About Carolina Lubinus

Carolina Lubinus is a recent graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar and holds a B.S. in International Politics. She was an active member of her university’s Sustainability Club and has gained an interest in water scarcity issues and developments in environmental technology. She plans to return to university in the near future to pursue a Masters in Security Studies.

Strategizing Water Security in the GCC to Meet the Needs of a Growing Population

Water security has become an increasingly hot topic in the GCC as regional governments struggle to meet the water needs of a rapidly increasing population. If population and development levels maintain their fast-paced upward trajectory, so too will the demand for water, food, and energy increase at the same rate. The Gulf region as a whole remains geographically handicapped in the sense no major rivers flow through it, and it possesses few renewable aquifer endowments. Therefore, there is an urgent need for these states to manage their scarce water resources efficiently. Currently, the states rely heavily on groundwater sources, followed … Continue reading