3 DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Old Boat

Sailing a boat has a load of benefits that some of us may not even be aware of. You know that it gives you a sense of freedom, being out in open waters. You may enjoy fishing or love sailing and relaxing after a long week of work; what better way is there than getting in your boat and forgetting about the everyday stress and just taking in the fresh air and loving every minute of it.

Your boat may also be like a second home to you, a place to enjoy quality time with your loved ones or have get-togethers with your closest friends. Boating does wonders for your health as well. The sea breeze is suitable for your lungs, and the peace you feel can eliminate a lot of the stress and anxiety you may be experiencing.

Because you treasure your boat, you would also want to keep it in top shape and make it feel more comfortable and pleasant to be in. Sprucing up your boat does not require you to hire professionals to get it done. There are some DIY projects you can try to make your boat look and feel good. You can also come up with ways to make it much easier to maintain. For example, you can replace a boat carpet with bedliner that you can do all on your own.

If you’re ready to get your DIY projects on the way, here are some you can do to spruce up your old boat.

DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Old Boat

1. Clean and repaint

Your boat’s exterior needs as much attention as its interior. So naturally, you would want it to look good on the outside, and to do that, you should start getting it cleaned up thoroughly. Cleaning up is not a difficult task, especially for the deck and the hull. However, it does require you to scrub with a suitable marine cleaner.

The proper way of doing this is to start cleaning from the top going downwards. Concerning repainting, you may want to hire the services of professionals who can best do the job, unless you have the expertise. Just the same, seeking advice from them will help, as they can tell whether repainting is necessary and ensure that the repainting job lasts.

2. Add mobile phone cradles and charging ports

We all know that everyone carries a mobile phone with them anywhere they go. As people get into the boat, they would typically stow their phone in the glove box, storage compartment, or just about anywhere they can set it on. Cell phone cradles are practical and convenient for everyone, including yourself.

They are cheap and easy to mount, come in various designs, and can be installed with adhesive, screws, or suction cups. They are practical and are convenient for everyone’s use. USB charging ports are another amenity your boat can use to ensure that your electronic gadgets are always fully charged wherever you are.

3. Refurbish your upholstery

Give your boat’s cabin a facelift and spruce it up by refurbishing your upholstery. You may visit a boat upholsterer and get them to take care of your worn-out cushions. However, cushions that have been deformed from a long time of usage may have to be replaced.


There are many other DIY boat restoration ideas you can use to improve the look of your old boat. Adding even the most simple conveniences and keeping it clean can enhance its appearance and give it a fresh look and feel in order to make money out of your marine business.

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