About Samer Zawaydeh

Samer A. Zawaydeh is a Sustainability Consultant and trainer in Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings and Renewable Energy sectors. He was a Project Manager in the energy sector; power stations, refineries and oil and gas completing over 30 projects. MSc Structural Mechanics from the University of New Mexico, USA, 1994 and currently enrolled in the Environmental and Renewable Energy Master’s Program, at the German Jordanian University 2015. He is also serving as the President of the Jordan Energy Chapter EDAMA which is the local Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.

Green Building Rating System in Jordan

Building consume 21% of the primary energy and 43% of the electricity generated in Jordan, according to a recent report by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Efforts started in 2009 to develop a rating system for buildings that will reduce the energy and water demand and provide an efficient and healthier environment. Jordan has several LEED registered buildings since 2009. One of them is LEED Silver and two are LEED Gold, and around 20 more building are registered online and are in the process of applying for LEED. The energy crisis started in Jordan in 2008 after the sharp … Continue reading