How To Choose A Solar Panel

Solar panels are the bread and butter of a solar power system installation. Ensuring that you get the best quality for your requirements is important in making an informed decision about what to install and who will be putting it up.

Otherwise, you could find yourself constantly having to fix solar panels that aren’t at the correct angle or facing away from the optimal direction.

tips to choose a solar panel

Unfortunately, most salespeople won’t have much advice about buying the best solar panel brand for your needs. Therefore, take a moment before purchase to do your due diligence to ensure that if something goes awry, then the seller won’t put you into trouble – especially if it can be avoided! It is also highly important to know the tips for maintaining peak performance with clean solar panels.

What Do Solar Panels Involve?

You’ll find solar energy systems in different shapes and sizes, with homeowners often choosing to have them installed on their rooftop to harness the power of the sun.

Businesses are also increasingly opting to install solar panels as a low-cost way to produce electricity.

Utilities are not to be left behind and now, large solar power plants are being built with grids to provide energy to all the customers who choose to remain connected to these grids.

Solar PV systems are multifunctional once installed and can generate electricity as well as reduce your monthly energy bills. When solar panels convert light from the sun into clean electrical power, it also reduces your dependency on other power sources and companies.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The average solar panel installation in the UK costs £5,000 to £10,000. Solar panels cost different amounts based on your location, how much electricity your household consumes annually, and how many panels you need overall.

It’s important to note that a more expensive solar panel system is likely to produce more electricity as well, thus reducing your bills and increasing your savings per year overall.

One of the great things about solar power is that if you’re using ‘Smart Export’ from your supplier, then you could be earning up to three times what you save through Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) payments.

This can help pay for your overall investment earlier than expected.

Why A Heat Pump With Your Solar Panel?

Heat pumps are based on a relatively new technology that typically uses less electricity to produce more heat, as opposed to boilers. They complement other forms of renewable energy such as solar power and are therefore extremely popular in the UK with more people using them in conjunction with solar panels.

ground source heat pump

The Renewable Heat Incentive program is subsidized by the government, and it supports homeowners who wish to install a heat pump system along with a heating system that uses natural gas or liquid petroleum gas.

Sustainable developments have started using lightweight solar panels to warm up a water tank on the rooftop.

This water tank in turn supplies radiant floor heating when required to domestic and commercial buildings where space utility is an important design consideration.

You can save time, save money, and get free and no-obligation quotes from vendors for your solar panel and heat pump as well. Increase the present market value of your home or business property with affordable and environmentally friendly solar panels.

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