Debunking 4 Most Common Solar Panel System Myths

Solar panel systems’ sales have increased over the last few years. But there are still many who are yet to make the transition. One of the reasons for people resisting the change is the myths surrounding solar panel systems. And the sad part is that people believe these myths without even checking with a solar expert or reading about solar panel systems from a relevant source. So to clear the air, in this post, we talk about some of the most common solar panel myths and the facts behind them. Come let’s find out.

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Myth 1 – They are way too expensive

Unfortunately, it is because of this myth that many people do not consider installing a solar panel system. Most of them have this preconceived notion and they don’t even read up or talk to a solar expert to find out how much solar panel systems actually cost.

Fact – One of the reasons people fall for this myth is that they only consider the initial investment cost and do not take into account the savings that one makes after installing a solar panel system. The fact is that on average people are able to recover their investment cost within the first 4 to 5 years itself. And whatever savings that one makes after having recovered the investment cost is the returns that one makes on their investment. Also, many people are unaware of the huge subsidies that the Government of India offers on the purchase of a solar panel system.

Myth 2 – They don’t generate power during rainy and winter season

Another most common myth about solar power systems is that solar panel systems do not generate any power during the colder months. People think that solar panels work only on a warm sunny day.

Fact – The output of solar panels does get impacted during a cloudy day or during the winter season (as winter days are shorter as compared to summer days), but the fact is that solar panel systems still generate a significant amount of energy during these days too. On the other hand, the efficiency of a solar panel decreases when the temperature is very high. Also, there are highly efficient solar panels available in the market that ensure there’s minimal effect of seasonality on a solar panel’s efficiency.

Myth 3 – They are high maintenance

One of the reasons people believe that solar panels require high maintenance is because they are installed in the open. People are also skeptical about solar panels being damaged by external environmental factors such as strong winds, heavy rains, hailstorms. But this is a myth and now let us find out what the reality is.


Fact – Solar panels are highly durable and are designed keeping all the external environmental factors in mind. Also, since they do not have any moving parts they hardly require any repair or replacement. As far as cleaning of solar panels is concerned, during the rainy season the dirt, dust and debris gets washed away with the rain. Besides that you only need to clean them around 1 to 2 times annually.

Myth 4 – They do not power your home during a power outage

You must have heard the age old saying “Half knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Well, the saying holds true about the myth around solar panel systems according to which solar panels stop functioning during a power outage or a power failure from the local grid’s end.

Fact – As you would be aware that on-grid (or grid tied) solar panel systems draw power from the local grid whenever there’s deficiency of power and similarly they supply surplus power to the local grid whenever there’s excess energy produced. And therefore, whenever there’s a power outage the solar panel systems do shut down to prevent any flow of surplus power from the solar panel systems to the local grid. It does so to protect the utility company workers fixing the lines during the power outage. But that doesn’t mean there would be no power available to run the home appliances during the power outage. Solar panel systems with batteries have enough power stored in the battery to provide the required backup during a power outage.

Yet to take the plunge?

If you weren’t sure of going solar just because you believed in one or more of the above listed myths, we hope we have been able to clear them and you would now consider switching to a solar panel system.

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  1. chaitanyasrigt says:

    Thank you for sharing such useful information about solar panels are not only for sunny climates. They can generate electricity even in cloudy or overcast conditions, although their output may be slightly reduced.

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