Should You Add Sustainability Skills on a Resume?

As a job seeker, you have many skills, accomplishments, and experiences to discuss in your resume. Sustainability and environmental skills are part of the category you can mention to increase your chances of recruitment. Apart from your degrees, employers also require your skills to determine your success rate at the workplace. Sustainability skills in your resume can give you the cutting edge you need to land the job.

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What Are Employers Looking For in a CV

Professionals with sustainability skills have a competitive advantage and are in a prime position to be recruited. These individuals can work in manufacturing facilities, retail stores, schools, government, hospitals, among other areas. Employers are looking for professional who are able to:

  • Develop and implement sustainable business practices
  • Understand the principles of energy production, consumption, and its impact on the environment.
  • Apply technology systems to support sustainable development in an organization
  • Promote sustainable strategies in the organization

Sustainability Skills are Always in High Demand

The financial incentive of implementing sustainable practices has made many fortune 500 companies adjust their policies. To achieve their business goals, companies require professionals with the right skills to take the challenges head-on. Employers require individuals who have these skills in their resume:

1. Communication and presentation skills

Employers want to see the instances that this particular skill was utilized. You can indicate whether you wrote public relations plans, spoke in front of multitudes of people, or listened to feedback.

2. Commercial awareness

It’s an essential skill, especially when showcasing research and analysis prowess. You can indicate your plans for sustainable goals, measure the campaign outcomes, and develop necessary metrics for analysis.

3. Organizational skills

Showcase instances whereby you organized meetings, solved issues, and implemented different campaigns.


4. Leadership and staff management

Mention instances that you were required to step up and what you did in those instances. Indicate when you shared sustainability knowledge, motivated your team, or evaluated suppliers.

5. Stakeholder management

You can indicate whether you oversaw budgets, the creation of timelines, or prioritized and oversaw different projects.

Creating presentations, displaying emotional intelligence, and creativity and innovation are valuable skills in today’s market. They are evidence that you will add value to the organization you will join.

Future of Sustainability Careers

For success in sustainability initiatives, professionals must be solely focused on the organization’s goals. The rate of employment of professionals looking for new careers in sustainability is ever-growing. Its increasingly becoming an essential bit of business strategy and operations.


Many companies have made serious commitments to align their mission, vision, and core values with some of these goals:

  • Energy-use reduction
  • Human rights and community development
  • Pollution prevention
  • Resource conservation
  • Transportation efficiency
  • Recycling
  • Waste elimination
  • Building design

What Jobs Require Sustainability Skills

Employers spend ample time reviewing the skills section of the CV. Here are some of the jobs that will require these skills:

  • Managing Director- Google Cloud Alliance
  • Strategic Planning Manager – Health and Sustainable Development
  • Consultant
  • Director
  • Product Development Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Project Manager
  • CEO – Digital Supply Chain


Sustainability skills are key in a CV. Highlighting the skills with valid experience of designing and developing sustainable improvements will make your CV stand out. Recruiters who value the sustainability of the organization will look for your expertise. This section will significantly improve your odds of getting hired. Demonstrating your interests in close proximity to the values of the organization will show the recruiters your capability.

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