5 Unique and Advanced Solar Lights You Must Have

The world is turning to solar power due to depleting natural resources. Energy efficiency is something that everyone is thinking about at the current moment. It is due to the rising energy bill prices and the costs associated with alternative energy sources. The most viable option for people these days is to make use of the energy available for free.

Despite the initial investment being higher, people are turning to unique and advanced solar lights. These advanced solar lights can perform multiple tasks, like being able to provide power for the CCTV to operate in different places, and more.

Must Have Solar Light Models

Top 5 Must Have Solar Light Models

There are various types of solar lights available on the market. Each of them is unique in their design, type, and the way they operate. We look at some of the most significant kinds you might want to have in your office, residence, or other places.

Solar lights are categorized into two main types: those used indoors and those used outdoors. However, despite being categorized into two different types, they both use the same technology. With the light and heat from the sun, they convert it to energy.

1. Solar Light With CCTV

We discussed the importance of solar power and how it has revolutionized the world. Due to its immense popularity, manufacturers have come up with unique ideas. Integrating solar light with CCTV camera has been one of the best innovations in recent times.

Security is one of the primary concerns for many homes and offices around the world. With an integrated CCTV camera in the solar light, you get a multipurpose, unique solar light for your residence or commercial establishment.

In some cases, if you do not want the lights to be on all night, you can opt for the ones with motion detectors. These motion detectors will switch on when motion is detected and switch off after a few minutes of no motion detection.

The integrated camera works in coordination with the solar light. In some cases, the sensors for the light and the camera are the same. However, some manufacturers offer solar lights with different sensors for cameras and different ones for the lights.

2. Solar Parking Lot Lights

Having a good parking light is crucial, not just for commercial establishments but also for homes that have a driveway. These lights need not be too bright but offer just the required amount of light while you park your vehicle and walk back out.

Installing solar parking lot lights can be one of the best things that you can do for your home or your commercial establishment. These lights store enough energy to light up the parking lot throughout the whole night. Often, these are powered by LED bulbs.

However, you have the choice of selecting between different bulb options from different manufacturers. It can be between halogen, LED, or others that the manufacturer provides. It depends on personal preference, energy consumption, and convenience.

3. Solar Light That Synchronizes with the Sun

Some manufacturers can provide you with solar lights that do not require you to switch them on or off. Once the sun rises, the lights turn off automatically. Likewise, the light turns off once the sunsets. It is one of the most energy-efficient products on the market.

These lights may be a costlier option, but they require little to no maintenance. Once they are installed, they work automatically without any human intervention. It is also an option people prefer to use at their homes and offices. These are typical outdoor units.

They can also be installed in gardens, patios, or other outdoor spaces like lawns. However, these can be a little costlier as there is more complex technology in their operation. It is considered the only downside to these solar lights.

4. Solar Shed Lights

Solar shed lights are typically used indoors in sheds and other closed spaces. These are often designed to detect motion and switch on automatically when you open the door. They can be connected to solar panels and will work perfectly fine when used indoors.

Many homeowners have begun using these solar lights. It is in a bid to ensure that they are not connected to their regular energy or utility bills. After installation, these lights do not require maintenance or do not consume your regular energy.

5. Solar Lawn Lights

Although these are not very advanced or unique in technology, we decided to list them here. It is because you can have them work with sensors as well. Installing them on your lawn can mean that they switch on and off when motion is detected.

solar lights in parking lot

They can add essence to your lawn with the lighting option they provide. You can take a stroll on your patio and see the lights coming up. Moreover, anyone who tries to break into your house would be in for a rude surprise when the entire lawn lights up.

These are not as costly, can store energy, and be charged enough to work with the lowest available sunlight. You can have them installed in both gardens, lawns, pathways on the terrace, and so on. You would be surprised at the amount of light they are capable of producing.

What To Consider Before Purchasing Solar Lights?

A few things should be considered before you purchase solar lights. One of the main things that you should look at is the batteries. The energy efficiency of the battery is vital as it determines how long the solar lights can be powered at night. You can consider motion detector lights if you are in a bid to conserve power. So, longevity and the type of battery used would be important considerations.


We must begin to use solar power for all our needs. Governments all over have started to insist on the importance of using solar power. Once you decide to install solar-powered lights at home, you can choose the most advanced options available. These can help you save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on energy bills.

You will also be able to add an extra layer of security to your home when you choose to install solar-powered lights with CCTV cameras integrated into them. You can select the best manufacturers for your purchases of solar lights to get the best quality.

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