5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

A beautiful, soft and green lawn is a marvel to look at, but can be hard to achieve. Assuming that you already have the right soil and the right type of grass growing on it, it’s a tedious prospect keeping your green as healthy as it possibly could, especially if you have to deal with weeds and other factors. But having a beautiful turf is not complicated; it just takes a bit of effort. In this article, we will discuss a few tips to keep your lawn healthy:


1. Prevention is better than cure

Having to deal with weeds once they’ve taken root is a lot harder than simply making sure they don’t grow in the first place. Get a good pre-emergent herbicide that can target hard to deal with weeds and other plants. These types of herbicides basically work by stopping the weed seeds from sprouting, rendering them practically dead. The grass you’d want to keep healthy should be okay though.

2. Cut high and cut often

Whenever you need to mow your lawn, you may be tempted to cut your grass as low as possible in order to save time. While this may seem more efficient, it actually makes your lawn vulnerable of weeds that can take root, since there’s fewer competition for them. A healthier lawn can be achieved if you cut no more than a third off the top of the grass each time.

3. Invest in a good weed whacker

Weed whackers, also known as weed eaters or string trimmers, are tools that trim your lawn more precisely than a lawn mower can. The best string trimmer is capable of cutting grass cleanly, as opposed to a lower quality one that will tear the grass instead of cutting it. If a grass is torn rather than cut, it results in a more ragged edge rather than a smoother one, which results in a lawn that has a brown hue rather than a healthier green one.

4. Keep your grass well-fed

Makes sure to invest in some good fertilizers for your lawn, one that has a high concentration of nitrogen. Look for fertilizers that can both feed you grass and turn it green quickly as well as maintaining its health over time. Sometimes, the grass turns dormant during summer, which is a result of dry conditions or drought. Dormant grass shouldn’t be fed because they’re unable to absorb nutrients, wasting your time and money.

5. Potty-train your dog

If you’ve noticed that your lawn has large dead spots on it, then it might be your dog that’s the problem. Your dog’s urine is chock-full of chemicals that can kill grass after long periods of time. Teach your dog to do its business away from your lawn the same way you house-trained yet. You should also set aside a spot in your yard with gravel or mulch, where they can pee without ruining your grass. Visit DoggieDesigner.com for detailed guides on dog breeds to help with training.

The right lawn maintenance can keep your grass growing healthy and looking its best. A lovely yard is possible, but it’s going to need your help for it to be perfect. Devote a good amount of time every week on your turf, and we guarantee it’ll all be worth it.

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