EcoMENA's primary mission is to create mass awareness on renewable energy, sustainability, waste management, environment protection, energy efficiency and resource conservation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Our major objective is to promote sustainable development worldwide, MENA in particular. EcoMENA is a strong platform for youngsters to show their commitment towards environment protection and sustainable ways of living.  

Apart from being an independent information powerhouse, we provide consulting, training, marketing, mentoring  and publishing services

EcoMENA strives to make the Middle East a better place by safeguarding the environment through mentorship, guidance and encouragement to people across all walks of life.

Alternative energy systems, sustainable waste management practices, CSR management and clean manufacturing methods can transform regional energy outlook and address climate change concerns.

EcoMENA endeavor to create mass awareness about the need for clean and green environment in the Middle East through articles, projects, events and campaigns.

We are grateful for the remarkable support and encouragement received from our experts, volunteers, translators and masses which has made EcoMENA one of the most popular advocates of sustainable development in the Middle East.

We solicit your continued support and encouragement to achieve our objective of clean and green MENA.

 شكراً . Thanks. Merci. Gracias. Danke.

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