the filters in the same way in the air conditioner it is essential that this part is completely clean and dry.

When the air filter exhibits obstruction due to the presence of impurities, it causes the airflow of the product to decrease, i.e. it decreases the air outlet speed of the air conditioner. This obstruction results in a decrease in the performance of the appliance, in the reduction of energy efficiency, in the freezing of the heat exchanger and consequent reduction of the life of the air conditioner.

It is important to point out that most of the existing flaws in air conditioners are due to a lack of preventive maintenance.


It is recommended that a more complete preventive air conditioner maintenance be carried out annually to guarantee an increase in the useful life of the product and thus the permanence of the guarantee. During this maintenance, the removal of the equipment and the dismantling and cleaning of the internal and external parts (cleaning of the heat exchanger, trays, fans, and other internal parts) is of paramount importance.

Guide to Annual Preventive Maintenance

The annual preventive AC maintenance is also essential for the elimination of undesirable odors, preventing the propagation of fungi and bacteria, besides preventing the proliferation of other harmful microorganisms the health of users.

But what can you do to improve the quality of the air you breathe?

  • Always ask for the appliance manual, as it contains all the information on the installation and use of the appliance. Read it calmly and carefully.
  • The filter must be cleaned every 30 days at least, because when they are dirty, they do not let the air circulate freely, causing the appliance to malfunction, causing a greater effort of its mechanics, increasing the increase in energy consumption.
  • Keep doors and windows closed when using the air conditioner.
  • Avoid smoking in air-conditioned environments, since they will be closed, which is detrimental to your health and to people present on the premises.
  • Be aware of the thermostat. Do not let it run at maximum for too long, this will damage the unit.
  • To clean the filter, switch off the appliance, remove the filter and clean it with a vacuum cleaner or with soapy water. Let it dry and put it back in the machine. Do not scrub or twist to avoid damaging it.

These are some of the care needed to keep your air conditioner clean and in good working order.


For many obvious reasons, preventive AC maintenance is important. Scheduling regular checks and tracking minor problem solving will help users enjoy all the comfort offered by the air conditioner without worrying that it will fail.

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    It’s good to know from this article that preventative maintenance will be able to prolong the expected lifespan of an air conditioner and can also make it more energy-efficient. My partner and I were initially hesitant to get a window-type for our bedroom since we’re afraid that it might just cause our electric bill to increase. Still, since you said that it can be avoided through maintenance, it might be a good idea to proceed with the installation.

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    An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. Good article with an excellent way of presentation. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

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    It’s good to know from this article that preventative maintenance will be able to prolong the expected lifespan of an air conditioner and can also make it more energy-efficient. My partner and I were initially hesitant to get a window-type for our bedroom since we’re afraid that it might just cause our electric bill to increase. Still, since you said that it can be avoided through maintenance, it might be a good idea to proceed with the installation.

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    If an air conditioner is left to its job without regular check-ups, it will soon start to collect dust and other debris, which will interfere with airflow. When this happens, your AC will start losing its ability to keep you cool. Icing can form along the coils, preventing heat exchange. Malfunctions in the compressor or the motors that aren’t taken care of will also make it harder for the air conditioner to reach the temperature you want.

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