How Green Can A Condo Be?

Condo living is becoming a more popular and viable option with regard to residency as more and more people are now moving closer to cities for business and career opportunities. Condominiums offer sufficient space for living and close proximity to leisure establishments as well as the central business district. However, living in the city should not detach residents from the larger society and nature. How green can a condo be? Read ahead for tips to ensure greener living in a condo.

1. Gardening

Gardens are serene and relaxing. They are also good for the environment. Many will say space in condos is finite; thus, landscaping may not be achieved. The truth is vertical gardening fosters both indoor and outdoor growth of plants, irrespective of their layout and size.

It is worth noting that this kind of gardening can be achieved through attaching plants to hangers. Another option of gardening is growing climbing plants that wrap around furniture, posts, or balconies. Additionally, small indoor fountains can be created to bring some life to condos. A kitchen garden that grows herbs can give it a nice touch as well as offer fresh ingredients to spice up meals.

2. Green furniture and energy-efficient appliances

In order to reduce electricity consumption in condos, it is important that energy-efficient appliances with the energy star are used. Appliances that go to sleep mode when they are not in use to reduce power consumption. For the purpose of lighting, compact fluorescents or LEDs cut energy costs as compared to regular incandescent light bulbs.

Furniture is a vital component in any home. Using locally made and eco-friendly equipment also plays a crucial role in making condos greener. Proper placement of appliances and the use of solar panels is also essential to reduce energy consumption. For instance, placing an air conditioner near direct sunlight hinders cooling, thus increasing energy consumption.

Pearl of wisdom: Globally, efforts to ensure comfort, as well as eco-friendly condos, cannot be ignored. Green living is important in maintaining an environment which facilitates and elevates the quality of life. Beautiful sceneries help in creating memories which are treasures that no one can steal.

3. Recycling

Green waste management is not a new concept in modern living. The aspects of separation and reuse are good ways to handle and reduce daily waste. Carrying travel cups for tea and reusable shopping bags are great ways of eliminating waste.

4. Green transportation

To ensure greener condo living, make sure the location is ideal for environmental-friendly movements. In general, developers like Great Gulf build projects in areas that have good walk scores or bike scores. Condo residents can now simply cycle or walk to work without much hassle. By so doing, pollution is reduced. Also, adopting a carpooling scheme with fellow neighbors is a great way of reducing the neighborhood’s carbon footprint.

As more people strive to live near central business districts, going green for condos is a concept that cannot be ignored. In an ideal world, an eco-friendly lifestyle saves residents money and guarantees quality of life. Recycling, gardening and landscaping, energy and water conservation, and green transportation are ways that condo residents can adapt to lead healthy and comfortable lifestyles.

It suffices to say that going green enhances the infrastructure and life-cycle performance of a building. Green buildings also improve the quality of water and air; they also protect and enhance biodiversity and ecosystems.

Enjoy serenity!

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