6 Tips for Running a Marine Business

Few things compare to feeling the breeze run through your hair and being out on the open water with nothing but miles and miles of blue in your line of vision. As one of the least discovered places on planet earth, the oceans are an amazing territory for starting your own business. Running a marine business is a career path worth adventuring, but requires plenty of attention to detail. Whether you’re running a marina or a boat charter, keeping these key tips in mind will better your business management and optimize all your profit margins.

1. Keep it green

As a marine business that operates completely at sea, keeping all of your business doings eco-friendly should be a top priority. Our oceans are polluted with more plastic, chemicals, and harmful materials that effectively compromise the health of our water. All marine business owners should recognize their responsibility to the earth and aim to make as many of their operations as green as can be.

This may come in the form of switching boat fuels, incorporating more standardized recycling practices, or being more economical with liquid foams. Whatever doing your part looks like to you, it’s worth doing for the earth.

2. Train your staff

One of the best ways to keep your business at the forefront of your respective industry is by keeping your staff perfectly trained to handle whatever the day throws at them. Whether it’s teaching groups of clients how to scuba dive or renting boats out to whale watchers, a capable staff makes the experience more notable.

If you’re planning on rolling out new features to your business, be sure to train accordingly. Customers and potential clientele interact more positively with businesses that showcase how knowledgeable the people behind the business name really are. Know more about face-to-face instructor-led business skills training.

Make sure you prioritize safety and health training too. Each of your team members should have at least basic skills to know what to do if something goes wrong. Additionally, you should have a trained health professional equipped with ACLS certification and other general medical knowledge to protect everyone on the spot from life-threatening situations.

3. Revisit your budget regularly

One of the most important facets of running any kind of business is keeping tight control of your budget. Overspending or underspending can land you in a vat of hot water that would likely be avoidable if you had taken the time to run through calculations.

Take the time at least once a month to evaluate your budget and record your financials for every month. Once you have a more comfortable grasp on your money management, switching from monthly check-ins to quarterly check-ins will save you time while delivering some well-deserved peace of mind.


4. Stay in tune with your market

No matter what market your business belongs to, the state of the market is always in flux. Keeping your business at the top of its game means carefully looking at what your competitors are doing and how the market is changing. Instead of leaving the fate of your business to chance, take control by having a firm understanding of how you can adapt and grow with the changing tides.

5. Go paperless

Not only is going paperless great for the environment, but it’s also great for your business. The reality of climate change is one that keeps people thinking of different ways they can reduce their carbon footprint. Reduce your business’ carbon footprint by making everything digital. From tickets and receipts to billing and book-keeping, anything that used to require paper can now be done digitally. You may also explore sprucing up your old boats to promote sustainability.

Explore your options with due diligence and you’re sure to end up with an app or PC program that makes your business management a total cinch.

6. Use social media as free marketing

The age of social media continues to prove how valuable a single picture can be. Every business owner wants one thing: more money. More money comes with increased exposure, and increased exposure comes with smart marketing campaigns. Learning the ropes of Instagram and/or Facebook will prove useful for any marine business owner looking to expand their clientele.

Your target audience will be welcomed by all of the text and visual information they’ll need to decide that your company is the best on the market. Creating a business account is completely free, too!

Running a marine business is a tough gig that takes plenty of meticulous care. With these 6 tips at the forefront of your entrepreneurial mind, you’ll head into your next business quarter with smarter management skills, greener business practices, and increased profit margins.

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