About Mohamad Alhashish

Dr. Mohamad Alhashish holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear and Energy Engineering from the University of Arizona, a Master’s Degree in Nuclear and Materials Engineering and PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Maryland. Dr. Alhashish has held many executive positions in the Telecommunications, Satellite, Information Technology and Cloud fields starting with Sprint, Real Networks, ACS, Hughes and Virtustream. Dr. Alhashish has also been teaching for more than 10 years at different Universities in the Washington DC area. Some of the Universities he has been teaching at are Capitol College, Westwood College, University of Maryland and Marymount University. Dr. Alhashish has been working on different research projects in the area of renewable/green energy, in addition to Nuclear Fusion technology.

Energy and the Climate: Perspectives for Middle East

Since energy is an absolute necessity for life on Earth, we have utilized many sources of energy to maintain and improve the lives of people around the globe. The ultimate source of energy is the Sun of course, since all living things on Earth such as plants, trees, animals and humans need the Sun’s energy. In addition to the Sun, we have utilized other sources of energy such as oil, coal and nuclear fission.  However, energy has many different forms and we use different forms of energy for different applications. For example, nuclear energy is mostly used to generate electricity, … Continue reading