How are Eco-friendly Properties Revolutionising the Housing Market?

Sustainability has been a rising concern over recent years, and the term has become more familiar as carbon emissions and protecting the environment has soared to the top of people’s agenda. Due to the rising environmental concerns and public awareness, homeowners across the UK are relocating from traditional bricks and mortar to different types of property whereby eco-friendliness is the main concern.


Sustainable housing aims to diminish environmental impacts of building

Developed using environmentally friendly materials, properties that aim to have a limited effect on the environment are built to be as self-sufficient as possible. Through the use of natural resources such as wind and light, sustainable homes can significantly lower their carbon footprint and how much heat and power a homeowner consumes. These are the types of properties that are causing a dramatic change in the property landscape, and revolutionising the market in a way that no one could have ever predicted a couple of years ago.

As society becomes more eco-conscious, people are becoming more aware of the negative effects on the environment. According to a survey conducted by the Guardian, over two-thirds of millennials buy as many eco-friendly products as they can, and 66% of global respondents say that that they’re willing to pay more for products and services which come from companies that are committed to a positive social and environmental impact.

RW Invest is one of the UK’s leading property investment companies who develop all properties with an eco-conscious tenant in mind. West Point development in Manchester is complete with smart lighting and other eco-friendly features to keep utility bills to a minimum and reduce carbon footprint. The amount available to save depends on how many eco-friendly features your property has, although if your home is extremely reliant on features like solar panels, double glazed windows and smart lighting, the average eco-home cuts energy bills by 30%.

In today’s real estate market, sustainably building a property can significantly increase the value of a property compared to conventional houses. Energy efficient homes or those with high performing appliances can sometimes cost a little more to build, but a homeowner has the potential to make up the cost of construction and more when they come to sell. On the other hand, using recycled materials means a lower upfront cost as materials are more likely to be available and nearby, minimising the distance they need to be shipped therefore reducing the carbon footprint.

Not only is the construction of an eco-friendly home cheaper in most circumstances, but these particular properties also rely on renewable energy leading to reduce running costs as well as less maintenance involved after completion. Using less money on repairs and general maintenance of the property is a huge selling point should you wish to make a profit. The added lifespan of a brand-new eco-friendly property will ultimately lead to a higher value from home surveyors, increasing an initial investment.

Many homeowners are considering eco-friendly properties as smart investments. Smart investing is the process of making more calculated and researched decisions that satisfy your needs and financial goals for the future, as well choosing the best investment strategy at the time to let you maximise your wealth’s growth potential over the forthcoming years. Sustainable living and eco-friendly housing are revolutionising the property market, attracting a diverse range of individuals to a better, more efficient way of living.

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