4 Must-Have Eco-friendly Tools for Every Home and Office

We’re finally gaining awareness and are trying to make conscious decisions when it comes to purchasing and using eco-friendly products. There are plenty of eco-friendly tools that we can find out there, so being cautious about what you invest in is no longer a problem. You can now find many tools that are purely made out of materials that are not unhealthy for the environment. Here are some must-have environmentally-friendly tools for homes and offices:

1. Lawn Trimmer

Maintaining your garden and taking care of it is something to be admired, but if you’re using a lawn trimmer that uses a harmful blend of oil and gas then that’s just defeating the entire purpose of maintaining a garden in the first place.

Why use a harmful lawn trimmer that releases more pollutants into the air when you could be using an eco-friendly lawn trimmer that uses propane fuel? Not only are these green lawn trimmers are environmentally friendly, but they are also much easier to handle!

2. Green Chain Saw

Much like gas-powered lawn trimmer, there are plenty of chain saws that use the same harmful mixture and again release pollutants into the air; however, luckily there are much better alternatives to this.

Rechargeable chainsaws are now available; they are much easier to use than gas-powered chain saws and are not as loud and noisy. There are interchangeable nickel-cadmium batteries and an 18-volt lithium-ion battery chainsaws

Electric chain saws are another green alternative compared to gas-powered chainsaws; you can use them indoors without worrying about fumes. Similar to rechargeable chainsaws, electric chain saws too are easy to use, light in weight, and are not annoyingly loud.

3. Grabber Tools

Grabber tools are one of the most practical tools you can find in anyone’s house; nothing is out of your reach anymore, and you don’t need to move your heavy ladder from a place to another. However, grabber tools too can be harmful to the environment if they are made out of plastic. Which is why most of the best grabber tools are made out of non-harmful and eco-friendly materials.

They are excellent for picking up binders that are way out of reach in your office, or maybe a book that’s a little too far for you.

4. Green Printers

We heavily depend on paper in the academic and the business world; there have been trials in the past where business owners only depended on their e-notes instead of using papers, but that wasn’t really practical.

Eliminating the use of paper altogether is a bit unrealistic and inconvenient since there will there are many incidents where we will find ourselves needing to use paper, which is why there is a line of green printers that are known to be the best eco-friendly printers and have earned the ‘Energy Star’.

A Green Conscience

It is vital in this time of life to be fully aware of our choices as consumers because what we use on a daily basis affects the environment one way or another. There might be plenty of inconvenient sacrifices on the way, but there will also be convenient alternatives that we might reside to since they are healthier.

It is understandable that not all of us can switch to a free waste or a plastic-free life; however, we can switch to healthier alternatives for the time being as baby steps until we reach a free waste and a free plastic life.

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