Design Beyond The Ordinary With Creative Fabrica Studio

Introducing Studio, the online design tool as the latest innovation from Creative Fabrica. This new, modern, and unique platform serves as a complete all-in-one solution that can revolutionize the way you create, inspire, materialize, and even advertise your ideas!

Whether you’re an experienced designer aiming to elevate your creations or an absolute beginner eager to venture into the world of digital design and crafting, this tool can help you on your journey.

creative fabrica studio

Studio Highlights

As crafters and professionals know, a good platform is not just about creating a great design – but it’s also about how well it functions, what tools it contains, and how easy it is to use.

The best about Studio? It offers some of the most extensive features to be found in one single online design platform:

creativa fabrica

Quality Resources

  • Fonts: Studio comes fully equipped with a vast selection of fonts to use for any of your designs. From script to modern, to playful and professional fonts – there is a style that you can find for just about any genre of design work.
  • Graphics: Explore the extensive, high-quality graphics and elements libraries. What’s more, if you cannot find the design you have in mind you can easily browse more assets from within the Creative Fabrica database or simply upload your own!
  • Templates: There are seemingly countless free templates for almost anything you want to make. From online and offline ads to personal and professional stationery. From print on demand to crafting and home products. With the click of a button, you can even create engaging, eye-catching social media posts!

Smart AI Tools

  • Inpainting: This innovative tool allows you to upcycle or improve your images. Upload your image, brush over an area that you would like to alter, remove, or replace, and type out an inpainting instruction for AI. Within approximately 5 seconds, you will see some true magic come to life in your design. This can even be done on any online device!
  • AI Art: With the help of Spark AI, you can even create an entirely new image or graphic. Type out your prompt to tell AI what to make and voila! If you are new to AI, you can even make use of the prompt builder for free.

creative fabrica

Photo Editing Tools

  • Background Remover & Transparent Maker: Easily remove the background of your images and/or graphics, creating a transparent backdrop for editing. This tool can also be helpful when trying to create an SVG cut file.
  • Background Color Change: Change the color of your background to elevate your design. This is especially perfect for product photography and mockup design.
  • Advanced Cropping: Easily crop your images or graphics with the standard cropping tool. Additionally, you can use the Circle Crop. It’s usually hard for beginners in other programs, but Studio makes it easy.
  • Image Resize: Resize your photos for social media banners, profile pictures, website listings, and more.
  • Overlay, Blur and Unblur, and Color Changes: You can completely redesign your photos and graphics using any of these photo editing tools. Want to add a blur to your background to create a focused product image? Or maybe unblur an object instead of having to retake multiple pictures to get the focus just right!
  • Add Text, Emojis, Stickers, and More: Create a fun design using text, emojis, stickers, or doodles. Make your party invitations even more personalized, or add a whimsical flair to your social media posts and Etsy listings.
  • Enhancers and Filters: Go next level by using image enhancers that add vibrancy and clarity to your projects. You can also add a unique filter to make your images look more professional!
  •  Watermark Tools: Add a watermark to your mockups and designs to help eliminate any copyright possibilities. This is especially handy for Etsy and other marketplace listings.

Having all of these tools in one, easy-to-use platform not only can save you precious time and money but streamlines the entire creative journey – from idea to fruition!

creative fabrica

File Conversions

Gone are the days of searching online for a tool to convert your image file extensions. Now you can do it all within Studio – including creating your own SVG’s!

  • Convert JPG to PDF
  • Convert JPG to PNG
  • Convert PNG to JPG
  • SVG Converter

Studio Pro vs Free

While anyone can use Studio for free, there are many benefits to using the Pro version. With a Creative Fabrica All Access Subscription, you not only get to use every element available in Studio, but it also gives you access to a seemingly endless library of fonts, graphics, crafts, SVG’s, and more. Plus, you also can use Spark AI without limits. Is it worth it? It certainly is – however, don’t let this stop you from creating with Studio. The free assets are plentiful and with a little creativity, you can whip up some truly unique designs – for both personal and commercial use!

Get Inspired

Want to jump right into creating with Studio but not too sure where to begin? Have a peek at Creative Fabrica Studio on YouTube. You will find all kinds of inspiration and ideas, from making tumbler designs, sublimation printing, and social media posts, to creating gorgeous invitations, gift tags, and t-shirts!

You will also discover the Studio How To’s Playlist. Learn everything from creating your first design, how to use the tools, to using AI.

Studio isn’t just a design tool – it’s your next all-in-one platform that can change the way you create. It’s a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the joy of bringing your ideas to life.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on in and let your imagination soar to new heights with Creative Fabrica Studio!

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