What is a Solar Power Bank?

The introduction of solar power bank has been among the top energy storage solutions in recent years. Thanks to it, people no longer have to experience the horror of running out of power at a critical point or worry about their devices going off at an impromptu moment. Read on to find out what a solar power bank is and why you should consider getting one.

What is a Solar Power Bank?

A solar power bank is an energy storage device that obtains energy from the sun and uses it to charge/power various electronic gadgets, like phones, tablets, laptops, torches, bulbs, televisions, etc.


They are usually portable enough to be carried about for use when the need arises, but some are big and so need to be stationed at a spot. Solar power banks come in various capacities (usually between 1000 – 50,000 mAh) and have designs to suit individual preferences.

The major feature of the solar power bank that makes it unique is that as long as there is sunlight, even just a little bit, your solar power bank will draw power. The power stored during the presence of daylight is then saved for use later. Some small solar power banks allow you to charge the power bank with both the sun or regular electricity.

Charging Capacity of Solar Power Bank

Most portable solar power banks can’t be used for high-power and long-hours charging. Notably, the portability of power banks is one of the reasons why people received it so well. That is understandable, because most prefer something they can carry around. This is why the large-sized solar power banks are stationed permanently or temporarily at a specified location.

You can use the large-sided solar power bank in your home alongside regular electricity. And well, if your solar power bank is of super high capacity, you can even consider going off-grid. That way, you wouldn’t have to pay for electricity bills.

Those that live in rural areas with no electricity can easily install a large solar panel in their home and get power as long as their solar power device stores energy from the sun. If you only need to charge small devices like your phone, small power banks are your go-to.

They are portable enough to fit into your small bag, purse or even trouser pocket. This means that you can easily reach out for them in cases when you are low on power.

Although very small solar power banks hold less energy, they would still adequately charge one or more of your devices full. The capacity of the solar power bank also depends on the brand, individual model and quality of the product you go for. Popular brands like Enviroinc are renowned for their solar power banks quality and durability.

Charging Duration of Solar Power Banks

There are different factors that determine the charging duration of a solar power bank. First, the capacity of the solar power bank will influence the charging rate. Usually, a 1000 mAH solar power bank will charge faster than a 10,000 mAH power bank.

This is starting to change though because most brands now make high capacity solar power banks that charge just as fast.

The weather can also affect your solar power bank’s charging duration. Your power bank would charge faster on a sunny day than a cloudy or rainy day. On cloudy or rainy days, your solar power bank will charge slower than usual due to the invisibility of the sun.

Finally, the brand and model of the solar power bank you buy can affect its charging rate. Some brands’ product are more efficient and technologically advanced than others, which reflects on the charging rate. This is why solar power bank A and B of two different brands would charge at different rates.

Why Solar Power Banks?

1. Environmentally Friendly

The earth is already battling so many environmental hazards and global warming is the most glaring issue today. By using solar power, you will be conserving energy, thereby reducing the strain on mother earth.


This is because solar energy is pollution-free; it is clean, renewable energy. Its use doesn’t promote the emission of greenhouse gases, unlike regular electricity; instead, you are only tapping sunlight.

2. Standby Power

Almost everyone has experienced that situation of being out of power at a dire moment. It might be when you are getting a vital info from your classmate or your phone might turn off at that moment when you’re about to order an Uber or pizza. Sadly, you might be far away from a charging point, or you might not even have electricity at your location.

You might be away at a rural retreat without any sign of electricity. Getting a solar power bank will help you stay connected.

3. Saves You Money in the Long Run

If you have a lot of electronic gadgets, the chances are that you normally pay high electricity bills. Well, that can changes when you go for a solar power bank. Since you will not be using the regular electricity as much, your utility bill will reduce; after all, you are not paying for sunlight.


The solar power bank is an innovative device that you will find highly beneficial as long as you buy one of high quality. Solar power banks are affordable, environment friendly, cost-saving and a reliable source of power supply for your gadgets. Most importantly, it helps you stay connected anytime, anywhere and on the go!

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