Modern Greenhouse Design Ideas For Your Future Home

Greenhouses have definitely evolved through time. It has come a long way from its plain and simple designs to the now high-tech structured architectures. The location, weather, and the availability of materials have a lot to do with the never ending innovations. Consider these modern greenhouse design ideas that will complement your home, lifestyle, and passions in life if you plan to build your own greenhouse in your backyard.



1. Strong and Sturdy Foundation

Having concrete and dug-deep foundation will keep the structure in place and could last longer as compared to bamboos or soft wood which are susceptible to pests attack and damages.

Concrete and heavy footings can save you a lot from trouble in the future. You do not have to dig everything out if you want to make some new tweaks on your greenhouse.

2. High-rise Walls

Air ventilation is very important when building greenhouses. High walls of about 10 feet at least are generally acceptable. It would be nice to imagine yourself working on an extensive and well-ventilated space with enough area for your other hanging plants and an extra spot to store your garden tools.

The team of elite Brisbane architects knows what are the best quality materials to use in order to create an edgy, long-lasting and modernized plan that will suit your taste.

3. Anti-Fog Wall and Roof

Too much sunlight can damage and wilt your plants. With the anti-fog technology incorporated in the structure, the additives applied causes the water to condense rapidly when it hits the wall and roof. This process makes the fog disappear right away.

The castiron guttering collects the water formed from the condensation to be utilized by the plants. Architects can guide you on what type of wall material could maximize water collection.

4. Large Windows

Adding windows can also be a good option since not all the time the weather is humid and not every time the heat of the sun is excruciating for the plants, You can opt to have it opened during milder weather condition and let the natural air pass through the windows as compared to vents which only allows less air to enter the structure. You can have it circular, rectangular or eccentric shaped windows.

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5. Plumbing, Water System Options

Water is one of the most important factors in determining the healthy growth of your plants. You can install rainwater catchment that stores inside the drums.

You can also use automatic water system and sprinkler system that is automated watering of your plants. This can reduce your time watering the plants so you can use it to spend on other essential things.


It doesn’t matter if you are building a small or a large scale greenhouse as long as you are technically guided. Seeking the help of professionals can also lessen your worries because you know that it is built on trust and high standards. You can also be sure that it is safe and securely built. At the end of the day, we all want a cozy and productive space, and of course, produce high quality plants.

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