About Heinz Sturm

Heinz J. Sturm is the Author of the Bonn Climate Project, Civil Engineer and a renowned expert on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. He is the Founder/Owner of Germany- Bonn-based International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEPS) and Climate Technology Center (CTC). Heinz is regularly advising governments and organisations on hydrogen economy, climate change and clean energy.

Hydrogen Economy for Arab Countries: Perspectives

Arab world is facing major sustainability challenges in achieving social, economic and environmental goals. Hydrogen economy can help Arab governments, companies, and citizens to save billions of dollars each year from reduced energy bills and sustainable waste management, while at the same time reducing carbon footprints – a win-win solution. Extremely arid climate, acute water scarcity, high energy consumption and polluting oil and gas industry present a unique challenge in Arab countries. Almost one-fifth of the Arab population is dependent on non-commercial fuels for different energy uses. All sectors of the economy — residential, commercial, transport, service and agriculture — demands … Continue reading