About Alisha Kamran

Alisha Yamal Kamran holds a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. She has majored in International Economics with a focus on developmental economics and economic policy analysis. Alongside extensive research on time allocation patterns of left-behind children in rural China and trade resiliency in Qatar, Alisha has a particular interest in the prospects of nuclear energy in the GCC region. Specifically, the drivers of nuclear energy and the potential of nuclear energy to serve as a reliable alternative energy source. In the near future, Alisha hopes to look into the progress of waste-to-energy in Qatar.

Hazardous Waste Management in Qatar: Progress and Challenges

A country with an abundance of raw materials, cheap labor, and a rising demand for energy, Qatar needed to diversify its industrial sector in the 1970s. From then onwards, the use of fertilizers, petrochemicals, and gas liquefaction plants have grown exponentially. The magnitude of hazardous waste and the pollution to be produced from different streams have not been thoroughly considered, but Qatar has taken serious steps to implement commitments for sustainable development by passing laws and treaties, such as law No.4 in 1981 issuing safeguards and providing requirements for the protection of the environment, and by signing onto treaties such … Continue reading